Turkey Macaroni Salad

Although it is a great salad to have during the summer, my family enjoys it all year round. There a ...

Lamb Meatballs

1h 45m
This is a great alternative to regular meatballs. I have served these many times at cocktail parties ...

Bean Relish

My dad's friend used to serve this as an appetizer in his restaurant in Ipswich, Mass. He shared it ...

Game Day Bites

These mini hamburgers taste very similar to the popular mini fast food burgers! We make them every y ...


This dip is a hit whether you serve it at a block party or a formal dinner party! It really tastes ...
  • So easy to make! We loved it and made it exactly the way it was written with just a little lime squirted over it so we didn't add too much salt. ... Read full review
  • Busy Day Barbeque Brisket

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    Made this for a football party on Sunday and doubled it. Every last bit was gone. I did not add the BBQ sauce to the slow cooker because I had different types of sauce (Memphis, honey, Kansas ... Read full review
  • Lamb Feta Peppers

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    These were fabulous! I would include a little more feta next time, but that is just our preference...pine nuts would be good too! I cooked the lamb with the onions before stuffing the peppers. ... Read full review
  • Bruschetta with Shallots

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I took the advise of a previous reviewer and made this the night before let the flavors blend. I did not add the basil until about an hour before I wasa going to serve this. I also let the cho ... Read full review
  • Bean Relish

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    This makes a ton, but you can cut the recipe down. Try this once and you will get hooked! ... Read full review
  • I have to admit that the whole reason I found this recipe was because I had a good bottle of aged balsamic vinegar that I wanted to try. I did an ingredient search and found this one, and boy a ... Read full review
  • This soup was very good, but I did listen to others about the wine. I added a 1/2 cup while the soup ingredients were warming and then not quite another 1/2 cup at the end when the directions s ... Read full review
  • I made this for Bunco a few weeks ago. I was testing new recipes out on my friends to use for our holiday parties. Every one of them has come to me and asked me for this recipe! I drained the ... Read full review
  • This was very good, but I only used 1 bottle of chili sauce, because that's all I had on hand. I am not sure we would have liked it with both bottles. There was plenty of gravy for the mashed ... Read full review
  • Greek Potato Stew

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    This was great! My mom makes something similar, but asked for this recipe because she likes it better. Her recipe uses dill and she sautes onions with the garlic. I added the onions to this r ... Read full review
  • Sassy Chicken Enchilada Dip

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    We loved this dip. I thought it was a little bland, but I waited the 2 hour chilling time to let the flavors meld a little and then I added some more chili powder. I might add a can of diced c ... Read full review
  • I made this for Christmas dinner and it was very well received. I made a 20 rib roast and I did double the stuffing, because our family loves stuffing. I had a decent amount left over. I also ... Read full review
  • Bill's Blue Cheese Dressing

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I made this last night for a last minute casual get-together. I made it about 2 hours before our company came by. So it wasn't refrigerated for 24 hours, but it was very good. The flavors blen ... Read full review
  • Gyroll

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    We really enjoyed this! We love gyros sandwiches and this was a nice alternative. I will try a different pizza dough next time. I used Pillsbury and it was okay, but I would have liked it a l ... Read full review
  • This was nice and simple. We really enjoyed this salad. The dressing is very nice and light. It isn't overpowering. I added 2 strawberries to the blender when I mixed the dressing. Thanks f ... Read full review
  • Sloppy Joes I

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I made this recipe back in the 60's when I was in Girl Scouts! I forgot about it until recently. Sometimes we just scoop this up with corn chips instead of putting it on buns. This is a good ... Read full review
  • I made this cake with vanilla pudding, because I didn't have chocolate. I used mini morsels instead of the bigger chocolate chips. I have tasted this cake both with chocolate and vanilla now a ... Read full review
  • Fried Zucchini

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    My family loves this recipe. The zucchini turns out nice and crispy. I did eggplant too and it was wonderful. ... Read full review
  • Hoagie Dip

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I cut this recipe in half, because it just seemed like it would make too much. I am sooo glad I did. The dip is great, but we would never have been able to finish all the dip otherwise. Thank ... Read full review
  • Yankee Salad

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    This salad is great! It makes a lot though, so you might want to cut it in half. Thanks for the recipe. ... Read full review
  • Chow Mein Noodle Casserole

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    We loved it! I added just a little more celery and no almonds, because of my husband. We left the table without any leftovers....so I will be doubling it next time. My teenagers loved it too! ... Read full review
  • Beef Noodle Soup

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I just made it again and added green beans and a little tomato powder! Wow! My family and friends just love this soup. It's almost stew like.....This was great!! I had a beef shank for s ... Read full review
  • Santa Fe Rice Salad

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    I served this at a family Labor Day party and it was great! I used diced green chilies instead of the peppers (mostly because I didn't have any peppers), and it turned out great. My family lov ... Read full review
  • Turkey Macaroni Salad

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    My family loved this! Great for dinner! Thx for the recipe. ... Read full review
  • The flavor and aroma of this dish were fabulous!! I would make half the pasta next time or double the shrimp and sauce. I only used about 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs and that was enough. I was gla ... Read full review
  • Game Day Bites

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    The way I originally submitted this recipe was not on frozen rolls! I don't know how it was changed. I always use the Pepperidge farm dinner rolls in the foil pans. This recipe will fill 2 of ... Read full review
  • I tried this on company last night and everyone loved it! My family was fighting over the leftovers today for their lunches!I only wish it could be cut down so that it would be good for just ... Read full review
  • Oreo™ Cookie Bark

    Kathy W.'s rating:
    My girls made this recipe without me helping at all. We ended up making this recipe 3 times during the holiday season. New note on 12/10/09: I have been making this for over 10 years now and ... Read full review