• Very tasty and perfect for low-carbers or keto-dieters! I halved the recipe and used a 8 x 8 dish, which worked out perfectly. I highly recommend at least doubling the salt as it's a bit on the ... Read full review
  • Soft Scrambled Eggs

    France C's rating:
    Very soft, creamy and tasty eggs! These were nowhere done at 10 minutes, so I had to increase the heat to medium-low/medium for another 3 to 4 minutes. I used my Ninja blender cup to mix everyt ... Read full review
  • Maple Syrup Vinaigrette

    France C's rating:
    A really tasty vinaigrette! It was the perfect compliment for my strawberry & goat cheese salad. The flavors worked well together. I will double the recipe next time so I have extra on hand ... Read full review
  • This is SO good, easy to make and full of flavor! I recommend browning the meat in batches, otherwise the pot is too crowded and the meat tends to steam. All I needed to add was a bit of salt at ... Read full review
  • Artichoke Aioli

    France C's rating:
    This was pretty good! It had a nice lemony tang to it. I made it a day ahead of time to let the flavors blend better. There was some liquid separation the next day, but I just drained that, or ... Read full review
  • A good basic roasted veggie recipe. I ended up using only 1 red onion and 1 zucchini since both were on the large size and I was trying to keep the ratio to other veggies even. This definitely ... Read full review
  • Such a simple yet flavorful recipe for quick on-the-go breakfasts during the week. Would make an equally fantastic option for a brunch. So versatile too - easily swap out the type of cheese, or ... Read full review
  • Fully Loaded Deviled Eggs

    France C.'s rating:
    So good! I'm pretty picky about my deviled eggs. The seasonings in these ones are spot on. I love that they do not have relish or any other sweetness to them like many deviled eggs have. I migh ... Read full review
  • Paloma Picante

    France C.'s rating:
    Recipe creator here....my preferred mixer is grapefruit Jarritos, found in the Hispanic section of your grocery store or international market. Squirt or Fresca will do if you can't find Jarrito ... Read full review
  • My Italian Turkey Meatballs

    France C.'s rating:
    I made these to roll into mini meatballs for Italian Wedding Soup. I cooked them right in the broth. They turned out really well. Plenty of flavor, and a good basic meatball that can be used in ... Read full review
  • This was really good! I've never made or had smothered cabbage before, so I was up for something new tonight. This fit the bill! I used the full can of Rotel, since a half can didn't seem like e ... Read full review
  • No need to use my slow cooker anymore for bone broth - using the IP is much quicker and easier! This is a great base recipe that can be customized to your preferences. I used marrow bones I boug ... Read full review
  • All Kale Caesar

    France C.'s rating:
    Love the use of kale instead of the usual romaine. This is very tangy/lemony, but I enjoyed it. When I first tried the dressing on its own, I didn't love it, however once mixed into the kale it' ... Read full review
  • So so good! I've made a few different turmeric milk recipes and this is my favorite! I made it exactly as written and wouldn't change a thing. Love the little kick from the black pepper. I used ... Read full review
  • Stewed Tomato Pork Chops

    France C.'s rating:
    A quick dinner for busy weeknights! I used large bone-in chops and they came out super tender. There is no oil in this recipe (not sure if that's intentional), but I used about 1 tbsp to brown t ... Read full review
  • Excellent dish! So easy to make and it comes together quickly. It's packed with flavor and the seasonings are spot on. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but like the occasional meatless dish for a c ... Read full review
  • Beer-Braised Pork Chops

    France C's rating:
    Delicious! Tastes like something you'd order in an upscale restaurant. Of course, taste will vary greatly depending on what type of beer you use. I used an everyday lager and you'd never guess ... Read full review
  • Flayed Man Cheese Ball

    France C's rating:
    Amazing!! I brought this to a Halloween party and EVERYONE was taking pics of it and asking who made it. No one wanted to cut into it to "ruin" it! This was a huge hit! I put toothpicks into th ... Read full review
  • This is a great soup, and it makes a lot. If you're someone that likes leftovers, this is for you. Make sure you use pearl barley because hulled barley will be chewy, and quick barley will be m ... Read full review
  • I have to say I was very surprised by this recipe! With such few ingredients, and the cooking method, I was expecting issues. This was delicious and the chicken was juicy and tender. I did seas ... Read full review
  • Simple, quick, and most of all, delicious! I made it exactly as written and wouldn't change a thing. I used an apple peeler/corer/slicer and was done with prep work in minutes. When the apples ... Read full review
  • Provencal Chicken Casserole

