Asparagus Carbonara

When spring arrives and asparagus is in abundance, be sure to include some in this lighter, fresher ...

Cuban-Style Picadillo

1h 35m
There are many variations of picadillo. This is a savory and traditional Cuban home-cooked meal with ...

Herbed Cheese Spread

1d 10m
Tastes just like the expensive Boursin® cheese spread you buy at the store. Reduced-fat cream chees ...
  • Easy Lemon-Shrimp Pasta

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.28.20 This turned out pretty well. The only thing that I might change in the future is adding more lemon juice and some thinly-sliced green onion, but I particularly loved the sweetness of th ... Read full review
  • Apple Oatmeal

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.11.20 Few things beat the ever-popular combination of cinnamon-apple, and they partner particularly well in oatmeal. The cooking time was spot on because it didn’t allow the apples to cook ... Read full review
  • 1.22.20 We really enjoyed this, and the first thing that came to mind was what a great side dish this would be to grilled white German brats. Next time, I’ll cut back just a bit on both the ... Read full review
  • Lemon-Blueberry Pancakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.29.19 The only thing that I did differently was to fold the blueberries into the batter rather than dropping them onto the pancake batter and then adding more batter. The blueberries pop in ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Orange Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.27.19 This baked up very high in the center, so I had to trim about 1-1/2” off the bottom of the cake. I used a Le Creuset® silicon bundt pan which is a little smaller than the listed 10 ... Read full review
  • 11.8.19 What a smooth, creamy, savory, and somewhat rustic soup. I don’t think cauliflower on its own has a lot of taste, roasting certainly helps, but that’s OK. The curry flavor adds a ... Read full review
  • Puerto Rican Beef Stew

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.6.19 I scaled this recipe down to 6 servings, and it was cooked in 3-1/2 hours using the slow cooker function on high on my Instant Pot®. Followed the recipe to the letter with the except ... Read full review
  • 10.20.19 Wow, what a good cake! And what an interesting way to make a cake. Admittedly, I had my doubts, but it really works. Wasn’t quite sure what the consistency was supposed to be, but ... Read full review
  • Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.9.19 Not sure that partially baking the bottom crust really serves any purpose. I’ve made a lot of pot pies, have never had an issue with just putting the filling into the unbaked bottom ... Read full review
  • 10.6.19 My pork tender was on the small side, and I should have checked the temperature at 12 minutes and not waited until 15. Although not beautifully pink in the center, it was just a bit ov ... Read full review
  • A Cranberry Salad Keepsake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.4.19 I know there are a lot of Jell-O® haters out there, but this family still likes Jell-O®, and we enjoyed this. More sweet than tangy I’d say, but It is SO easy to make, and we liked t ... Read full review
  • 9.28.19 First, I must say I had my doubts about the caramel syrup, but moved forward with it. The syrup basically balances out the tartness of the vinegar, and I could detect no caramel flavor ... Read full review
  • Marinated Garden Tomatoes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.27.19 I mix up something similar to this all year long, but fresh thyme is a new addition for me, and I liked it. So very quick and easy to make early in the day, and then, one less thing t ... Read full review
  • 7.22.19 The only adjustment I made was cutting the red pepper flakes amount in half (personal taste), otherwise, followed the recipe. I marinated the chicken for about 4 hours, and since it wa ... Read full review
  • Fresh Cherry Pie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.16.19 Simply couldn’t resist substituting almond extract for the vanilla to accentuate the cherry flavor even more and would do that again. I didn’t have time to make the crust portion of ... Read full review
  • 6.29.19 A cup of sugar seemed like a lot for a family who really isn’t into super-sweet these days. My bananas were VERY ripe, and VERY sweet, so I felt comfortable in reducing the sugar amo ... Read full review
  • Avocado Shake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.10.19 I make smoothies with avocados occasionally, so I was pretty sure that I’d like this, and I wasn’t wrong. The avocado brings incredible creaminess, but I’d suggest that you start ... Read full review
  • 6.10.18 Love yogurt parfaits, and today, I used Ginger Coconut Granola from this site and a mixture of kiwi fruit and strawberries. Great way to start the day. ... Read full review
  • Greek Chicken Skewers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.4.19 Mixed up the marinade in the morning, added the chicken cubes, and marinated all day for an easy evening dinner. I live in Florida, so we pretty much can grill out all year. But when i ... Read full review
  • 4.24.19 Today I was trying to get ready for vacation, so it definitely was a slow cooker kind of day. I always use Hillshire Farms® Chicken Hardwood Smoked Sausage (healthier), which is alrea ... Read full review
  • Raspberry Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.15.19 What a lovely recipe. Made this exactly as written, and I wouldn’t change a thing. The fresh raspberry flavor is delicate and fruity, the texture is silky and spot-on perfect for mo ... Read full review
  • 4.7.19 Scaled this down to four servings and made exactly as written. Although I loved the combo of ingredients, I thought flavor was a bit flat and needed more dressing. So I mixed up more d ... Read full review
  • 4.6.19 I had a half bag of fresh cranberries in the fridge, so this was a great way to use them up. I use sugar substitutes such as Splenda® and Truvia®, and this tasted just as good as the ... Read full review
  • Jam Tarts

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.5.19 Not being exactly sure what shallow muffin cups were and only having a regular muffin tin and a mini muffin tin, I chose to go with the mini today. I scaled the recipe down to 12 servin ... Read full review
  • Instant Pot® Tomato Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.7.19 I made this exactly as written and was a little let down in the depth of tomato flavor. Tomato soup is just about my favorite soup, I’ve made a good number of recipes on this site, an ... Read full review
  • Roasted Beet Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.2.19 Roasted the beets yesterday, peeled, and put them in the fridge overnight. Peeling and cutting beets is so much easier when they’re tender after roasting, so don’t even think about ... Read full review
  • Curried Israeli Couscous

