Sunny Poutine

My favorite breakfast turned into a Canadian classic: Poutine! Use your favorite fries and hollanda ...

Baked Chicken Schnitzel

Growing up, chicken schnitzel was a classic. I decided to make this dish oven-friendly using less oi ...

Blackberry Butter Tarts

It's like a butter tart and fruit tart married up. The bitterness of the blackberries complements th ...
  • I like the addition of the honey and Dijon it's like putting a honey mustard dipping sauce on the inside. I cooked up 5 chicken breasts which I flattened to all the same thickness. I wouldn't ha ... Read full review
  • Strawberry and banana.. what's not to like. I changed the servings to 1 and had to revamp. Because 1/4 cup of liquid isn't nearly enough for a maybe the serving size should be 1 or ... Read full review
  • Savory Vegetarian Quinoa

    Chef V's rating:
    This was surprisingly good. I LOVE one pan meals.i debated at first on making this as I thought the ingredients were odd...carrots and the mushrooms to me doesn't work. In the end it tasted good ... Read full review
  • I made this as directed. It's similar to another one I made yesterday. I like the addition of vanilla although I'm not certain I could taste it. I still thought this was on the sweet side. Made ... Read full review
  • This was super good!I used coconut milk instead and made as directed.Next time I'll up the cocoa to 2 teaspoon as well.Will try in microwave too mixing often. ... Read full review
  • Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

    Chef V's rating:
    I made some changes based on my diet..but still gave it 5 cause it was yummy! Used all water and rolled oats instead. Turned out great. Topped with maple syrup instead and almonds ... Read full review
  • Bren's Italian Meatballs

    Chef V's rating:
    Made these with the ingredients as written. Cooked at a higher temp. (400 for 15 mins) They turned out wonderful. ... Read full review
  • This is very good. I left out the walnuts and the butter. I use 4 smaller bananas for the 1.5 cups. Also use greek yogurt. The bread cooked up in 55 mins and had a beautiful rise.. Not to mentio ... Read full review
  • Low-Carb Zucchini Pasta

    Chef V's rating:
    Used a sprializer to get my zoodles. I make a variation of this often with some minced garlic, cooked on high to get a quick sauté. There is no need for the water as zucchini will release water ... Read full review
  • Avocado Toast (Vegan)

    Chef V's rating:
    Delicious! This was my first avocado toast experience, although I do eat them. I was only making for myself so changed the servings to 1. Decided to omit the oil, and used lime juice instead. I ... Read full review
  • Excellent, Ive made cauliflower rice many times and i always like cooking in a skillet with some oil and let it cook till it gets thats crispy brown. This method worked great too! I made it as d ... Read full review
  • Grilled Green Beans

    Chef V's rating:
    Since I was already grilling salmon I decided to throw these on the grill too. I only used 2 tbsp of olive oil and that was plenty enough. Seasoned with sea salt before serving and a squeeze of ... Read full review
  • Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

    Chef V's rating:
    Very awesome! Made one exactly as written (but using 1%-thats what we drink) it was super tasty and rich. The second mug I again used 1% with a teaspoon of honey instead of brown sugar. They w ... Read full review
  • This was my first pulled pork recipe I've ever made, and it was good. I'm not a huge pork fan, but family likes it and wanted something simple on a warm summer day to throw together. I used one ... Read full review
  • Absolutely delicious! Made as written with the addition of the lime zest. Served with baked sweet potato fries for dipping. This would be a great sauce for any summertime pasta salad, wraps, sa ... Read full review
  • Love every ingredient in this dish.. Simple and satisfying for lunch. My 2 year old had fun making it too! I would suggest either upping the temp to 400 for the time suggested or baking for doub ... Read full review
  • Paleo Greek 'Rice'

    Chef V's rating:
    Yum! Used all the ingredients (except for mint, as it didn't look good at the store this week). Also changed the method a bit (taste preference) I used a cheese greater to grate the cauliflower( ... Read full review
  • Italian-Style Bruschetta