    France C's rating:
    This was really tasty and full of flavor! I made the recipe exactly as written, except I added the cheese in the last 10 mins of baking. The herbs and mustard provide a nice bunch of flavor, com ... Read full review
  • Instant Pot® Barbacoa

    France C's rating:
    SO good! I'm definitely going to make this again since everyone LOVED it! First off, I just sauteed everything in the pressure cooker on SAUTE mode, instead of dirtying a separate skillet on th ... Read full review
  • Easy Roasted Cauliflower

    France C's rating:
    Fantastic! I don't normally add sugar to my food, but decided to go with it. This is SO good! I cut my florets a little smaller, so I ended only roasting for 20 mins + an additional 10. The su ... Read full review
  • Fantastic!!! This one is going in my keeper folder! I was looking for a recipe to use up some ground lamb I had purchased. I didn't have access to any extra large zucchinis, so I bought 3 medi ... Read full review
  • Excellent flavor! Next time I'll definitely lower the cook time by half - the cauliflower turned out overcooked and completely fell apart while stirring in the cheese. Instead of half and half ... Read full review
  • An elegant, yet simple way to serve white asparagus. I used less Herbes de Provence, but otherwise I kept everything else the same. It was a very flavorful accompaniment to my roasted chicken. ... Read full review
  • Lunch on the table in 10 mins! This soup comes together so quickly and you can customize the spices to your personal preference. I added a bit of cinnamon. I also used heavy cream instead of h ... Read full review
  • Caveman Chili

    France C's rating:
    Great flavor! Instead of a chili seasoning packet, I used a couple tablespoons of Penzey's Chili 9000 seasoning. The bacon was a nice addition, however the flavor was almost undetectable, so n ... Read full review
  • I am the recipe submitter and was asked to create a recipe for the Panasonic countertop induction oven, hence the oven-specific directions. However, these steak bundles are also equally as del ... Read full review
  • These are absolutely amazing and impress everyone who tries them! I used a darker Ghiradelli chocolate (less sweet) and instead added a bit of Swerve (no calorie) sweetener to keep the total sug ... Read full review
  • So delicious, you'd never know there were so few ingredients! Simple to make too. The fontina adds a nice smoky and creamy flavor. The only thing I'd do differently next time is to season the ch ... Read full review
  • A good basic pizza sauce. Much better than store bought! The olive oil really adds a nice flavor. The only I suggest is adding some salt to really make the flavors pop. Be forewarned that this ... Read full review
  • Loved this! The flavors were spot on, and it smelled wonderful while cooking. The only thing different was to add a bit more of each seasoning, only because the head of cauliflower was huge. I'l ... Read full review
  • Excellent! I had 2.5lbs of cukes to use up, and they fit just perfectly into the 2 quart jars. I've always used dill weed in my pickles, so the dill seed in this recipe was a nice change of pace ... Read full review
  • Greek-Style Tuna Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    Wow, wow, and WOW! First off, I have to say I'm not a huge fan of tuna. I just started eating it more recently, and it's one of the few things I'm picky about. I had a favorite recipe that I had ... Read full review
  • Delicious!!! I started eating keto last month and am always looking for new recipes to try. I was a little hesitant about the canned chicken, but it really works well and doesn't end up tasting ... Read full review
  • Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

    France C.'s rating:
    Addictive!!!! Not sure why some are having so much trouble. If you use a mandolin, slice them fairly thin and cook them long enough, they are PERFECT! So versatile too. I sliced up one medium sw ... Read full review
  • Paleo Cauli Couscous

    France C.'s rating:
    Delicious! Super healthy and this makes HUGE servings, granted, my head of cauliflower was slightly large. I made this exactly as written and wouldn't change a thing. This is easily customizable ... Read full review
  • Chili Dogs with Cheese