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.1.19 I thought the oregano was totally lost, so I’ll either increase that amount or just omit in the future. Before it was completely cooked, it was very thick and borderline “gummy” f ... Read full review
  • Starter Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.1.19 Today I used fresh pineapple, pineapple juice, and Cabot® Greek Low Fat Vanilla Beam Yogurt (what I had on hand) for this smoothie. I did add some of the optional ice because we like o ... Read full review
  • Balsamic vinegar, fresh pepper, and strawberries is a match made in heaven. Enough said.................... ... Read full review
  • 1.12.19 This comment is in response to Teresa Rojas’ review on 1.11.19. I’m the submitter of this recipe, I live in Florida which has a large Cuban population and MANY Cuban restaurants. ... Read full review
  • Instant Pot® Applesauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.7.19 I haven’t bought applesauce in a jar for many, many years. We simply prefer homemade, which I usually make in the microwave, but this method is just as easy. The star in this applesa ... Read full review
  • 11.21.18 Love the natural sweetness of this cranberry sauce and love that it has no sugar. Too many cranberry sauces are loaded with a boatload of sugar, often to the point where you can’t e ... Read full review
  • Ultimate Cranberry Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.7.18 I typically follow a recipe the first time, but when you know something in it totally isn’t going to work for you, often resulting in a bad review, then it makes sense to change it, T ... Read full review
  • Fall Onion Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.4.18 Caramelized the onions for an extra 10 minutes, and they were beautifully golden and sweet. Had my doubts about the addition of the apple cider, and doubtful that I’ll add it again. ... Read full review
  • Beer-Braised Pork Chops

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.30.18 This is a really nice recipe. Loaded with flavor, and it just doesn't get much easier. I had really thin chops, so I did reduce the braising time, but that sauce really is outstandi ... Read full review
  • Instant Pot® Best Beef Stew

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.27.18 Used stew beef instead of beef chuck and added more carrots (just because we love them). The Worcestershire, tomato paste, rosemary added to the beef broth created great flavor, so ... Read full review
  • Pakistani Ground Beef Curry

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.23.18 I followed this recipe to the letter, and there’s one thing that I will change. There’s a lot of fat that cooks out of the ground beef that IMO needs to be drained. The recipe does ... Read full review
  • Cowboy Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.22.18 Admittedly, I was a skeptic about this recipe, but no longer. It doesn’t take much time to get this dish into the oven, and really, all you need is time for some surprisingly, absol ... Read full review
  • Creamy Whipped Feta Dip

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.10.18 This was pretty good, but our personal taste, next time I’ll cut back a little on the cream cheese and add more feta for just a bit more tang. Certainly was easy to make, and we en ... Read full review
  • Dolce Pesca (Sweet Peaches)

    lutzflcat's rating:
    9.1.18 My figs were very ripe, and I was concerned that if I put them in the blender, they’d turn to mush, so I chopped them as well as the pine nuts. Honestly, I did use the ingredients in ... Read full review
  • 8.23.18 I followed this recipe to the letter and wouldn’t change a thing, it turned out awesome. I sliced the onions and mushrooms and mixed up the meat patties (including the pork) in the ... Read full review
  • Zucchini Walnut Carrot Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.22.18 Zucchini is abundant right now, and I’m taking advantage of it. I had half a zucchini in the fridge, so I scaled this recipe down to 8 servings to use it up. Baked for 32 minutes @ ... Read full review
  • 8.18.18 The grated squash was very wet, so I did give it a good spin in my salad spinner (a lot of liquid came out). Added a few more blueberries and used white whole wheat flour as well as th ... Read full review
  • 8.11.19 The peanut butter flavor easily dominates over the banana chip flavor which is way in the background. So subtle, my husband said that other than the crunch, he wouldn’t have known the ... Read full review
  • Nutty Cranberry Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.9.18 I’ve been working on cleaning out my freezer and ran across a bag of cranberries I’d bought on sale after the Holidays. We’re not into super sweet food these days, and cranberry s ... Read full review
  • Summer Squash Gratin

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.9.18 Nice side dish that I think would be good with other cheeses, as well (swiss, cheddar, gruyere, Monterey, etc.). I did use the Mexican blend today, and I will say that’s a very subtle ... Read full review
  • Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.7.18 I think I may have sliced my zucchini too thinly. Next time, I’ll aim for about 1/8” thickness, so I'll get more of the zucchini taste. These were crispy, crunchy good, and the p ... Read full review
  • 7.31.18 I drink a lot of smoothies, and this will be one that I make again. I didn’t add the agave nectar, since my strawberries were very sweet, just didn’t need it. Nice start to the da ... Read full review
  • Berry Coconut Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.26.18 Used cherries instead of blueberries and used coconut chips instead of flaked coconut. This was very good, but I think that next time I’ll use cashew butter (just a personal taste p ... Read full review
  • Homemade Peach Crumb Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.23.18 FYI, I sliced three peaches to measure 2 cups. These baked up beautifully moist, luscious, fruity, and just full of fresh peach flavor. Followed the recipe to the letter, but in the fu ... Read full review
  • Easy Baked Fish with Lemon

