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  • Lentil Pate

    ANNAMA's rating:
    As someone else said, even non-vegetarians appreciate it: a lot of people start trying when they get the info that there is no liver in it like the regular patè... I did add a bit more water to ... Read full review
  • we are going to keep this, it's basically a lemon bar with something more, that makes it less "homey" and even good to serve when you have company. I followed the directions to a T, but for the ... Read full review
  • Blondie Caramel Heaven

    ANNAMA's rating:
    decadent and rich, but oh so gooood! ... Read full review
  • Nairobi Chocolate Cake

    ANNAMA's rating:
    good, simple chocolate cake; easy, ingredients you must perforce have in your pantry, and you can't go wrong. It crecked a bit, so I got it out of the oven early and the centre was nicely fudgy ... Read full review
  • Beer Rolls

    ANNAMA's rating:
    good rolls, made in the bread machine in no time at all. I was in a hurry and skipped the flattening of the beer sparkle: they were ok just as well. They freeze well, too. ... Read full review
  • Wacky Cake IV

    ANNAMA's rating:
    I must admit I was a bit skeptical... but a great cake it truly is, easy, quick, cheap, and unbelievable! my husband could't believe it had no butter and no eggs. I added candied cherries just t ... Read full review
  • I used butter instead of lard and it was perfect, very easy to work with. I put it in the fridge before rolling and it wasn't sticky at all. Maybe the difference is in the baking powder... ... Read full review
  • Buttermilk Raisin Pie

    ANNAMA's rating:
    that was sweet, it was the raisin I suppose...but very easy very quick ang good for children too. ... Read full review
  • it sure was quick and easy as promised, and it tasted good enough. but I must have got something wrong: I could not possibly find enough room in the small quantity of pastry for so many "large a ... Read full review
  • soft and delicious at first, they tend to get dry and loose all moistness.but the taste is good all the same. ... Read full review
  • very easy and quick, absolutely wholesome with oats and oil (I used olive oil), but great taste indeed, expecially if eaten while cooling.I'll just see how it keeps. ... Read full review
  • Fudge Bars

    ANNAMA's rating:
    really simple and delicious. my kid of 4 got hooked...thank you ... Read full review