    France C.'s rating:
    I guess I've been spoiled with eating homemade chili my whole life, because I didn't really care for the canned stuff. However, once on the hot dog and eaten all together with green onions and c ... Read full review
  • Great flavor. I often make orange-ginger juice, but I never would have thought to add goji berries, but it adds a nice touch and a bit of tang. I wouldn't exactly call this a smoothie (not thick ... Read full review
  • Simple Savory Oatmeal

    France C.'s rating:
    A nice change of pace from the usual sweet oatmeal. This reminds me of grits, just a different texture. I went easy on the seasoning (I used about 1/3 tsp) since I find it can be a little salty. ... Read full review
  • Cauliflower Patties

    France C's rating:
    I thought the flavor was pretty good, but these would not stay together. I'm not sure what the issue was. I like that they are healthy and great for my low-carb lifestyle. These made a good sub ... Read full review
  • Perfect! A super healthy alternative to traditional fried rice without all the carbs! This fits nicely into my healthy lifestyle. It's a little time-consuming, but it's so worth it. I cut the ca ... Read full review
  • A tasty, healthy meal that couldn't be easier! I used Bertoli Organic Marinara because I had it on hand and the finished product was delicious. A perfect weekday meal, well suited for a low-carb ... Read full review
  • Excellent! Why haven't I done this before?! Makes a delicious salad dressing. Next I will try as a dipping oil with some freshly grated parmesan. Thanks for the recipe! ... Read full review
  • Curry Salmon with Mango

    France C's rating:
    Fantastic flavor! My pieces of salmon were pretty thick and 15 mins was a bit much, so next time I'd do 12-13mins. That said, I prefer the flavor of grilled salmon, so I might even do that inste ... Read full review
  • I'm sorry, but I didn't like this at all and didn't end up eating more than two bites. I'm a very adventurous eater and there's not much I won't eat. The seasonings were way off. 1 tbsp of turme ... Read full review
  • The salad is on the bland side, but simply adding salt and pepper helps tremendously! I'd recommend adding salt and pepper to the asparagus, along with the garlic powder and olive oil. I did lik ... Read full review
  • Garlic Oil

    France C.'s rating:
    So simple and so versatile! A great way to add flavor when sauteeing meat without having to worry about burning the garlic. Makes a great salad dressing too, or add herbs to make a dipping oil. ... Read full review
  • Herb Garlic Oil

    France C.'s rating:
    A very simple and delicious oil mixture! Why spend money on store-bought flavored oils? I used this as a dipping oil with fresh Italian bread. I made a half batch and wish I had made more. I wi ... Read full review
  • So so delicious and simple to make too! Roasting cauliflower is my favorite way to prepare it, but this butter nutty and sweet topping takes it to a whole other level of yum! This would be perfe ... Read full review
  • Avocado Breakfast Bowl

    France C.'s rating:
    Excellent recipe that's quick and healthy! To keep things healthier I used hard-boiled eggs instead of fried since I already had them on hand. I also happened to have leftover red quinoa alread ... Read full review
  • Everything about this recipe is perfect! I brought it to Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was raving about it. I brought this recipe, along with a batch of my usual cranberry sauce that I make ( ... Read full review
  • Very good! I had never had Russian-Korean carrot salad before. What a unique and tasty salad! I love the coriander! I was a little conservative with the salt (I only used 2 tsp instead of 2.5tsp ... Read full review
  • Delicious and so easy to make! I made it exactly as written and the flavors were perfect. I did have to add a bit more milk because my blender wouldn't blend the frozen fruit, but then again, I ... Read full review
  • Raw Mango Monster Smoothie

    France C.'s rating:
    Healthy and delicious! I think my favorite thing about this smoothie was the hint of pepitas that comes through. The slight nutty flavor goes so well with the sweet banana-mango flavor. I made ... Read full review
  • Sweet Coconut Oatmeal

    France C.'s rating:
    Very decadent oatmeal recipe! It was a nice treat, but not something I'd make every day. It was definitely tasty, but very rich. If I make this again, I'll either use light coconut milk, or use ... Read full review
  • Fried Brussels Sprouts

