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This recipe is inspired by the popular dynamite sushi roll. We use some of the same elements to create something ...
By using prepared cherry pie filling, this no-bake dessert can be whipped up in no time, making it an easy ...
Muffin cups are lined with puff pastry and filled with bacon and egg – a really easy and fun way ...
A cake box mix is taken to the next level with the addition of strawberry puree. Top with fresh strawberries, ...
Quesadillas are a favorite with my family. With 3 grandkids away at college, this is an easy and economical recipe ...

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Chef John does it again!Talk about comfort food...OMGThis is by far the best recipe I have found for beef stew with wine...I brought it to work and everyone went crazy! Asking for the recipe. I topped with sour cream and parsely.It's all Chef John.Have not - Full review ...

My husband has had tomato allergies for years so we switched to Alfredo sauces, which is fine once in awhile, but now we can have a choice! Absolutely delicious! We thinned with water but broth sounds good. The seasonings were just right for us. Such - Full review ...

I am one that laughs at people who say they made the recipe but then describe the 10 changes they made to it. I did cut the soy sauce to 1/2 cup and it was more than enough. I didn't have shrimp so I used - Full review ...

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