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.21.18 Used Wild Alaskan Cod which baked to perfect flaky consistency in 15 minutes. I used Italian panko crumbs, and served with lemon wedges. This is an awesome weekday (or any day) dinner ... Read full review
  • Slaw Dogs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.27.18 Made recipe for East Carolina Barbecue Sauce on this site to use in this recipe,. Really couldn’t taste the BBQ sauce much, even added more at the table. This was pretty good, but I ... Read full review
  • Easy Peach Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.27.18 Added just a little chopped jalapeño to kick it up a notch. Delicious served over grilled Alaskan cod. Thanks for sharing your recipe. ... Read full review
  • Captain Jack's Peach Pie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.24.18 The rum was lost in the pie, so I won’t bother to add that in the future. I accidentally did an egg wash on the crust (just so used to doing that) instead of brushing with milk, other ... Read full review
  • Asian Salmon Patties

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.24.18 Good, but a bit of a disappointment because I was looking for more Asian flavor. They pretty much tasted like the salmon patties that I just throw together and have been making for year ... Read full review
  • Zucchini Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.15.18 I had one zucchini in the fridge, and I had to twist my husband’s arm to give this a try (not a fan of green smoothies), so I scaled to two servings. You get a lot of the OJ flavor, ... Read full review
  • Fresh Pineapple Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.28.18 Whoa, this was a great topping for grilled Alaskan cod. It has just the perfect balance of spicy and sweet and just may be the best pineapple or even mango salsa that I’ve ever had. ... Read full review
  • 5.25.18 Although we love oatmeal, honestly, we’re not huge steel cut oats fans, but I keep trying to acquire a taste for them. Consistency was pretty thick, so I did add some vanilla almond ... Read full review
  • 5.18.18 My 8” springform pan will not fit into my 6 qt. Instant Pot®, but it will hold two of a small size I have (4”x1-1/4”) and seldom use. This was the perfect time to pull them out ... Read full review
  • Fire-Roasted Tomato Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.13.18 Love the versatility of making this soup either Italian or Mexican by using basil or cilantro, respectively. Creamy, deep rich tomato flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Wouldn’t ... Read full review
  • Deluxe Garlic Green Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.12.18 Just 2-1/2 minutes in my microwave pot, a little butter and chicken bouillon, some chopped garlic, and on the table. Love side dishes like this one, and it’s delish! ... Read full review
  • Scallops a la Peking House

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.22.18 We know that we also eat with our eyes and, visually, this dish was not appealing, simply anemic looking, unfortunately. Taste was pretty good, but I think this would greatly benefit ... Read full review
  • 4.22.18 Never, ever would you know there’s zucchini in these bars (fooled my hubby) unless somebody told you. This is just a delicious and super moist spice cake. I can understand how this ... Read full review
  • 4.9.18 My chops were thick (about 1-1/4”), so I set the timer for 21 minutes. They were still just a bit on the chewy side, but then, I believe that’s a reflection of pork chops these days ... Read full review
  • Grilled Cheese Shooters

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.30.18 Tomato soup-grilled cheese is a popular combination, I used Tomato Dill Soup on this site. Fun appetizer or for Super Bowl or March Madness. Too bad there aren’t any disposable plas ... Read full review
  • Butter Popcorn With Sumac

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.30.18 The lemony flavor of the sumac does come through, and it partners well with the chili powder. This was pretty good, I just don’t know that I liked it well enough to make again. ... Read full review
  • Banana Split Shake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.30.18 Had some fresh pineapple in the fridge, so I used that instead of canned. I really didn't measure the ingredients, just threw them into the Vitamix and gave them a whirl. Luncheon ind ... Read full review
  • Emily's Famous Bloody Mary

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.28.18 Many bloody mary mixes have a lot of ingredients, this one doesn’t, and that’s one thing I like about it. I used Spicy V-® juice, some A-!® Bold & Spicy Sauce, a couple good ... Read full review
  • Rob Roy

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.28.18 I know, I know, but I had to modify this drink. I’ve always added a little dry vermouth to a Rob Roy and added more sweet vermouth to give me the perfect cocktail today! ... Read full review
  • Lemon Lime Float

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.18 I used Blue Bell® lemon-lime-strawberry sherbet and diet lemon-lime soda. I put my glass in the freezer last night, but as soon as it hit the Florida humidity, it defrosted, not that tha ... Read full review
  • 3.27.18 Followed this recipe to the letter, and very happy with how this turned out. The tomato-y flavor is deep and rich, good blend of herbs, and I’ve always added red wine to my marinara, ... Read full review
  • Game Day Breakfast Sliders

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.25.18 One scrambled egg per small Hawaiian roll seemed like a lot of egg to me, so I cut the number of eggs in half and just mixed in a small amount of milk...worked fine! Didn’t really un ... Read full review
  • 3.21.18 I grew up in the Midwest, where we called White Castles® belly bombers, and I ate my share of them! I mixed up the beef, put half of it in the freezer, and made 12 burgers today. I ... Read full review
  • Lime Cola

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.13.18 We’re not big soda drinkers, but occasionally, my husband likes to have a cola, so we always have a few cans on hand. This is a nice way to style up a glass of diet cola; the lime fl ... Read full review
  • 3.9.18 Interesting blend of spices which really does give you a good balance of sweet, spicy and salty. Next time I make this I’ll be sure to have an icy, cold beer sitting right next to it! ... Read full review
  • American Gyros

