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  • 5 stars for how easy this is and the end result is tasty. I had to make an easy to transport and easy to serve cheesecake. This fit the need perfectly. The swirls bump this basic 9x13 size c ... Read full review
  • Too much clove for me, but otherwise I like the texture and the full fruit flavors - the plum, pineapple and orange are a nice combo. I substituted 2 cups crushed w/juice for the fresh pineapp ... Read full review
  • Cut-Out Cookies

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    A rating of 3 only. If I could, 2&1/2 stars is my true rating.The flavor of the cookie itself is good, however the dough is not easy to roll out due to a dry texture. I tend to think this ... Read full review
  • Perfect traditional frosting for German Chocolate Cake! Easy and so-sooooo much tastier than a container of store bought. The recipe as written wasn't quite enough to frost a double layer 8 in ... Read full review
  • Creamy Spiced Coleslaw

    Chey1's rating:
    The BEST and EASIEST slaw dressing I have found! I do substitute Splenda for the sugar which works great! Also, I'm not one to have celery seed on hand, so instead I use 1/4 tsp. celery salt a ... Read full review
  • Spinach Brownies

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    Add bacon and basically whatever other combination of cheeses, onion, mushrooms, etc. This recipe is easy to adjust/enchance/change/whatever-you want-to call-it to your preference and to what yo ... Read full review
  • Excellent reviewer tips on this recipe - a bit of tweeking for a perfect end result. The changes made: substitute 1tsp. vanilla for the water, add 1/2 cup of brown sugar to dry ingredients, inc ... Read full review
  • VERY good recipe! I despise frying chicken, so have been in search of the best oven-fried recipe for a while. I can stop searching. This recipe is easy and very flavorful! The coating comes ... Read full review