Easy Salmon

Quick, easy and tangy baked salmon fillets. Serve with rice pilaf and a green salad for an elegant s ...

Stuffed Sole

These fresh fillets are filled with small, cooked shrimp, and baked. This recipe can be doubled, or ...

Pot Roast in Beer

2h 30m
What could be better together than beer and meat? Beer helps to make this roast moist, succulent and ...

Peach Pork Picante

This one skillet dish is just peachy! Salsa, seasoning, pork and peach preserves all add up to one f ...

Cola Pot Roast I

Do not be intimidated by the time it takes to prepare a good pot roast. After you get it simmering, ...
  • French Potato Salad

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    This is my recipe and I feel compelled to add a few words here. When totally different herbs, spices, vinegars and oils are used rather than what I submitted, it no longer resembles the origina ... Read full review
  • Sweet and Sour Beans

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    I've made a nearly-identical version of this since the 70's and I love it! Everyone seems to. My version doesn't have kidney beans and only calls for 10 slices of bacon. It's still the same.. ... Read full review
  • Loved this! I'm always looking for something a bit different when it comes to "cranberry sauce" and this one filled the bill. It made enough that I was able to make a "cranberry chicken" dish ... Read full review
  • Aush (Afghani Chili)

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    We really liked this very different dish. I followed the recipe except I used ground turkey, added salt and served it over basmati rice. Interestingly, I "Googled" Aush and learned that this i ... Read full review
  • Mexican Bean Salad

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    A LOT of ingredients! I took this to work today for a potluck and it seemed to go over very well. I didn't have cannelli beans, but used another white bean and I didn't have fresh lemon or lim ... Read full review
  • Green Pea Salad With Cheese

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    I grew up with this one--my mom used to make it all the time and I still love it. It goes fairly quickly at potlucks too. ... Read full review
  • Linguine Pescadoro

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    FABULOUS! Didn't change a thing...we couldn't get enough! One thing: I used fresh lemon zest and that absolutely makes this dish sing. In emergencies, I do use the dried stuff but really wan ... Read full review
  • Stuffed Halibut

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    We loved this! I used tilapia as that's what I had on hand. The filets are to thin that I simply coated one filet with the filling and topped it with another before baking. I added some fresh ... Read full review
  • Loved this! The only changes I made was to add salt and lots of black pepper. I also used frozen corn rather than fresh. I felt the sauce was a little thin and soupy so maybe it would be bett ... Read full review
  • OMG! This is restaurant-quality fare for certain! I didn't flour the chicken and after removing from the pan, I simply thickened the sauce with about 1 1/2 tsp. cornstarch which I poured over t ... Read full review
  • Keerti's Karwari Prawns

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    I made this dish last week, along with other Indian side dishes and it was wonderful. Because I didn't want to fool around with cracking, peeling and shredding fresh coconut, I looked online to ... Read full review
  • Marinade for Chicken

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    I recently made this with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and was very pleased at the result. It makes A LOT so I refrigerated the leftover marinade to use another time soon. Due to the soy ... Read full review
  • Easy Bake Fish

    CHRISTYJ's rating:
    Well. I can't believe this one hasn't been reviewed yet! This is a wonderful recipe and I used halibut (SO plentiful on the West Coast) and it was fabulous. Accordingly, I wouldn't change a th ... Read full review