Chicken Burgers

A tasty chicken burger that has spices added to it to make a good burger to eat with a salad, or you ...
  • Hot Greek Salad

    Cheerios's rating:
    For my diet I am trying to eat more fresh greens and vegetables to make it complete. I like anything over rice or pasta, hot preferably which made this a terrific meal except for the olives that ... Read full review
  • Sour Cream Fruit Pie

    Cheerios's rating:
    For a person who does not eat a lot of sweet things the pie was just a touch to sweet for me in the filling. The graham cracker crust stayed together well and held up well under pressure. The s ... Read full review
  • For the first time making this recipe I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to make and remove from the oven without much fuss. Unfortunately some stuck to the bottom of the pan and m ... Read full review
  • As a cook who likes to eat a lot of vegetarian recipes for my main course meal this soup is a very good source of vegetable protein with red lentils that is so easy to make and rewards you with ... Read full review
  • A very good pancake for Monday morning breakfast treat with a little bit of wildberry jam it is terrific. ... Read full review
  • Garlic and Artichoke Pizza

    Cheerios's rating:
    This pizza tasted really good for the first time that I made it with a good cheesy texture and delicious artichokes that make it worthwhile eating for one. ... Read full review
  • Trail Mix Cookies

    Cheerios's rating:
    I made these cookies with figs instead of dried cranberries and they turned out wonderful with a pleasant chewy texture that I like to have in a cookie. My friend next door said they were delici ... Read full review
  • For my 50th birthday I made this rice pudding for my dessert. I was skeptical that when I put it in the oven whether it would thicken or not but approximately 2 hours later I took it out of the ... Read full review
  • This soup recipe tasted very good with just a can of regular pork and beans with the salsa and turkey sausages added to it for spicy tomato flavour that I like. It will always be a favourite of ... Read full review