Borscht I

1h 25m
This is the best borscht I have ever eaten. Double the recipe, because it freezes well. ...
  • Oh, bubba! These were so yummy!The only thing i changed was a rib of celery in place of the jalapeno....but man-oh-man were these good. Just one thing though..... 4 patties? I made 6 ENORMOUS pa ... Read full review
  • this is a great idea! And a tip for anyone who is left with soggy-bottom bread: elevate the sandwich OFF of the baking sheet. Slip you sandwich onto a cooling rack,and put the rack on the baking ... Read full review
  • Canja

    DEEDEE's rating:
    what a great soup, and so healthy, too. We added a rib of diced celery to the mix, and a little celery salt and pepper. WOW! thanks for the keeper :-) ... Read full review