• Saigon Noodle Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This was excellent! Great combination of ingredients and flavors. I used close to a Tablespoon of ginger but only because I love it and used 4 Tablespoons of cilantro and basil each but left ou ... Read full review
  • Corned Beef Special Sandwiches

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    A winning sandwich recipe! Now one of my favorites. Combination of ingredients are delicious and using Russian dressing is fabulous! I used Marie's (from the cold section) because it's thick and ... Read full review
  • Perfect!! I like to use 1/2 c. dairy and 1/2 c. coconut milk from the can and find the ratio of milk to chia seed to cocoa is dead-on perfect. I use only 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar and find for ... Read full review
  • Coffee Nudge

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is sooooo goooood! Made enough just for me reducing the ingredients down to 1 serving with the exception of using a full ounce of crème de cocoa because I like the chocolaty flavor of it. ... Read full review
  • Coconut Oil Coffee

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Like others have stated this coffee is great and hard to imagine that adding coconut oil and butter create something so good. Until I made it myself and drank a cup I too was skeptical. The coco ... Read full review
  • Liquid Vampire

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    O.M.G.!! This is one of the best drinks I've had in a long time. I thought it would be really sweet but it's not. Flavor is that of the cabernet but the schnapps and juice cut the heaviness and ... Read full review
  • Frozen Banana Bites

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Soooo Gooood, my newest addiction!! Love frozen chocolate dipped bananas and love these bite sized treats even more with the addition of peanut butter and because they are bite sized. I used a b ... Read full review
  • Excellent dish and as noted in another review is very similar to "Roast Sticky Chicken - Rotisserie Style" seasonings also on this site. Not having to have the oven on and heating the whole hous ... Read full review
  • Kir Royale Cocktail

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Crème de cassis is a delicious and wonderful way to fancy up an ordinary glass of champagne. Ideal for brunch! Champagne can vary in sweetness or lack of depending on brand and type and the nic ... Read full review
  • Grilled Cheese De Mayo

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I'll never make grilled cheese sandwiches any other way again. Spreading the bread with mayo made for perfectly browned and crispy bread on the outside yet it was tender soft on the inside and I ... Read full review
  • Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is one of my favorite quick breads! Think cornbread type of taste but made with oatmeal and not sticky like some quick breads can be and you will appreciate this recipe. It is light, tender ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Chutney

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This chutney has a deep spicy almost exotic flavor unlike the bright fruity tart taste of traditional cranberry sauce. It's a nice change but the amount of cinnamon and spices, even though I lik ... Read full review
  • Excellent and great change for a healthy breakfast. I cooked my quinoa with 1.5 cups of milk because I wanted to drizzle the finished dish with fat-free half and half. Very adaptable to using ot ... Read full review
  • Sassy Freezer Slaw

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Easy enough to make and ideal to have on hand or to make ahead of time if you want a non-mayo Slaw and/or might not have fridge space. I thought the dressing favored the sweet as opposed to the ... Read full review
  • I love this smoothie and thought the slight peppery bite from the cabbage was pleasant. I used a cup of cabbage because it was easier to measure. I did have to add more water and added a few mor ... Read full review
  • Delicious shortbread cookie recipe with standard measurements being used for the butter, flour and sugar. After measuring the chocolate chips and based on other reviews I knew it would have been ... Read full review
  • Ideal healthy summertime meal, especially when it's hot. Easy enough to make and tastes great. I however used another marinade for the flank steak (not that there is anything wrong with the one ... Read full review
  • Avocado Lime Popsicles®

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I enjoyed these pops and will be making them more often this summer. Nice change from the more 'traditional' flavors. For an even creamier richer pop use half the water. My preference was to als ... Read full review
  • Balsamic reduction was entirely too sweet for my taste otherwise the recipe is delicious and simple. Next time I will start with 1 Tablespoon of honey and adjust accordingly. Fresh quality ingre ... Read full review
  • D's Taco Pizza

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Yum! I never had a taco pizza and was looking forward to making this (recipe made for *RECIPE GROUP*). Made two changes only to make it easier for myself. The first was after the beef mix was pr ... Read full review
  • Zesty Quinoa Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Outstanding combination of flavors. I haven't been a Quinoa fan until this salad. I concluded I prefer Quinoa cooked a little on the al-dente side so I cooked it for 10 minutes and then strained ... Read full review
  • Mediterranean Three Bean Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    You can't go wrong with these simple ingredients. I enjoyed the fresh uncomplicated taste of the parsley and lemon. Ideal to serve along summer grilled meats/fish. Some of my kidney beans didn't ... Read full review
  • Maple Syrup Custard Cups