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.7.18 Followed this recipe to the letter, and there was one ingredient that I had reservations about, but I added it anyway, and that was cinnamon. After the meat came out of the oven, I slic ... Read full review
  • 2.20.18 Whoa, be prepared because they are “boozy,” but oh so good! I was wondering if the margarita flavor would come through using cherry Jelll-O...and well, it does. As a suggestion, ... Read full review
  • 1.30.18 This recipe is almost identical to a Calico Beans recipe that I’ve made for years, except some of the ingredient amounts are different, and my old recipe calls for garlic salt and bak ... Read full review
  • 1.25.18 I think most of us have had versions of this dish known by many different names. I know I’ve made my own “hot dishes” over the years, and I never thought about cooking the macaro ... Read full review
  • 1.11.17 Super easy to make, and they are sweet, but not too sweet. A little sticky, so be prepared to lick your fingers. Guess you could say they’re finger lickin’ good). ... Read full review
  • Easy Skillet Spaghetti

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.19.17 I started out in my large skillet, but after adding the water and tomato juice to the skillet, it was so full that I decided to just switch to my dutch oven before adding the rest of t ... Read full review
  • Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.9.17 Didn’t have sumac powder and wasn’t really looking to buy a bottle (somewhere??) for just 1/4 tsp and maybe end up with yet another spice bottle in the cabinet that I may never use a ... Read full review
  • Everybody Loves Pilaf

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.7.17 Followed this recipe to the letter and wouldn't change a thing, it's awesome! I felt it did need a pretty healthy dose of both salt and pepper, was cooked at 14 minutes, so you may wan ... Read full review
  • Pommes Anna with Gruyere

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.5.17 Lovely presentation and actually quite easy if you have a food processor. Followed the recipe with the exception of using russet potatoes (what I had) instead of Yukon Gold, and they w ... Read full review
  • Colleen's Chicken Liver Pate

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.4.17 This site has a lot of chicken liver pate recipes, and I’ve tried many of them, but hands down, this is my favorite! Gotta tell you, I hate trimming chicken livers (it’s all in my ... Read full review
  • Potato Soup or Chowder

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.30.17 Lot of chopping, but time well invested. Made this in an Instant Pot®, followed the recipe to the letter, with the exception of using ham (Smithfield® Anytime diced ham which was on ... Read full review
  • Beef Tinaktak

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.23.17 There are times when it’s a good thing to step outside the box and try something totally new and different. Never had tinaktak before, in fact never even heard of it, but the ingred ... Read full review
  • 10.17.17 I didn’t have any English mustard, so I used Dijon. The bay leaves brought very good flavor to this soup, and the texture was spot on creamy. Cauliflower is not a bold-flavor veggi ... Read full review
  • Watermelon Pink Lemonade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    9.8.17 Cut back on the sugar (personal taste preference) and would have liked a little more of the watermelon flavor. But that’s easy enough to fix. Next time I’ll just add a bit more wat ... Read full review
  • Maple Apple Turkey Sausage

    lutzflcat's rating:
    9.4.17 Oh yeah, we liked this sausage! I’ve tried a number of turkey sausage recipes from this site, and this recipe is so distinctly different. Browned up nicely, super moist, and simply ... Read full review
  • 1.22.18 Answering question for last reviewer Cheryl: This recipe was submitted with specific instructions for an Instant Pot, but Allrecipes edited it, so it could be used in all multi-cookers ... Read full review
  • 8.20.17 I’m the submitter of this recipe. There were some minor changes made from the way this recipe was submitted, so I’d like to add that this is best served immediately “hot.” Onc ... Read full review
  • Buttered Noodles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.22.17 Nothing not to like here, and it was a nice option to mashed potatoes. I often think rice or potatoes as a side dish, but forget how good noodles can be. And I can see so many variati ... Read full review
  • Serena's Strawberry Lassi

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.15.17 Most certainly, this is delicious! I used low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt (what I had on hand) and omitted the sugar. I blended without the sugar, tasted it, and since my strawberries we ... Read full review
  • Skinny Chocolate Mocha Shake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.12.17 I’m all in favor of saving a few calories whenever I can. I used vanilla almond milk, my choice of a sugar substitute is always Truvia®, and this recipe was calling my name. Not on ... Read full review
  • 7.10.17 Corn and tomatoes are in season right now, so I cut my corn off of the cob rather than using canned corn. I actually forgot to add the olive oil. When I realized that, I tasted the sa ... Read full review
  • Iced Mexican Mocha

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.1.17 I think this is one of those recipes that you can adapt the sweetness and spiciness to suit your personal taste. I added more chocolate syrup and more hot sauce (I like that little zing ... Read full review
  • Bing Cherry Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.27.17 Thought I’d followed the “recipe instructions” to the letter, and then today, when I was ready to upload the photo, I see that the description by the recipe author at the top con ... Read full review
  • Refreshing Mango Chutney

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.27.17 Nothing not to like here, just simple fresh ingredients. This is a multi-purpose chutney/salsa, and I used it as a topper for some grilled fish. Very nice. ... Read full review
  • 4.26.17 This is my recipe, and just as a side comment, if you want to get the calories even lower, OceanSpray® 5 calories diet cranberry juice drink tastes wonderful!. ... Read full review
  • Pineapple Whip

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.10.17 Really tasty, creamy homemade pineapple ice cream. Quick and easy to make with texture similar to soft-serve. Not too sweet, with the pineapple flavor the star! ... Read full review
  • Matcha-Berry Swirl Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.20.17 IMO this has too much frozen fruit, my high-power Vitamix was struggling to blend it. I added some tart cherry juice and water to thin it out and at least get it to the point that it c ... Read full review
  • Sparkling Sea Breeze

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.20.17 Used Trader Joe’s Lime Sparkling Mineral Water (what I had on hand) which worked out pretty well. My first Sea Breeze, and I found it a bit on the sweet side for my tastes, but that ... Read full review
  • Cucumber Tea Spritzer

