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  • Roasted Turkey Legs

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    Good basic recipe. I added a few extra steps:I brined the legs with water & salt in fridge the night before. Rinsed the turkey legs. Added onions instead of celery into the legs. Mixed butt ... Read full review
  • great recipe. I cut the amount of rice in half. Only thing I would change is at the end. Fill in the peppers halfway with the beef mixture. Add a bit of tomato sauce and fill up the rest with be ... Read full review
  • Perhaps I prepared it wrong, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I wanted to make some for my sick boyfriend (he had a fever). I was on a time crunch so I used chicken broth and put in ... Read full review
  • Absolutely fabulous. I made one large pie instead of 2 pies and the glaze was just enough. I thought the glaze would be too sweet but it turned out just perfect. My boyfriend and his parents wer ... Read full review
  • Vietnamese Beef Pho

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    Basically, I have a recommendation for authentic vietnamese pho. Go to your local oriental/world food mart and buy the actual pho broth cubes. Just ask the cashier. They come in small packages o ... Read full review
  • It was delicious! I made it for my boyfriend's birthday and everyone loved it! Finished the cake about 4 hours before serving and turned out wonderful. I replaced angel food cake with white cake ... Read full review