    France C.'s rating:
    Yum, yum! These were simple to make and full of flavor! I only used 2 teaspoons of sugar instead of 2 tablespoons and that was the perfect amount of sweetness for me. The house smelled so good ... Read full review
  • Oven Baked Swai

    France C's rating:
    A simple and flavorful way to make fish, which I eat a lot of. I used tilapia instead of swai. Make sure you season the fish well - garlic powder would be a nice addition here. And I'd also sug ... Read full review
  • Woah Nellie these are tasty! Use parchment instead of foil and there will be no sticking. These smell amazing when they're cooking! Everyone gobbled these up. I used about half the amount of ros ... Read full review
  • Buttered Noodles

    France C's rating:
    These noodles are just down-home awesome. My mom would make this growing up, I would make this a lot in college, and I still make it every now and then when I'm looking for something simple to m ... Read full review
  • Tim's Turkey Tortilla Soup

    France C.'s rating:
    5 stars for ease of preparation and 5 for flavor! Winner! I didn't have a jar of picante sauce, but I had just made a fresh salsa from this site. I pulsed the salsa in my blender for a couple se ... Read full review
  • Paleo Pecan-Maple Salmon

    France C.'s rating:
    Loved this! I made this exactly as written. My topping wasn't really "crumbly", but more of a thick wet paste. I may have pulsed it a few seconds too long. I wasn't too sure about the topping f ... Read full review
  • Dill Pickle Salsa

    France C.'s rating:
    If eating a whole bowl of this salsa is wrong, I don't wannna be right! Ok, so I didn't eat ALL of it, but I sure wanted to! I followed the recipe exactly. I didn't even let it sit for 24 hrs t ... Read full review
  • Spicy Watermelon

    France C's rating:
    Sorry, we didn't care for this. I'm a huge fan of chili lime (Tajin seasoning) on fruit - mango, pineapple, melon - it's one of my favorite snacks, so I thought for sure I'd like this. The cumin ... Read full review
  • Grilled Eggplant Rollups

    France C's rating:
    More, more, I want more! This is worthy of 10 stars! I wasn't sure what size eggplant to use - the one I used was about a medium size. I didn't use all of it, probably about 2/3 of it. I ended u ... Read full review
  • These were tasty! I'm quite the pickled egg addict (perfect snack!) and have made dozens of recipes. This is a good all-around basic recipe that everyone will like. The ginger adds just a subtle ... Read full review
  • No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal

    France C.'s rating:
    Excellent! I loved this tasty breakfast! I'm making it again tonight. This is so versatile, you can easily use different fruits or milks. I made it with non-fat milk last night, but tonight I wi ... Read full review
  • Chef John, you never disappoint! In my opinion, this is one of the best macaroni salads I've ever tasted. My favorite part is the addition of the jalapeno and poblano peppers. Don't be scared to ... Read full review
  • Simple to make with outstanding flavor. This is a perfect side salad to a grilled steak, to serve with a frittata for brunch, or even to top a thin crust prosciutto pizza. My favorite way to eat ... Read full review
  • Fig and Arugula Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    A quick salad that is sure to impress guests! This was my first time using fresh figs and it surely won't be my last! Figs can be hard to find, but when you do, be sure to try this recipe! I use ... Read full review
  • Goddess Beet Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    A great way to kick up a plain old can of beets! It's quick, with few ingredients but tastes like a lot more time went into it. Don't be afraid of the onion and garlic -the flavors totally mello ... Read full review
  • First off, this salad is DELICIOUS. Honestly one of the best I've had in quite a while. The flavors go so well together - the peppery arugula, the sweet and tangy peaches and the grilled chicken ... Read full review
  • Honeydew and Cucumber Salad

    France C's rating:
    Very refreshing and the flavors just scream summer! I made this with about half the sugar and that was plenty sweet for me. If you're using a really ripe honeydew, you may not want to use the f ... Read full review
  • Who knew making mustard was so easy!?!? This mustard definitely has some ZING to it, which I loved...almost a horseradish hint to it. I scaled the recipe down to make 8 servings. I let the mixtu ... Read full review
  • Fruit Punch Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    Excellent! It really does taste like fruit punch! I couldn't stop eating it - I ate a double serving today and am saving the rest to accompany tomorrow's breakfast. A great way to use up leftove ... Read full review
  • Chicken-Stuffed Peppers