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.16.17 Cut back a little on the sugar, since I seem to like food less sweet these days (personal taste preference), and I used Trader Joe’s lemon sparkling water (what I had on hand). The f ... Read full review
  • Kicked Up Olives

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.16.17 Wow, to say we loved these olives is an understatement! They have layer upon layer of interesting flavors, the most unique one being the tangerine. Cooked for an hour, and that did th ... Read full review
  • 3.4.17 This is the second avocado-bacon deviled egg recipe I’ve tried recently, and all I can say is that this must be an acquired taste. I cooked whole bacon slices in the oven to keep from ... Read full review
  • Beautiful Brown Soda Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.2.17 I followed the recipe to the letter, perhaps cutting a little too deeply into the top. It certainly is easy and quick with no rising time involved, but it was a bit of a disappointment ... Read full review
  • Ultimate Banana Muffins

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.27.17 These muffins baked up beautifully, exactly 12. Seriously, I think these may be the best banana muffins I’ve ever had. They are super moist, tender, and just bursting with banana fl ... Read full review
  • Sicilian Pizza Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.17.17 Followed the recipe and was quite happy with the way this turned out. I did add just a little bit of sugar to tame the acidity and a little garlic powder, but other that, wouldn’t c ... Read full review
  • Raspberry Linzer Cookies

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.11.17 Set the timer for 10 minutes, and they were overbaked (actually crispy). If I make these cookies again, I’ll start checking for doneness at 7 minutes. Still, this is a tasty cookie ... Read full review
  • 1.29.17 Followed the cake portion of this recipe to the letter, baked in an 8x8 pan, and ended up with an awesome cake. Super tender and moist, and the blueberries just pop with every bite. T ... Read full review
  • Creole Rice and Kidney Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.27.17 I’m not convinced that coconut milk is the right choice for creole rice, but it did make it nice and creamy. I simply didn’t care for the thyme in this recipe but, admittedly, thi ... Read full review
  • French Martini

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.27.17 Had a fresh pineapple, but not enough fresh pineapple juice, so I had to resort to using a can of pineapple juice....aaaaargh! Mixed it up, tasted it, and added more Chambord. This w ... Read full review
  • 1.25.17 First batch took about 21 minutes to bake at 325, so I turned up the temp to 350, and they came out at about 14 minutes. A small cookie scoop worked beautifully, and the number of coo ... Read full review
  • Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.23.17 This tastes decadent, decadently good! With the frozen yogurt and the ice cubes, it was really thick, so I thinned out with a little more milk and some water. I think the consistency ... Read full review
  • Irish Soda Bread Muffins

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.22.17 Scaled this down to 6 servings, and ended up with 6 perfectly-cooked muffins (sorry now I didn’t bake 12) at 20 minutes. This muffin is the best of savory and sweet, the raisn-caraw ... Read full review
  • Party Pizzas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.21.17 I like the combination of the ground beef and spicy pork sausage (I used Jimmy Dean Hot), but I think this could be improved by adding something to this base. I could see a little spag ... Read full review
  • Lemon Drop Shots

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.21.17 It really does taste like the candy. The sugar-coated lemon wedge really tames the tart lemon juice. ... Read full review
  • 1.15.17 Really enjoyed this salad, layer upon layer of interesting flavors. One thing that I felt was missing was acid, and I’d recommend you give it a really good squeeze of either a fresh ... Read full review
  • Magic Syrup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.14.17 Whoa, mega SWEET, but mega TASTY, too! I typically don't like very sweet foods these days, but I must say that this syrup was delicious. Served over Sweet Potato Waffles (on this site ... Read full review
  • Healthy Peanut Butter Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.11.17 First, I must say after looking at the nutritional breakdown, I’m not convinced how “healthy” this is, but I can say that it is delicious. Certainly is quick to prepare, and if ... Read full review
  • Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.8.17 I should have followed my gut on this, but I hate to change a recipe, particularly when I’m the first to review it. I see absolutely no reason to parboil the potatoes in this recipe. ... Read full review
  • Garlic Parmesan Hummus

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.7.17 Made exactly as written, tasted, and then tweaked to suit our tastes. The texture was way too thick, so I did add a little chicken broth to reach a smoother consistency. I felt the fla ... Read full review
  • Bourbon and DP Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.7.17 I had concerns that 3 hours @ 350 would be way too long for baking these beans, and mine were perfectly done in 65 minutes. I scaled this recipe down to 4 servings using one can of bean ... Read full review
  • 1.6.17Nothing not to like here, it's simply good (and easy, too). ... Read full review
  • Alex's Sofrito

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.5.17 Sure, you can buy sofrito in the can, but there’s nothing better than freshly-made sofrito. It’s good not only in Puerto Rican cuisine, but is a staple in Cuban and Spanish food, as ... Read full review
  • Boeuf Bourguignon

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Had appointments today, so I got this going about mid-morning in my Instant Hot Pot using the slow cook feature. Really easy to make, and it has a rich, robust flavor. I used some stew beef wh ... Read full review
  • Tomato Cucumber Kachumbar

    lutzflcat's rating:
    1.1.17 I’m sure this would be delicious served over curry, but I served it over grilled haddock which was sensational. The combination of cilantro and fresh mint bring a very pleasant, surpr ... Read full review
  • Easy Banana Nut Pancakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    12.26.16 Followed the recipe to the letter and wouldn’t change a thing. The batter consistency was absolutely spot on perfect for pancakes, and you get layer upon layer of banana nut bread f ... Read full review
  • Easy Holiday Eggnog Shake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    12.21.16 I used skim milk, and although I had a container of malted milk powder on hand, it had been so long since I used it that it had completely hardened, so no malted milk was used. If yo ... Read full review
  • Easy Liver Pate II

