Stuffed Celery

Stuffed celery, it's easy to make and kids love it. My Great Grandma always made this and my cousins ...

Precious Pineapple Cake

This wonderful cake starts with a cake mix to which you add pineapple and pecans. It is very moist, ...

Carrot Cake Bars

This is a very moist carrot cake using baby food carrots. I frost it with a Cream Cheese Frosting, t ...

Three Cranberry Relish

An easy to prepare, cooked, cranberry relish. Goes great with ham, poultry and pork. Originally subm ...

Carne Asada Marinade

2h 5m
This simple garlic and olive oil rub is a great way to marinate beef steaks before grilling. ...
  • Christmas Cherry Cake

    Linda's rating:
    Even though I haven't tasted this cake yet (I am saving it for Christmas Day) it was easy to make and smells so good! I used multi-coloured glace cherries and added finely chopped almonds and pi ... Read full review
  • Easy Mini Quiche

    Linda's rating:
    Impressive! First I rolled the bread slices flat with a heavy rolling pin and buttered them and placed them (buttered side down) inside silicon cupcake cases which made them very easy to remove. ... Read full review
  • Baked Buffalo Wings

    Linda's rating:
    I made these for my spice-loving Louisiana husband and he liked them however he brought to my attention the fact that a similar recipe is actually printed on the bottle of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. ... Read full review
  • This was such a strange concept I had to try it and actually, to my surprise, it wasn't bad at all! I even cut the Splenda by half. ... Read full review
  • Cantaloupe Frenzy

    Linda's rating:
    So easy! I used Splenda and it was still good. ... Read full review
  • Homemade Coleslaw

    Linda's rating:
    At last a coleslaw recipe without sugar! I can't stand the idea of a sweet vegetable salad so this is a good recipe for me. I also added sliced cucumber and only had yellow mustard which I used ... Read full review
  • I'm not a big fan of avocado but I had some leftover to use up and the flavours in this salad were pretty good I have to say. It is also good with the addition of a diced hard boiled egg or two. ... Read full review
  • Quick and Easy Chicken

    Linda's rating:
    Well we liked that one! I didn't put the sugar in at all because we don't like sauces to be too sweet. Only wish there was more all seems to reduce too much so next time I will make m ... Read full review
  • Easy to make and I also added a stick of celery and 3 cloves of garlic....made the whole house smell good all day. The end result, though tender and 'stewy' was a little bland so I had to try an ... Read full review
  • Garlic Fried Rice

    Linda's rating:
    Like everyone else, I increased the amount of butter and added another 3 cloves of garlic. I thought that even for a side dish a little colour would be nice so I added some chopped echallots and ... Read full review
  • This was my first attempt at making brownies and I must have used the wrong kind of pan (stainless steel) because they were burning at 15 minutes! Literally my fire alarms were set off! I took t ... Read full review
  • Delicious Apple Sauce

    Linda's rating:
    I added an extra apple and cut the sugar by half. When it was soft I used my immersion blender to smooth out the lumps. I stirred this through warm vanilla custard which the kids thought was gre ... Read full review
  • This pudding was a hit thanks. Thickened up beautifully and I had no lumps...even without using a whisk. Just keep stirring like mad. Have also tried this recipe with peppermint essence instead ... Read full review
  • That sure was easy to prepare alright! Baked it longer than required because my husband loves his chicken very well done. Could have used more garlic and salt but I say that with most recipes. L ... Read full review
  • I had been craving this for awhile and decided to make it since we have moved far away from our usual Turkish restaurant that serves it....the ground lamb I bought didn't seem to be ground enoug ... Read full review
  • I have more time in the mornings to prepare that night's dinner so I always make my mashed potatoes ahead of time this way. No one can ever tell the difference. I prefer to peel my taters before ... Read full review
  • Cafe Latte

    Linda's rating:
    Full cream milk is important to get good froth and don't forget to add sugar to taste. I have this every morning except I put it in a bowl and throw my cereal in's a habit acquired from ... Read full review
  • Italian Potato Salad

    Linda's rating:
    I am not a fan of mayo so I have been making my potato salad this way for years. My nonna used to make it just like this too! The longer it 'marinades' the better though it's not completely nece ... Read full review
  • Chip Truck Fries

    Linda's rating:
    These are pretty good despite the fact that I accidentally went overboard with the salt..woops! The kids went crazy for these 'hot chippies' as we call them here. They seemed to take forever to ... Read full review
  • This sauce is like GOLD in my cooking repertoire...used for pasta and divine pizza margherita. Tip: An easy way to peel tomatoes to remove their acidity before cooking down: Make star slits with ... Read full review