Pecan Almond Date Bars

1h 20m
I needed something perfect for skiing and hiking; something compact, healthy, and most of all, delic ...
  • Mormon Scalloped Potatoes

    Debbie P's rating:
    I've made this several times and have found the addition of a layer of sauteed onions takes this to a different, delicious level. I usually put the onions on the bottom, just after the first lay ... Read full review
  • Perfect...but to make it even more perfect, try walnut or grapeseed oils. It will be much "lighter" in taste. Also, this works best if made in a mini food processor because it emulsifies that wa ... Read full review
  • Ratatouille

    Debbie P's rating:
    Made this twice, and I feel a few little tips makes this go from great to fabulous. First, use a lot of eggplant (use a large eggplant, not a small or medium) as this is the "top" flavor. Press ... Read full review