• Really good recipe, easy to follow, but I suggest leaving out the extra salt! I made my own self rising flour. ... Read full review
  • Beef on Weck

    amydoll's rating:
    Between the salt in the au jus and the bun, it was just too salty. I'm sticking with Italian beefs. ... Read full review
  • Lena's Minestrone

    amydoll's rating:
    great way to get those who don't like them to eat their veggies! I added a bit of sugar because I like it. ... Read full review
  • Southern Red Velvet Cake

    amydoll's rating:
    Wonderful recipe. The frosting absolutely makes this cake!! If you don't have butter flavored extract, don't make a special trip to buy it because I didn't think it added anything to the cake. ... Read full review
  • This was some really great chicken! I loved it! I used egg substitute in place of eggs, and only fried my chicken in just enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan (less than 1/2 cup total). I us ... Read full review
  • Angel Food Candy

    amydoll's rating:
    OK, you're all probably going to hate me. I had NO trouble making this recipe at all. And I've never made it before. So, you CAN do it. Don't be afraid to try! But, I did read the reviews thorou ... Read full review
  • Sweet Bacon Crackers

    amydoll's rating:
    This is a really great recipe. Really simple and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. I used Ritz crackers IPO Club crackers. I have an electric oven that runs a little slow, so I baked these at 27 ... Read full review
  • This did produce a tender turkey but I was sooo thirsty after eating it! And I tried to get off as much as the brine as I could. Also, the turkey picked up none of the flavor of the marinade wha ... Read full review
  • This was pretty tasty. I used tequila gold because I do not like silver, and Triple Sec in place of orange juice and Cointreau. And the olive, strangely enough, tasted really good in the drink! ... Read full review
  • Breaded Toasted Ravioli

    amydoll's rating:
    Really good. I dipped in flour first, washed with a whole egg (didn't want to waste the yolk), then dunked in the crumbs (I used Italian seasoning and garlic salt in place of the basil and whate ... Read full review
  • Nobody I know likes vanilla cupcakes so I used devils food mix instead. I used premade cookie dough to save on time and cleanup and it worked great! Huge hit, loved by all, gobbled up immediatel ... Read full review
  • Raspberry Chiffon Pie II

    amydoll's rating:
    My grandmother always made this pie and I am so happy to have found this recipe so now I can make it. I used frozen raspberries, and added a tablespoon of lemon juice when I cooked them on the s ... Read full review
  • I have watched the Martha Stewart special on comcast on demand where she makes yorkies about 10 times (no exaggeration) and I've made them before and learned from my mistakes so I have some hand ... Read full review
  • Egg Cream

    amydoll's rating:
    I guess you must have grown up with these to appreciate them. I didn't, and wasn't impressed in anyway. This was...flat tasting. I love chocolate sodas, I'll stick with them. Thanks anyway. ... Read full review
  • Deep Fried Oreos®

    amydoll's rating:
    So so so bad, yet so so so good. Love em. Just mix up some pancake batter with water until the consistency is enough to coat the cookie, you don't need egg or milk. ... Read full review
  • OMG, with some changes this was so excellent! It's only 2 of us so I scaled the ingredients for 2 and used one large baking potato. I scrubbed it and cubed it but left the skin on (so it gets cr ... Read full review
  • Best Baked Chicken

    amydoll's rating:
    This was OK. Of course, like everyone else, I recommend using garlic powder and celery seed. Also, make sure you use a good quality stuffing, because that makes a huge difference. If I make this ... Read full review
  • Good, but not great. Between the salt in my crust, salt in the olive oil, and in all of the cheese's, it was a little overwhelming. Like all the cheese combos, but won't follow this recipe next ... Read full review
  • Tomato Basil Soup I

    amydoll's rating:
    This is some of the best soup I've ever had in my life. I LOVE soup so I don't say this lightly!! Easy to prepare and ready fast. The only change I made was adding a little bit extra garlic and ... Read full review
  • Angel Food Cupcakes

    amydoll's rating:
    No other ingredients are listed because you don't need anything else but water. I also agree that the temp needs to be 350, not 375. This is a low fat, easy to prepare treat, and I never thought ... Read full review
  • When I told my carnivore hubby that I was making penne with marinara sauce he got upset and said "what, no meat?" so I turned to allrecipes and found this excellent recipe!! I just poured my jar ... Read full review
  • Kamikaze

    amydoll's rating:
    Yay! I've found a new drink I love! ... Read full review
  • Wow. I am excited about this recipe! I love bacon and usually make it every weekend. If I'm pressed for time I'll do it in the micro but that is not as good. This morning I decided to try this r ... Read full review
  • Crispy Cereal Mix