    France C.'s rating:
    I love stuffed peppers, but most recipes have the usual rice/meat/tomato combo. This is a nice change! I love that it's lower carb too! One pepper is very filling, and healthy! I would suggest d ... Read full review
  • Hamusta Soup

    France C.'s rating:
    This is a very tasty soup and my first time trying an Iraqi Kurdish soup. I loved the lemon garlic flavor combined with the Swiss chard. It's easy to make, and super healthy! You don't have to f ... Read full review
  • I really enjoyed this smoothie, and made it 3 mornings in a row to use up my blueberries. I think you could easily use frozen blueberries and skip the ice. I used Oikos nonfat Greek yogurt. For ... Read full review
  • Smokey Salmon

    France C's rating:
    I really enjoyed this recipe. Maple and salmon, it's like a match made in heaven. I made it exactly as written. I did, however, cut and individually wrap the salmon pieces. I grilled them over ... Read full review
  • I think I finally found my go-to overnight oats recipe! I've always made overnight oats with regular old-fashioned/rolled oats and wasn't that big of a fan. I love steel cut oats but it never o ... Read full review
  • This is a good starting point for a fantastic vinaigrette. As written, I found it needed a few tweaks. It had too much vinegar and not enough sweetness. I ended up adding another 1/4 cup of blue ... Read full review
  • Mango Mint Salsa

    France C.'s rating:
    This was a nice change of pace from the usual salsa. I made it exactly as written and served it over grilled pork. This would also be excellent over grilled shrimp or chicken. Normally I prefer ... Read full review
  • Quick and easy, and a great way to make tomato juice when you don't have any of the "real" thing on hand! I don't tend to keep tomato juice in the pantry, but always have tomato paste. This was ... Read full review
  • I really enjoyed this salad! It was my first time making an Israeli salad, and since I had some mint to use up, this was perfect! I used about equal parts of tomato and cucumber since I didn't ... Read full review
  • Garlic Spinach Soup

    France C.'s rating:
    Excellent! I admit I was a little scared of 3 tbsp of ginger, but it really does mellow out so go for the full amount. This fits perfectly into my diet - low calorie and low carb with a good amo ... Read full review
  • Amazing Cucumber Basil Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    I'm constantly looking for new healthy sides to try and was excited to find this recipe. I don't have a food processor, so mincing and chopping was a little time consuming, but well worth i! I m ... Read full review
  • Curry and Cheese Cauliflower

    France C.'s rating:
    Very tasty! I had tried another curry cauliflower recipe on AR and this one is much better! I love the cheese on top. The flavor is perfect, but it's a little messy to serve. The cheese forms a ... Read full review
  • Delicious! I made this exactly as written and only had to add additional salt before serving. I found the steps to be a little out of order. I recommend adding in the carrot and zucchini at the ... Read full review
  • Salsa Verde Pork

    France C's rating:
    The flavor was really good, but of course, this will only be as good as the salsa verde you use and the cut of pork. I used Salpica brand Cilantro Green Olive Salsa with Charred Tomatillos whic ... Read full review
  • This is delicious, and the perfect meal to impress company! I've never seen pork loins come in 1lb roasts, so I'm assuming this recipe is for tenderloins - they usually are between 1-1.25 lbs e ... Read full review
  • What's better than having dinner ready when you get home from work AND have it taste good!??! I normally don't use gravy or seasoning packets (personal preference) but decided to try this becaus ... Read full review
  • I've been meaning to make this recipe for months, but couldn't find the frozen peppers and I didn't want to substitute and tinker too much with the recipe. I finally stumbled across Birds Eye Tr ... Read full review
  • Grapefruit Smoothie

    France C's rating:
    I enjoyed this, but was caught a little off guard by the first taste. You really have to love grapefruit, which I do, because that's mostly what you taste, and this drink can be quite sour, depe ... Read full review
  • Easy Strawberry Vinaigrette