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.28.16 The recipe doesn’t tell you what to do with the bacon (add to pate or garnish?), but I added it to the pate. The bacon flavor is subtle, but is something that makes the pate distinc ... Read full review
  • 11.9.16 This is a very simple recipe to make, and it comes together quickly. I did have to microwave it for about 8 minutes for all of the white chocolate chips to melt. This may be a personal ... Read full review
  • 11.8.16 House smelled wonderful when this was in the oven. I cut the recipe in half, and instead of one loaf, I baked three mini loaves. This turned out very moist, spicy, and pumpkin-y. Jus ... Read full review
  • Spicy Watercress Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.7.16 The title is appropriate because it is indeed spicy. If you have any concerns at all about that, would suggest using half the red pepper flakes, then taste the dressing, and add the othe ... Read full review
  • Pepper Jack Olive Dip

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.1.16 Used Kalamata olives (what I had on hand), and its brine gave this dip a nice little pop of flavor. Served this with corn chips, but this would be equally good with crackers. Quick a ... Read full review
  • Pacific Rim Cucumber Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.1.16 I let the bay leaf sit in the rice vinegar dressing for about 30 mins, and its flavor infused and gave good flavor to the dressing. I used an English cucumber (didn’t have Japanese) ... Read full review
  • Honey-Sweetened Granola

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.29.16 Love granola on my morning yogurt, so I’m always trying new recipes. This recipe is so simple to make and is very tasty. I'll never understand why people buy granola; it's so easy t ... Read full review
  • Autumn Waldorf Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.28.16 I liked the option of using yogurt in place of the traditional mayo you always find in a Waldorf salad. My apple and pear were ripe and very juicy, and as I suspected, that juice thi ... Read full review
  • 10.27.16 This coffee cake is the BOMB! I added a little bit of cake flour to compensate for the fact that you can’t buy 18-oz cake mixes anymore (at least I don’t see them), but otherwise ... Read full review
  • Savory Pumpkin Cornbread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.26.16 Interesting combination of ingredients for cornbread. I made half a recipe, and it was done in 20 minutes. The savory herbal flavor is what you taste first with the pumpkin lingerin ... Read full review
  • 10.13.16 I knew as written this recipe would be too spicy for us (we’re about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10), and I didn’t want to waste a pound of beautiful, fresh brussels sprouts. I gave th ... Read full review
  • 10.11.16 The recipe author suggested chicken as an option to tuna, and since I had some cooked chicken in the fridge, that’s what I used. The tart lemon-mint dressing is what really makes th ... Read full review
  • Apple Cobbler Crisp

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.10.16 Flavor is nice, but the apples (and I did use Mcintosh) cooked to almost an applesauce consistency and were dry at 42 minutes. Followed the recipe to the letter, but I will start chec ... Read full review
  • Pomegranate Dip

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.9.16 Mixed in some toasted pine nuts to add an additional texture to this dip. The cream cheese is sweetened when the pomegranate seeds burst in your mouth. Served with sea salt and olive ... Read full review
  • Cajun Shrimp Potato Chowder

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.9.16 Made exactly as written and thought the flavor was just a little weak for our tastes. I did add a healthy shot of Sriracha®, a little shake of cayenne, and more of the seasonings that ... Read full review
  • 10.7.16 I mixed this up, tasted it, and thought it was missing something. Took a closer look at the recipe, and then realized that it was...I forgot to add the lime juice. What a difference th ... Read full review
  • Crazy Cinnamon Milkshake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.6.16 I used skim milk and replaced the sugar with Truvia® to reduce the calories. Hard to believe this has no ice cream in it, tastes pretty darn good! ... Read full review
  • Banana Basil Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.6.16 That small amount of maple syrup brings really good sweetness to this smoothie. I could taste the banana, but the basil, not so much. I will increase the number of basil leaves the n ... Read full review
  • Pacific Rim Barbeque Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    10.1.16 Spent the day doing yard work and didn’t feel much like fussing with dinner. I served this BBQ sauce over half a toasted English muffin with a grilled ground beef patty topped with t ... Read full review
  • Hot Chicken Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    9.29.16 It's so nice to have a tasty, new casserole recipe that doesn't have a can of soup among its ingredients. I may have had a can of large water chestnuts, so I did halve the slices. I ... Read full review
  • 9.26.16 This recipe was mellow and mild from Monterey Jack and cottage cheeses. Although not creamy in texture as I’m accustomed to, it was good, plenty moist, and juicy. Followed the recip ... Read full review
  • 8.16.16 I processed this in my mini chopper that came with my Cuisinart® immersion blender. I never buy anchovy filets, but I understand the importance of that flavor in a caesar salad. I p ... Read full review
  • 8.16.16 Followed the recipe exactly as written, and I wouldn't change a thing. These muffins were just loaded with blueberries and bursting with sweet, fresh fruit flavor. They were some of ... Read full review
  • Cherry or Fruit Cobbler