    amydoll's rating:
    I doubt anyone out there makes this the same way. I always add Cheerios to mine, usually double the seasoning and add a little bit more butter, and leave out the nuts and sometimes the pretzels. ... Read full review
  • Nova Scotia Beer Warmer

    amydoll's rating:
    I added a few dashes to my husband's glass of beer. Also used smoked Tabasco. You don't taste it at first, but it creeps up on you! I would use any hot sauce I had on hand. ... Read full review
  • Big Cheeseburger Pizza

    amydoll's rating:
    Wow. What an easy and tasty dinner. I was impressed. I just seasoned my beef with minced onion and seasoned salt. I also used cheddar in place of American and topped with pickles. With this reci ... Read full review
  • Cheesy Chili Dip II

    amydoll's rating:
    Good, but definitely needs more chili! ... Read full review
  • Japanese Onion Soup

    amydoll's rating:
    I used six bouillon cubes and just let them dissolve in the water. After straining, I added some fried onions and (after letting it sit for a few minutes) it did taste just like Benihana's! Exce ... Read full review
  • Turkey Mercedes

    amydoll's rating:
    I have made this turkey many times, it is one of my favorite recipes from this site.Since there are only 2 of us, I always cut the marinade in half and use only a turkey breast. I roast it at 3 ... Read full review
  • Red Velvet Cake

    amydoll's rating:
    This cake turned out so good! I baked it in 2 8 inch heart shaped pans and had just a little bit of batter left. I recommend using paste food color (find at a hobby shop) bc liquid affects the f ... Read full review
  • Creole Onion Soup

    amydoll's rating:
    Different than your average onion soup but great. I didn't like the smell or appearance (it looks like gravy) and was worried I'd picked a bad recipe but I was pleasantly surprised. I really lik ... Read full review
  • Di's Buffalo Wings

    amydoll's rating:
    The breading and the meat both tasted odd to me. ... Read full review
  • Oh yeah! I love these and they're really easy to make at home. I decided to bake them instead of fry them so they didn't taste just like Hooters but they were still great and much better for you ... Read full review
  • Deep South Fried Chicken

    amydoll's rating:
    Wow. I have tried to make fried chicken many times different ways. On the stove, in a deep fryer, in an electric skillet. This was the best, simplest way to prepare it. Now, don't think it's sup ... Read full review
  • Chicken Scampi II

    amydoll's rating:
    I was surprised at how good this dish was. It was also a cinch to prepare. I didn't measure a thing, I just added as much as I like. I used fresh basil and fresh parsley from my herb garden, tha ... Read full review
  • Wow! Two cups of sugar. I decreased it to 1 and 1/4 cups so I could taste something other than sugar.It still was plenty sweet. It had a nice, creamy consistency and a unique flavor but I wasn't ... Read full review
  • Roast Beef Dip

    amydoll's rating:
    This was pretty good. A tad too salty. Don't add all the onion soup mix at once, start with half and then add more if you think it needs it. Also, I hate chipped beef so I just used some from th ... Read full review
  • Basic Daiquiri

    amydoll's rating:
    Bad bad bad. I had to dump this out. Might as well just have a shot of rum! ... Read full review
  • Snack Crackers

    amydoll's rating:
    Oh my gosh I love these! My mom used to make these at Christmas time every year but for some reason she stopped. I just put these in a tupperware container, put the lid on, and shook every ten m ... Read full review
  • Fluffy White Filling

    amydoll's rating:
    Wow. Takes an ordinary dessert and turns it into five star! I baked a yellow cake from a mix, layered this filling in between, topped with a chocolate glaze, and wow, I impressed even myself. Ha ... Read full review
  • Iced Mochas

    amydoll's rating:
    Ok, I didn't read the recipe all the way through and I neglected to freeze the coffee into cubes (what kind of cook am I? I know, I know) and didn't realize until too late. Oops. So I just blend ... Read full review
  • Ginger Lemonade

    amydoll's rating:
    Wow. I loved this. I decreased the amount of sugar a bit because I like lemonade more tart than sweet, and used a veggie peeler to slice the ginger. The drink had just a hint of ginger. Very ref ... Read full review
  • Maple Bacon Pancake

    amydoll's rating:
    This was very good and devoured by my family. However, the flavor combo was a bit strange. I will definitely make this again but I think I'll experiment with it. I did find the cooking time was ... Read full review
  • Juice Cooler