    France C.'s rating:
    5 for flavor, 3 for ingredients/directions, but the flavor is so good I can overlook the FROZEN strawberries it calls for and still give it 5 stars. Please, if you're going to use frozen strawb ... Read full review
  • Really good! I normally try and make my meals from scratch, but being short on time yesterday after a busy day of errands, I saw this and it sounded "too good to be true"! This one's a keeper! S ... Read full review
  • Cool Kale Smoothie

    France C's rating:
    Only 2 ingredients make for a very tasty smoothie! I'd recommend only making this if your grapes are on the sweeter side, since grapes' tartness can vary quite a bit. Mine were slightly tart so ... Read full review
  • I marinated the chicken for 4 hours, however next time I'd probably prepare it in the morning and let the breasts marinate all day. Instead of marinating in a dish, I find it much easier to mar ... Read full review
  • Kale Banana Smoothie

    France C.'s rating:
    Only good things to say about this one! I made it exactly as written and also froze my banana in chunks. I also stuck my avocado in the fridge before making it. This made a HUGE serving - 3 cup ... Read full review
  • Perfect as is! I didn't add any agave because I don't like my smoothies too sweet, but if you use unsweetened almond milk you may need to. The vanilla extract is a nice touch. The only change I ... Read full review
  • Secret Ingredient Smoothie

    France C's rating:
    I was a little skeptical of this one, because although I make tons of smoothies with greens added, I've never made one with Romaine lettuce. I made this exactly as written, including using the v ... Read full review
  • 3-Ingredient Pancakes

    France C.'s rating:
    Mmmmm! I could eat these every day! I never eat pancakes because of the calories and carbs, but these are a great alternative, without the guilt! They are naturally sweetened with the banana, so ... Read full review
  • I mixed up the dough the night before, let it chill overnight, then baked them the next evening. The dough was super easy to mix up. If you don't have a double boiler to melt your chocolate, cho ... Read full review
  • Easy Roasted Broccoli

    France C.'s rating:
    Very tasty basic recipe. Much better than steaming or boiling your broccoli! Easily customizable to your family's preferences by using different seasonings. The only thing I suggest is using mor ... Read full review
  • HEAVENLY! I made these for a party and all the guests were impressed. These are a little time-consuming, but totally worth it. My cookies ended up rising way more than in the pic, so the final ... Read full review
  • Apple-Pear Sauce

    France C's rating:
    I really like the texture that the Asian pears added to the apple sauce. I ended up having to add more apple cider because the mixture thickened rather quickly. I cooked the mixture for the init ... Read full review
  • I love finding new ways to prepare sweet potatoes that don't involve the usual sickly sweet versions that are covered in brown sugar or other sweetness. These are really creamy and very tasty. ... Read full review
  • Kickin' Rice

    France C's rating:
    This had pretty good flavor. I erred on the side of caution and only used 1/2 tsp of pepper, which for me was perfect. The chilies are a nice touch. The rice did turn out kinda sticky and mush ... Read full review
  • Tropical Turkey Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    Why have boring old turkey salad when you can have this?!?! What a great twist on the usual turkey salad. Your family will thank you and your guests will be impressed! I made the recipe exactl ... Read full review
  • This really is the easiest smoothie ever. Two ingredients...not much that can go wrong here! The consistency was perfect for my tastes and I liked that it wasn't too sweet like a lot of smoothie ... Read full review
  • Carrot and Parsnip Puree

    France C's rating:
    This was a nice change from the usual. I don't buy parsnips very often, for lack of recipe ideas, so I was excited to try this. I made it exactly as written. The recipe didn't say to drain the ... Read full review
  • I've been searching for the perfect turkey breakfast sausage and this is it! Finally! Not only is it much healthier than store-bought greasy pork sausage, it's delicious too! The seasonings are ... Read full review
  • Really delicious for such an easy slow cooker recipe! I added some smoked sausage to this, which really came through in the final overall flavor. I also found the consistency to be too thin, so ... Read full review
  • Pickled Peppers

    France C's rating:
    Yum yum yum! This is my first time pickling peppers and what's not to love?! Very simple to make. The hardest part is letting them sit in the fridge overnight. I made a slight change to the reci ... Read full review
  • Fast and Easy Zucchini Soup