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    SERVING SIZE NOTED IS INCORRECT. This recipe makes 12 - 1/2 cup ramekin servings. I will again see if I can get A.R. to change. My apology. ... Read full review
  • Mitzie's Beef Stroganoff

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I thought this recipe was great! To me it was like a "Hamburger Helper" meal but so so so much better because it is made with real and fresh ingredients. Easy to put together and I did add a sma ... Read full review
  • Delicious, moist and tender muffin. Got the "thumbs up" too from DH who is a fussy eater. I even cut the white sugar back to 1/4 c. and did spices to taste (I didn't have pumpkin pie spice so I ... Read full review
  • If you want a s'more like treat this fits the bill. Easy enough to make but looses its appeal when the remaining chips and marshmallows are added because they melt into the already melted ingred ... Read full review
  • An incredibly delicious peanuty biscotti. The recipe is perfect! The dough was so easy to work with and baked up with bakery quality results. After I sliced my biscotti and returned them to the ... Read full review
  • Eggnog Russian

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This drink is very good! Love the addition of the coffee flavored liqueur. Tastes like an eggnog flavored milkshake for adults. (recipe made for *RECIPE GROUP*) ... Read full review
  • Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I prefer Brussel Sprouts roasted and did that for this dish. I roasted the sprouts, slices of onion and slices of garlic tossed in the olive oil seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper a ... Read full review
  • This coffee cake was AwEsOmE! Moist, creamy and just enough sweet. I used plastic sandwich bags across my fingers when working with the dough to spread it up the sides and again I used one to ho ... Read full review
  • Smiling Caprese Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Nice summer salad. Light and would go well with so many entrees. I used the fresh wet mozzarella cheese and used my judgement for the amount and used more fresh basil again using my judgement be ... Read full review
  • Honey and Citrus Dressing

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I did not care for this dressing. It tasted like creamy orange juice with some sesame oil in it. It was missing the 'snap' most salad dressings have. I guess it would be something to try for peo ... Read full review
  • Nana's Southern Coleslaw

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Excellant! I made a double batch for a picnic and none was left. I went a little lighter on the sugar and used half the milk and half the buttermilk called for and it was perfect! I also used a ... Read full review
  • Mediterranean Brown Rice Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I enjoyed this unique and different salad alot! I made some slight adjustments but otherwise stayed true to the recipe and enjoyed the combination of ingredients that made this savory and sweet ... Read full review
  • I admit I had reservations about this cake but wanted to try it because I wanted to make strawberry shortcake and wanted to try something other than my usual and this cake notes that it is for s ... Read full review
  • Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Note: I make this with varying combinations of fruit, yogurt flavor and grahams. Try strawberries, vanilla yogurt and chocolate grahams. Kids love when you make these with Teddy Grahams which yo ... Read full review
  • Delizioso!! I love this recipe. I love it because I make it and there is no guessing what is in it or artificial ingredients. The flavor is authentic and can be tweeked to preference. I make 1/3 ... Read full review
  • I do have to say this cake is very moist and very dense in a very delicious way. The cream cheese adds a bit of tang and a rich, almost creme like texture to the cake that is most noted througho ... Read full review
  • One-Egg Egg Drop Soup

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Perfect. Far better than the too thick artificial yellow soup you get out. I followed the directions as noted and made beautiful egg ribbons that were delicate and abundent. I used cornstarch in ... Read full review
  • Jamaica Coffee

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    My favorite coffee and liqueur combination. The dark rum and coffee flavored liqueur go very well together and the whip cream topping makes it as good as dessert. ... Read full review
  • Jumbo Dark Chocolate Cookies

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I LOVE these cookies! Love the dark chocolate taste, love that they are delicate, rich and oh so chocolately. They remind me of a molten lava cake when fresh out of the oven. Slightly crisp on t ... Read full review
  • Very tastey and easy to make. I would make this again. The only disappointment I had was that the rice around the opening became dry and had a texture as if it wasn't cooked. Next time in additi ... Read full review
  • Bobbing for Apples

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    WOW! Really good. Southern Comfort is somewhat a fruity tasting spiced liqueur and the combination of it with the richness and depth of the apple cider compliment each other perfectly. The amoun ... Read full review
  • Gene's Long Island Iced Tea

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    I made this drink as written and it did not taste like a Long Island Iced Tea. Made two important changes and it did. It needed 2 ounces of sour mix to give it that lemoney tang and I only used ... Read full review
  • Kamikaze Shots for a Crowd

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Very Good! Ratio of vodka to triple sec to lime juice works well. ... Read full review
  • Stoli Doli