    amydoll's rating:
    If you want to cut the sweetness in a fruit juice, try this. I didn't notice any fizz, it just tasted like watered down juice. ... Read full review
  • I've had a bad sore throat for days and spent lots of money on milkshakes. I found this easy recipe and have made two for myself today. Carbonated water is also called seltzer water, and you can ... Read full review
  • This has the potential to be a really good french onion soup but the recipe as written needs some changes. 1. I would recommend using half the amount of onions called for. After cutting the reci ... Read full review
  • Chicken Stock

    amydoll's rating:
    I've tried to make homemade chicken stock before and was very disappointed and hesitant to try again. I am glad I did. I added a few whole peppercorns and one whole clove. Excellent flavor. You ... Read full review
  • Lance's French Onion Soup

    amydoll's rating:
    This is an excellent recipe. The only problem I had was I bought 5 regular size white onions and only needed 3 of them. That was plenty! I used sherry as the white wine. I really liked this beca ... Read full review
  • Beverage Cubes

    amydoll's rating:
    What a great and simple idea! I tried this with punch I made for Christmas and froze some of it (until slushy) in custard cups instead of ice cube trays. It looked great and kept the punch cold ... Read full review
  • This is very good. It's full of flavor. I did it different though. I couldn't find allspice berries so I used ground allspice instead. Also used ground black pepper instead of peppercorns and it ... Read full review
  • Cocktail Meatballs I

    amydoll's rating:
    The only way I can give this four stars is after MAJOR changes to this recipe. First, a teaspoon of salt is unnecessary, I left it out entirely (Worcestershire is salty enough). I also left out ... Read full review
  • Cinnamon Cookies II

    amydoll's rating:
    These cookies are unlike any I've made before, and I loved them. They taste like Cinnamon Life cereal. However, I had to cook mine for a lot longer than ten minutes, and they still were mushy an ... Read full review
  • Pfeffernusse

    amydoll's rating:
    These cookies are unlike any I've ever had before. The flavor takes some getting used to. They are not sweet but they're loaded with flavor. Don't make these if you don't like Cardamom, that's w ... Read full review
  • Mock Apple Pie

    amydoll's rating:
    This is one of my favorite recipes I've discovered on this site, and I've found lots of good ones. This tastes, looks, and smells like apple pie. At first this disgusted me but I decided to try ... Read full review
  • Green Grog

    amydoll's rating:
    This is excellent! I served this at a Halloween party tonight and everyone kept telling me how much they loved it. Not too sweet, not too much alcohol, just right! I will definitely make this ag ... Read full review
  • Ranch Bean Dip

    amydoll's rating:
    This is excellent. I could not stop eating it. Thanks to other reviewers, I added half the amount of dressing mix and it was perfect. I also mixed everything in a crockpot and just let it cook i ... Read full review
  • Margaritas to Die For

    amydoll's rating:
    These were good but oh boy, they are STRONG! And that is after I decreased the amount of tequila a bit. They tasted great, you could smell the liquor but not really taste it. However, making the ... Read full review
  • Coffee Liqueur

    amydoll's rating:
    On a whim I decided to whip this up, very nervous at how it would turn out. I was very pleasantly surprised. I cut the recipe in half and just used the cheapest vodka I could find. This still ma ... Read full review
  • Shoofly Pie II

    amydoll's rating:
    WoW! If I could give this ten stars I would. This is soo good. Better than any other Shoofly pie I've ever had. One of the best pies I've ever made. This will definitely be a regular for the hol ... Read full review
  • I have tried many french onion soups and this is one of the best. It was not salty, nor was it overly sweet, it was perfectly seasoned. The only thing I had trouble with was judging how much oni ... Read full review
  • Cocoa Fried Chicken

    amydoll's rating:
    Although not what I was expecting, this turned out well. Cocoa adds nothing to this, I'm not even sure why it's an ingredient. I couldn't taste it, smell it or see it. So don't let it scare you ... Read full review
  • Bacon Olive Wraps

    amydoll's rating:
    Yummy! I really enjoyed these! Anything with cheese and bacon pleases me! Prep was simple, I used thin slices of velveeta instead of cheese sauce and that worked very well. The only complaint I ... Read full review
  • Very tasty! I think it also tastes better after it chills a day, the flavors blend more. Also good cold. ... Read full review
  • Lemon Chicken III

    amydoll's rating:
    This is the best lemon chicken I have ever had. However, I've tried marinating it for only a few hours and overnight, and I think it tastes better if it marinates a few hours. I've also found th ... Read full review