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.14.16 Very easy and very tasty dessert. Made today with bing cherries. ... Read full review
  • 8.14.16 I had some london broil in the freezer, so I used that rather than round steak. Sliced it partially frozen, as thinly as I could, and the beef was so tender it just about melted in my ... Read full review
  • 8.12.16 Had some cornflakes heading toward the bottom of the box and an opened bag of dark-chocolate chocolate chips. This recipe is ridiculously easy to make and they do taste yummy. Not su ... Read full review
  • 8.9.16 This is a really nice summer meal. I did use lemon bow tie pasta, and I didn't add fhe shredded cheddar cheese garnish, just couldn't see cheddar on a nice shrimp salad like this (p ... Read full review
  • 8.7.16 I'm typically not crazy about banana bread made with whole wheat flour, but this recipe turned out fairly well. Baked in 3 mini loaf pans for 35 minutes, it's plenty moist, light in te ... Read full review
  • 7.31.16 My mother always put garlic slices in her pork roast, and it adds incredible flavor particularly in a boneless pork loin. The mushrooms were a nice touch and enhanced the gravy. Ther ... Read full review
  • 7.26.16 Nice salsa, and it gave a well-deserved kick of flavor to mild tilapia. I think the salsa would be more effective on cod or halibut, for example. But this was super easy cooked in a ... Read full review
  • 7.20.16 I drink a lot of breakfast smoothies, and this is one of the best that I’ve ever had! Bing cherries have been on sale, so I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes incorporating cherri ... Read full review
  • 7.18.16 I’ve waited for two days to be fair in giving this recipe a review. I’m a lover of beets, my hubby not so much, so these pickled beets were made for me! I’m trying to watch my ... Read full review
  • 7.16.16 Nice dressing for today's luncheon salad of romaine hearts, fresh blueberries, feta cheese and toasted walnuts. This dressing has a good balance of sweet-tart. Fairuzah, thanks for s ... Read full review
  • Buffalo Chicken Skillet

    lutzflcat's rating:
    7.4.16 We really enjoyed this for dinner last night with cole slaw, blue cheese dipping sauce, and some carrot and celery sticks. I didn't have any bottled buffalo wing sauce, so I just used e ... Read full review
  • Tuna Stroganoff Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.25.16 First, I don’t think this recipe is written very well. AR typically does a fair amount of editing, and I’m surprised that they didn't question some of the issues that I had. For e ... Read full review
  • 6.6.16 Noodle bowls are very trendy right now, and I decided this would be lunch today. This was surprisingly good and really is "superfast." I did add some frozen peas and sliced red bell ... Read full review
  • Mom's Sponge Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    6.4.16 This was the perfect choice for strawberry shortcake. In an effort to get calories down, I used skim milk and Truvia® Baking Blend in place of sugar, and it still turned out awesome! ... Read full review
  • 5.26.16 I had some leftover mashed potatoes and a small zucchini in the fridge, did an Ingredient Search on this site, and this recipe popped up...perfect! Even though these pancakes had shre ... Read full review
  • Do you like strawberry margaritas? Well, that's what these berries taste like. This simple recipe is awesome!! ... Read full review
  • 5.23.16 My strawberries were very ripe and sweet, so I omitted the sugar. I also used a frozen banana because I like thicker smoothies. Another reviewer described the consistency as fluffy, ... Read full review
  • Ginger Lemon Cheesecake Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.21.16 I mixed up the cheesecake mixture, and wanted more lemon flavor, so I did add lemon zest in addition to lemon juice. The crust turned out crumbly, and about half of it stayed in the di ... Read full review
  • Tuna-Artichoke Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.14.16 Made exactly as written, wouldn’t change a thing, simply delicious! It’s already in the 90’s in Florida, and I’m looking for new summer recipes that’ll keep me out of the ki ... Read full review
  • 5.10.16 I scaled this recipe down to 2 servings (1 head of cauliflower), and in this house, this recipe would have served a minimum of 3, maybe even 4 (which makes this break down even nutrition ... Read full review
  • 5.10.16 Cut back on the water because my tomatoes were so juicy, used fresh oregano (just because I have it), otherwise, followed the recipe. We had this on grilled boneless chicken breast, a ... Read full review
  • Avocado Blueberry Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    5.4.16 I used fresh blueberries, skipped the water, and added some crushed ice. The avocado gave this a super creamy texture. These days, I like things less sweet, but I could have used some ... Read full review
  • Kathy's Cabbage Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    4.23.16 This is one of those recipes where you most likely will have all ingredients in the them! Sometimes, you’re just looking for something that’s simple and falls into t ... Read full review
  • 4.15.16 I had no udon noodles, so I used Barilla® Thick Spaghetti. The dressing was just a little sweet for us (personal taste preference), and I did add a little bit of sesame oil to the dr ... Read full review
  • 3.31.16 We’re about mid-range on spicy foods, and I knew that the amount of red pepper flakes in this recipe would totally overpower everything. Almost makes me wonder if that’s a typo? I ... Read full review
  • Fresh Watermelon Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.31.16 My jalapeño was large and very fresh, and I probably should have taken the ribs and seeds out. This most definitely had a kick to it, and the flavor improves dramatically after refrig ... Read full review
  • Love Letter - Crepes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.30.16 The crepes are pretty good, but I found the filling and flavor of the cardamom almost nonexistent. I definitely would add more to the filling, if nothing more than some small pieces ... Read full review
  • 3.19.16 I didn't add the sweetener, since I didn't think it needed it. I'll never understand why anybody buys bottles of Thousand Island Dressing. It's so easy to make, and this recipe is a ... Read full review
  • 3.17.16 Waaaaay too much milk. I just eyeballed the amount of milk (not even close to 1-1/2 cups) and used Egg Beaters® for the egg. I did 20 seconds in the microwave, and the cream cheese-j ... Read full review
  • Pasta Bean Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.16.16 I had some hot Italian sausage links in the freezer which needed to be used, so I just removed the casings and browned the sausage for this recipe. I don't use frozen spinach, but I di ... Read full review
  • Indonesian Curried Cabbage

