• Healthier Stuffed Peppers

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    I only used 3 peppers and halved them to make 6. I added 1 tbsp chili powder, because I thought it would be too bland as written. It was very good. ... Read full review
  • Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    These cupcakes were so good! I did change a few things though, after reading some reviews. I replaced the butter with oil, and I doubled the pumpkin and cinnamon. I baked them at 350 degrees for ... Read full review
  • I thought these were O.K., but my husband didn't really care for them. I followed the recipe exactly, but I did let the batter sit for 15 minutes, as suggested by another reviewer and I had no p ... Read full review
  • Hearty Hamburger Soup

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    This is a great recipe. I like my vegetables a little chunky so I chopped the onions and carrots instead of minced. Other than that I followed the directions exactly. It is a nice thick and tast ... Read full review
  • Date Filled Cookies

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    For me, these cookies were just O.K., but my family and co-workers really liked them. The filling was good, but the cookie itself seemed to be missing something. They were a little time consumin ... Read full review
  • These cookies tasted really good. They are a little difficult to roll into balls and they do not spread in the oven, so you must flatten them before baking, but all in all a pretty good recipe t ... Read full review
  • Coconut Cream Pie IX

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    I made this for Easter dinner and it was pretty good. This is the first time I have ever made a coconut cream pie successfully. I felt it had a little too much coconut though. I think next time ... Read full review
  • Pecan Tarts

    Kelli F.'s rating:
    These were pretty good. The filling was too much for 8 tarts, however. I filled mine almost to the top of the shells and they boiled over in the oven. Next time I will fill shells 3/4 full - may ... Read full review
  • I made this for Christmas. I found it really, really sweet. I also think it would be better with a graham wafer crust. If I make this again I would cut back on the caramel topping and use as man ... Read full review