• Recipe By Dee

Olive Oil Bread

1h 15m
A quick, easy bread that works well with Italian foods and pastas. Try forming the dough into a roun ...
  • Recipe By Dee

Real Fig Preserves

2d 1h 30m
Summer's bounty of fresh figs from the tree can be preserved in a delicious golden syrup flavored wi ...
  • Recipe By Dee

Kitty Litter Cake

Great Halloween cake! You'll need a new kitty litter box, box liner and litter scoop as props to ge ...
  • Recipe By Dee

Six Week Bran Muffins

This batter can be stored in your refrigerator, unbaked for 6 weeks. Use only the amount you want ea ...
  • Recipe By Dee

Schlotsky’s Bread

The dough will look resemble a batter, almost pourable. Take care not to add too much flour. If usin ...