Spicy Pork Stir-Fry

This is Sichuan-style pork stir-fry. Pork plays a major role in many Asian cuisines, where it is pre ...

Pork Dumplings

These tasty treats make a perfect appetizer or you can serve them as a main dish. For a main dish co ...
  • I mean this respectfully, but the review that has been flagged as "most helpful" on this recipe is so misleading. I have been making this recipe for at least six years (easily since 2004) follow ... Read full review
  • I've served this dish every Thanksgiving since 2003 and it's always a hit. Make it as-written the first time and then adjust if you see fit. It's delcious as-is. Here are some simple things you ... Read full review
  • This is really good, easy week-night recipe. I made it as-written and experienced the same "dryness" as the first reviewer, but my family didn't mind it at all. I baked it longer than directed, ... Read full review
  • (Original review, Jan, 2006)My review is 5 stars for the sauce, which I made exactly as written minus the liquid smoke, which I didn't have and generally don't like. I used Jameson's Irish Whis ... Read full review
  • (1-29-06)This was my first time cooking baby back ribs and what a success! This recipe is very easy and very delicious! Don't be afraid it will fail you--it more than lives up to its five-star r ... Read full review
  • This is the turkey recipe I used when I roasted my first-ever 19lb bird three years ago. It turned out perfectly then and has every year since.My version calls for placing the turkey on a v-s ... Read full review
  • No Bake Cookies III

    Lorna's rating:
    A little addition to the timing debate--I still have my mother's recipe from 30 years ago and it stresses that you need to bring this recipe to a ROLLING BOIL and then time your minute. If you b ... Read full review
  • Peanut Butter Pie IX

    Lorna's rating:
    In family of peanut butter pie lovers, not one person liked this. The texture is thick, dense, and heavy. It's almost the consistency of fudge that didn't set properly (I followed the recipe to ... Read full review
  • Chili I

    Lorna's rating:
    As a side note, I always chuckle when people rate a recipe without first trying it "as-written" and then say it isn't good. With this recipe in particular, following the instructions at least on ... Read full review