Coffee Liqueur I

Rich and yummy! This liqueur needs to be made 1 month ahead of giving or drinking! Makes great gif ...

Luscious Lemon Triangles

2h 5m
A traditional lemon bar with zest! The addition of lemon zest in both the crust and filling makes th ...

Mexican Corn Casserole

Corn, tomatoes, and black beans are baked with cream cheese and Cheddar cheese for a creamy, quick, ...

Peach Cosmo

I was making a Cosmo for myself and I didn't have any triple sec, so I used peach schnapps and loved ...

Single Crust Peach Pie

1h 20m
My mother made this pie several times a month in the fall with fresh peaches from the Western Slope ...
  • This is different than our normal evening meals - which is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a stew, but not a traditional American type of dish. This was perfect for something differen ... Read full review
  • Classic Rice Pilaf

    Lori's rating:
    I am giving it 5 stars even though I made a couple changes and will make more changes the next time I prepare this. I am giving it 5 stars because I LOVE the technique and the flavor is amazin ... Read full review
  • Pico de Gallo

    Lori's rating:
    Really can't go wrong with this. I personally prefer yellow onion instead or red and I also doubled (at least) the cilantro. I got a lot of compliments on this and I think the cumin made the d ... Read full review
  • OMG this thing was awesome and OH SO EASY! If you REALLY do what the recipe says you will have no problems at all. It was so light, so fluffy and sooooo amazingly simple. I will never by a pi ... Read full review
  • This was SO NOT a salsa. This was a pico de gallo. With that said, it was excellent for what it was. I love cilantro and I love salsa. But given that we made this for a salsa that was to be ... Read full review
  • I will certainly make this again. My husband and I both loved the garlic in the lamb and the mustard was very mild and pleasant. However - it needed a ton of salt rubbed in at the beginning - ... Read full review
  • Broccoli Pie

    Lori's rating:
    I love this recipe! It's got a surprising amount of flavor that is quite interesting. However, I realized last night, that the difference between what I'm eating and what other raters might be ... Read full review
  • Lover's Loaf

    Lori's rating:
    This is the most spectacular meatloaf you will ever eat! And it's so much fun to make. I made this for my boyfriend of a month for the first time and he asks for this all the time. It has a g ... Read full review