• I am the submitter of this recipe. I'm not sure if I forgot to print it or if it was omitted - but I do use low-sodium products when making this recipe. Hope this helps! ... Read full review
  • This is good in a time crunch - I use the Perfect Baked Potato recipe from this site for the oven style (brush olive oil after pricking and sprinkle with salt) so I do this step for the microwav ... Read full review
  • For those of you who have trouble with your beets still being hard, try grating the beets for the soup rather than dicing them, that's how my Baba did it. ... Read full review
  • Wonderful Banana Cake

    B_32's rating:
    Definitely worth the 5 stars! I always have leftover bananas (my kids won't eat them if they have even one spot!) and don't have time for a long complicated recipe. This really fits the bill, ... Read full review
  • Easy Ice Cream Cake

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    This was a HUGE hit at our Mother's Day get-together. I would give it 10 stars if I could! Made as written except I drizzled some caramel on top as per suggestion from other reviewers. They a ... Read full review
  • Followed the recipe to a T, even though I was apprehensive about using chicken broth in a beef soup. Glad I did as it had a pleasant taste. As I was cooking this I thought it might have too mu ... Read full review
  • Easy Mushroom Rice

    B_32's rating:
    I have to say, the smell of the onion soup was kinda gross, but the end result was really good! Prep couldn't be easier! Also from Canada and had to really look for the French Onion soup, just ... Read full review
  • Death by Chocolate

    B_32's rating:
    My 2 teenagers love this cake, have made it in place of birthday cakes even. I don't care for German chocolate cake so I use devil's food. If I am in a super hurry, sometimes I'll just by the ... Read full review
  • Pan Pierogies

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    This recipe as written is kind of bland. Here's my tips to spruce it up. The key to this recipe is the POTATOES. Don't use the instant! Make the potatoes exactly like you would to make your ... Read full review
  • Made both as written and with a small change. I like the cream of mushroom soup better than the chicken. I also omit the topping, just because I never seem to have crushed cornflakes, and it i ... Read full review
  • Gourmet Chicken Pizza

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    I was excited to try this recipe as we all use Ranch dressing as a "dip" for our regular pizza. It was so good and a very nice change to regular pizza! I think the key here is: 1)Use a good th ... Read full review
  • Oven Beef Stew

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    I had 2 lbs of stew meat so I doubled the recipe. I omitted the French onion soup and used 1 pkg of dry onion soup mix, along with 1 can of beef broth like the other reviewers suggested. I als ... Read full review
  • Maple Glazed Ribs

    B_32's rating:
    These were pretty good, my family enjoyed them. I probably would have used less orange juice concentrate and curry as it seemed like that's all I could taste, but I'm pregnant so my taste buds ... Read full review