Salmon with Harissa

Fiery harissa and smoky paprika in a mayo base stand up to the distinctive flavor of mighty wild sal ...

Cold-Brewed Coffee

18h 10m
Coffee brewed slowly in cold water is less acidic than hot brewed. You can use this concentrate stra ...

Rose Hip Freezer Jam

The rose hips in this jam are uncooked so the jam tastes fresh and sweet; it retains its bright rosy ...

Victory Brownies

I made these on election day and friends and co-workers loved the hint of orange and the sparkle of ...
  • This spread has layers of flavor--the roasted peppers and toasted walnuts are suffused with garlic, spices, and more. Absolutely delicious--like nothing I've ever had before. ... Read full review
  • Amazing burgers! Followed recipe exactly. ... Read full review
  • Chef John's Cassoulet

    Cazuela's rating:
    This is a complex recipe and I learned a lot! I used flageolet beans which are smaller than Tarbais, so I kept an eye on them and reduced cooking time. Substituted browned boneless chicken thigh ... Read full review
  • This was pretty good, but I did make adjustments based on what I had on hand and for my tastes. I had leftover white quinoa so used that; subbed freshly grated Parmesan cheese for nutritional ye ... Read full review
  • I guess even one tablespoon sugar was a bit much for us. Next time maybe just a pinch. But I liked the technique (making sure the pasta was completely drained and sticky to the touch before dres ... Read full review
  • Sweet tooth? This will satisfy it! A co-worker made these and shared with us. Layers of rich creaminess. I like the nutty, chocolate base layer, and the blueberries provided a nice hint of fruit ... Read full review
  • I used a variation of this rub (without soy sauce and using fresh herbs) as a quick marinade for some thick lamb sirloins. Quickly seared on the stovetop in a cast iron skillet, then finished in ... Read full review
  • Delicious! Served at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, this chutney added a spicy dimension to cranberries that complemented the turkey, gravy, and stuffing. A great way to use quince--they kep ... Read full review
  • Clams in Oyster Sauce

    Cazuela's rating:
    I love clams cooked with these flavors! ... Read full review
  • Just what I needed to use up some limes. Easy preparation, quick and delicious meal. I used large shrimp--made the shrimp broth with the shells, then proceeded with the recipe. ... Read full review
  • A taste of New England! I scored some big cherrystones at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, used Spanish chorizo and cornbread stuffing mix. Fantastic! ... Read full review
  • Harissa

    Cazuela's rating:
    Love this! You can use a variety of peppers, and I like the mint in it. So much better than what you find in the stores! ... Read full review
  • Thai Noodle Salad

    Cazuela's rating:
    Takes a fair amount of prep time, but it comes together quickly after that. I love the peanut dressing with the pasta, the crunch of the veggies, and fresh cilantro. I had large shrimp that I ma ... Read full review
  • Mediterranean Fish Soup

    Cazuela's rating:
    I too made this on the stovetop. I added chopped fresh fennel (green stalk), chopped green beans, and a pinch of cayenne. I added the fish with the shrimp, about 10 minutes before serving. Quick ... Read full review
  • Leek and Fennel Soup

    Cazuela's rating:
    This recipe was a great way to use up some late summer/early fall veggies from my farm boxes. It's easy and extremely versatile. I used some fish stock I had in the freezer instead of bouillon, ... Read full review
  • Minnesota Broccoli Salad

    Cazuela's rating:
    I didn't change a thing and let it sit overnight before serving. Recipe says 8 servings but 5 of us polished it off easily as a side dish. Delicious! ... Read full review
  • Hazelnut Cocoa Cookies

    Cazuela's rating:
    I made the balls smaller than golf-ball size and the first batch started browning on the bottom very quickly at 400. I reduced the heat to 375 and played with baking times in subsequent batches. ... Read full review
  • Nutmeg Feather Cake

    Cazuela's rating:
    This cake has big nutmeg flavor and a nice, rich texture. I made mine in a 9x9 pan so baking time was a bit longer. Lovely as is without icing. Oct 2008 update: made this in a bundt pan then dus ... Read full review