    France C's rating:
    Ohhhhhh my goodness this is good! I made up a batch tonight so I'd have some to take for lunch this week. I had to force myself not to eat it tonight! And the crazy part is, it's SO amazingly ea ... Read full review
  • Mmmmmmmm!!! DELISH! I brought these to a dinner I was invited to and everyone raved about them! They disappeared in no time! Very easy to make too! I made them as written, except I sliced my app ... Read full review
  • My Trainer's Kale Soup

    France C's rating:
    Very easy, delicious and healthy! I made this exactly as written, well except I used more kale bc it does shrink down quite a bit once cooked. I had the opposite experience as the other reviewe ... Read full review
  • Stuffed Orange Peppers

    France C.'s rating:
    Very simple recipe, but very flavorful. I made it exactly as written, except I added a bit of garlic powder when browning the meat. A wonderful twist on stuffed peppers, and a nice change from t ... Read full review
  • Delicious! I drink protein smoothies several times per week and am always looking for new ideas. I had all the ingredients on hand, and this one sounded really good - and it was! Of course the ... Read full review
  • Grilled Green Beans

    France C.'s rating:
    I love the flavor of these! I like to grill most of my veggies during the summer, but surprisingly, I had never grilled green beans. A very simple recipe, but the flavor is impressive. The only ... Read full review
  • As written, this recipe is a solid 4 stars, and with tweaks it's a 5. I found 4oz of feta to be way too much, so I started out with about 1/2 of the package and that was a good amount for our li ... Read full review
  • Seriously amazing, just like the recipe submitter said! I made it exactly as written, except for one minor change: I had to add more oil to the parsley/walnut mix because it was a thick paste at ... Read full review
  • Yellow Squash and Corn Saute

    France C.'s rating:
    Terrific! I often find myself with a leftever ear of corn, which I end up tossing a few days later. This is the perfect solution. I thought it sounded a little plain, but wow, what great flavor ... Read full review
  • Delicious! Even though I had never used farro before, I saw this recipe and knew I had to make it! I only used 1 tsp of sugar and that was plenty sweet for me. I might even leave out the sugar ... Read full review
  • Excellent! A nice change of pace and I loved the addition of black pepper. Don't omit it! I have a pantry full of flavored balsamics, so I ended up using chocolate balsamic and it was perfect. N ... Read full review
  • Sassy Sangria

    France C.'s rating:
    As much as I love sangria, I didn't think it'd be a good idea to use a full gallon of wine for just the two of us. I ended up scaling this down for 1 bottle (1/5th of recipe)of wine. I love the ... Read full review
  • Pineapple Rocket Salad

    France C.'s rating:
    Wow, this one's a winner! I made it for company and they were all super impressed with it. I had several requests for the recipe! What an amazing blend of flavors. I was unsure about the cilantr ... Read full review
  • Miso-Glazed Skirt Steak

    France C's rating:
    WOW!!! What's not to love about this!?!? This was of the best skirt steaks I have ever eaten, and I prepare it often using many different recipes. I made it exactly as written and it was perfec ... Read full review
  • Cardamom Maple Salmon

    France C.'s rating:
    What an amazing recipe! I made it exactly as written, except that I grilled it outdoors instead of cooking in a pan. The flavor was outstanding. The cardamom really takes this to another level, ... Read full review
  • Overnight Chai Oatmeal

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  • Easy Vegetable Beef Soup

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  • Kale and Feta Salad

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  • Chai Tea Latte

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  • Dijon Roasted Potatoes

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  • I am the recipe submitter. Just a tip: you will need 1/2 cup brown sugar TOTAL for this recipe. When the recipe got published, Allrecipes decided to state it as 1 tbsp + 7 tbsp. You do not nee ... Read full review
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  • Oregano-Lemon Chicken

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  • Carrot and Orange Juice

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  • Hazelnut Blue Pecan Salad

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  • I am the recipe submitter and wanted to clarify the directions. Allrecipes omitted a step when they edited my recipe and they suggested I clarify by leaving a comment here. Make sure to COVER ... Read full review
  • Greek Tomato Salad

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  • Breakfast-to-Go Smoothie

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  • Tropical Island Fruit Salad

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