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is the Capital Grille Steakhouse's signature drink. When it's made right it's a five star winner. The pineapple and vodka should soak for a week and it is not necessary to refrigerate. Aft ... Read full review
  • Brass Monkey

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    The pineapple juice and coconut rum are a great combination and great drink as is ... float 151 proof rum over top and it's taken to another level. I prefer to chill the 151 proof rum to take aw ... Read full review
  • Egg Cream

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Fizzy chocolate milk. If you don't like chocolate milk and if you don't like fizz then this isn't for you. If you do then you can appreciate this taste of NY. The fizz lightens the thickness of ... Read full review
  • Fabulous recipe! Simple and basic. Use quality prosciutto and a good melon and you can not go wrong. (Quality prosciutto is not slimy as some reviews note a slimyness) Love the sweetness of the ... Read full review
  • K-Dub's Raspberry Lemonade

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Best summer time drink! It is delicious, refreshing and light. Nice balance of tart and sweet and perfect for a hot summer evening. Be careful because it is very very smooth and very easy to dri ... Read full review
  • Caribbean Health Drink

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Very thick. Next time I will add some water with the ice to thin it out a bit. Unless you have a heavy duty blender I can see this being difficult to blend till smooth. For those that would be u ... Read full review
  • Grilled Escarole

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Outstanding! Love how the ends of the outer leaves become almost crispy while the rest of the halved head takes on a wilted texture but still has crunch. After taking it off the grill let it sit ... Read full review
  • Very good. There are so many variations of fruit punch and many different brands of orange drink and pink lemonade. I tried to stick with as basic of what is called for. Taste like an adult vers ... Read full review
  • Pangalactic Gargleblaster

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is not an enjoyable drink. The creme de menthe is the dominant flavor but is a weird mint flavor due to the additions. Strong and a bit odd. ... Read full review
  • Apples by the Fire

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    O.M.G.! So easy and delicious. It's apple pie in a tin foil pouch without the crust. The brown sugar mix melts begging you to smoosh the apple into it. I needed more brown sugar mix to stuff my ... Read full review
  • Sunshine Juice

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Wonderful and refreshing! I added an additional approx. cup of chopped ice and water mix to smooth it out more. I also used frozen banana and berries (that's how I store them for smoothies). Lov ... Read full review
  • Cos-Mo-Range

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Good but not great. This combination makes a strong and citrus"ey" drink and something was too much making it a little bitter (I think the Cointreau). Not sure how I would adjust but a sugar ri ... Read full review
  • World's Greatest Martini

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Very good with both vermouths. I thought it would have been "odd" with the addition of sweet vermouth but it wasn't. I did not shake the gin though as I was taught not to shake gin because shaki ... Read full review
  • Gourmet Microwave Popcorn

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    No mess ... very economical to make and bags can be reused at least one other time depending what you add or don't add to your popcorn ... much healthier than commericial microwave popcorn becau ... Read full review
  • Steak Soup

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is very good. It taste like beef stew soup. After reading the reviews and some saying the tomato paste was too much I added it a Tablespoon at a time and used about half the can which was e ... Read full review
  • Fabulous! Simple ingredients that go well together just like the title states. The dressing is just enough without being too much in flavor or quantity and the sweetness of the roasted peppers s ... Read full review
  • Mom's Simple Dumplings

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Good old fashioned bread dumplings! Simple and perfect for stew. I added a tablespoon of dried parsley flakes for color but that's it. You can add other herbs but why ... the simplicity of this ... Read full review
  • Fudge Chunkies

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Sinfully delicious chocolatey goodness. The best way to describe this incredibly rich chocolate cookie is like a truffle but it is a cookie. The outside gets a delicate thin crisp shell with the ... Read full review
  • Pasta al Mediterraneo

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    This is delicious and a very adaptable recipe that can be changed up to suit your taste. I liked it cold and of course changed it up to what I liked more of which was the olives and I did add ca ... Read full review
  • Very very happy with the results. It came out perfect just like the submitter said it would. This bread has a wonderful hearty texture and natural nuttyness from the whole wheat. As suggested by ... Read full review
  • Mediterranean Lentil Salad

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    5 stars when made with raw vegetables. I made it once as written and then again by cooking the lentils only with the bay leaf and keeping the rest of the ingredients raw. I liked it much better ... Read full review
  • Tuna Egg Sandwich

    Linda(LMT)'s rating:
    Delicious!! I use two eggs and about 3/4 of a stalk of celery along with celery seed, salt, and pepper. Since finding this recipe we haven't eaten just tuna salad or just egg salad sandwiches. ... Read full review