    Chef V's rating:
    Such a delicious, and refreshing recipe! I found the combination of flavors spot on for me. The only change I made was served this on my own homemade basil pesto crostinis. Thank you, it's a kee ... Read full review
  • Pantry Potatoes

    Chef V's rating:
    Yum yum! Served this along with some steaks. I added a few carrots i had to use along with an onion quartered and 4 cloves of garlic smashed. The flavors of this dish were delish! I did need to ... Read full review
  • I LOVE spaghetti squash, and found this recipe to be a very delightful NEW way to enjoy it. I used 2 shallots in place of the leeks, and chives instead of the parsley , everything else remained ... Read full review
  • Watermelon Delight

    Chef V's rating:
    What a great different way to use watermelon. Next time i make this i will omit the i found it too sweet (Watermelon is naturally sweet). I will be making this to take on my morning wa ... Read full review
  • Simple yet still tasty. I used chives from my garden in place of green onions, and used Dijon mustard instead of yellow. Also added in one pickle which was floating around solo in the jar. I'm u ... Read full review
  • I had to try this recipe after reading some reviews, even though it was way out of my comfort zone, in regards to flavors. I'm not a fan of eggplant or lamb, but decided to try the eggplant,i di ... Read full review
  • I love green beans on the crisp side, so i knew i was gonna love this right away! In addition to the lemon juice i added the zest as well..(i tend to do that with anything now that calls for lem ... Read full review
  • I made this just for myself, so i decided to half the recipe. I replaced the couscous with Barley, just because that's what i had on hand. My grocery store didn't have yellow squash so i used zu ... Read full review
  • Hot Greek Salad

    Chef V's rating:
    I LOVED this! I had leftover grilled chicken which i grilled with a Greek seasoning, so i added that in at the end just to heat through. Instead of the vinaigrette(taste preference), i started o ... Read full review
  • I decided to Half the recipe because i was making a small salad. Between the Wine Vinegar( i used white), lemon juice and zest, it was too acidic for my tastes. I drizzled in olive oil until it ... Read full review
  • Baked Greek Fries

    Chef V's rating:
    I LOVE the flavor combination in this! I chose to cook mine on the BBQ since it was too hot to turn the oven on today. In addition to the lemon zest i grilled half a lemon and then squeezed it o ... Read full review
  • I LOVED this! I'm not sure why i never tried pizza on the BBQ before, but Im sure glad i did, and it will for sure become popular on our summer menu :) I used homemade dough rather than store bo ... Read full review
  • Such a nice change from my regular pancake recipe. The ricotta adds a really nice texture, and i LOVE the fact that there is no butter, oil or sugar in the batter. My husband always tops his pan ... Read full review
  • Super Easy Egg Casserole

    Chef V's rating:
    This was a nice brunch, and definitely something different for my family. I swapped out the green onion from some red onion(1/4 cup) and added a big handful of chopped mushrooms as well. Both wh ... Read full review
  • Italian Tomato Sauce

    Chef V's rating:
    This was very tasty, and had that `hmm whats that i taste`` flavor to it! I loved the warming effect the nutmeg had on the sauce. I used about 1.5 pounds of ground beef, upped the cloves of garl ... Read full review
  • Bananas Wrapped in Bacon

    Chef V's rating:
    I really wanted to like this dish. I used Maple bacon, which i though would go nicely with the banana. I cooked for about 7 minutes and had to turn over to cook some more to get all sides crispy ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Pear Salad

    Chef V's rating:
    Overall this salad was tasty. I do however believe that an entire cup of salad dressing would be too much for 6 servings, but i only made enough for myself, and adjusted the amount i made to tas ... Read full review
  • Chocolate Butter Tarts

    Chef V's rating:
    This butter tart is such a great change form the regular butter tart. The chocolate is super rich, but in a good way. The combination of the sweet butter tart mixture really compliments the bitt ... Read full review
  • Honey Butter Tarts

    Chef V's rating:
    Honestly im not a huge fan of butter tarts, but the moment i bit into one of these,I could not stop saying how good they were. I followed the recipe exactly as written, and i wouldn't change a t ... Read full review