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.9.16 I bought the smallest head of cabbage I could find, but maybe it still was too big because all of a sudden, the cabbage was taking over everything (used about 3/4 of the head). Started ... Read full review
  • Banana Oat Energy Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    3.6.16 Followed this recipe to the letter, and I wouldn't change a thing. They were extremely moist and tender, and the bananas, apples, and applesauce gave just enough sweetness without over ... Read full review
  • 2.23.16 I took the suggestion of the first reviewer and added only half of the juice from the can of peaches. I cut this recipe in half, and in an effort to lighten it a bit, I did use lite p ... Read full review
  • Candied Curried Pecans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    12.26.15 These nuts are much more savory than sweet, with the "candied" feature being subtle...the perfect complement to a Holiday cocktail or beer! The amount of curry was spot on for us. ... Read full review
  • Easy, Tasty Beets

    lutzflcat's rating:
    12.18.15 The recipe's name says it all, it is easy and tasty. I was a little concerned that the balsamic vinegar might overpower the beet flavor and almost used milder white balsamic. Not t ... Read full review
  • 12.16.15 The lemonade concentrate and ginger partner so well with the cranberries and apples. You get a real pop of interesting flavors in every bite. Since lemonade concentrate already is s ... Read full review
  • 12.9.15 I'm not a huge fan of slow cooking, but beef stew is one meal that always works well in a slow cooker. At 4 hours on low, neither the meat nor the potatoes were tender, so I bumped u ... Read full review
  • Thai Hummus

    lutzflcat's rating:
    12.7.15 A lot of ingredients for hummus, but the finished product is worth the effort. I used a can of garbanzo beans, drained & reserved the liquid, and ended up adding about 2 Tbsp of th ... Read full review
  • 12.4.15 I liked the taste of these bars, but they are crumbly and falling apart. I read the Cook's Notes, but I don't think you can tell what the consistency is going to be until you bake them ... Read full review
  • Followed the recipe to the letter with the exception of cutting the sugar in half (personal taste preference) which resulted in the perfect balance of sweet-tart for us. Garnished salad with so ... Read full review
  • Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.26.15 The crust seemed very wet, so I did add more graham cracker crumbs to press into the muffin cups. Be sure to chill thoroughly to maximize the flavor. Very, very easy to make with ni ... Read full review
  • Pina Colada Pudding

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.10.15 In an effort to reduce the fat and calories, I used skim milk, light coconut milk, Egg Beaters®, and Splenda®, and it still was very satisfying. All ingredients partner well with e ... Read full review
  • Vitamix® Eggnog

    lutzflcat's rating:
    11.7.15 A bit weak in flavor, but in all fairness, I did use skim milk. One thing for certain, it doesn’t get much easier than this to whip up a batch of eggnog! I think the rum is an imp ... Read full review
  • Sweet Island Teriyaki Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    After preparing the marinade, I thought it tasted pretty sweet, but I have to say that it did a fantastic job of marinating a London Broil. It was just sweet enough, and the soy sauce didn’t ... Read full review
  • Couldn't find either Thai peppers or Thai basil, so I used serrano peppers and regular basil. This was so full of flavor and so darn easy to make I simply couldn't believe it. I did use low-so ... Read full review
  • Cornbread Waffles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Honestly, I was expecting more flavor considering the pepperjack and cheddar cheeses as well as the green chiles. This is a very filling and somewhat dense waffle, but it was tasty topped with ... Read full review
  • Tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked at 30 minutes. The house smelled wonderful while these apples were in the oven. This one takes me back to my childhood when baked apples were typically the ... Read full review
  • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for 2

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used a frozen banana, so it was VERY thick...I had to thin the consistency with a fair amount of milk. Used plain Greek yogurt, added some vanilla, tasted, and added a bit more cinnamon, as w ... Read full review
  • Chicken and Olive Stew

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The bacon adds a great layer of flavor. I had pearl couscous on hand, but my husband thought noodles would be a better choice. That's how I served it, and would in the future, as well. I did c ... Read full review
  • Lemon Pea Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Sometimes simple is best, and that is the case here. So very simple to make, the uncooked peas pop in your mouth, and it's loaded with fresh flavor. This recipe is enough to make you consider ... Read full review
  • Really creamy and smooth with layers of flavor that you typically don’t find in mashed potatoes. We’re about mid-range on spiciness, and in the future, I’ll add more jalapeno. The recipe ... Read full review
  • This was simply OK, but doesn't measure up to what I consider traditional German potato salad which has much more of a vinegar-y flavor. If I were to make again, I'd use bolder apple cider vine ... Read full review
  • Banana Cornbread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Instead of a dish of cornbread, made corn muffins (always have some in the freezer) baked in mini muffin pans. I halved the recipe, baked at 400°F for 10 minutes, and ended up with 30 mini mu ... Read full review
  • I made half a recipe in an 8"x8" pan, and these bars turned out wonderful. First time I've ever prepared a recipe with refrigerated cookie dough (used Nestles® chocolate chip), and I have to s ... Read full review
  • Turkey Breast with Gravy

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Read the reviews, used some of the recommendations, and this turned out to be the best turkey breast ever! I salted the cavity, added some salt to the spice blend, and also put some of the spic ... Read full review
  • Fruity Red Salmon Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Wow, can't say enough good things about this salmon salad. I had some leftover Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillet in the fridge, so I used that instead of the canned salmon. The golden raisins ... Read full review
  • Zucchini Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Zucchini is a very-neutral flavored veggie, and I wondered if this gazpacho would be bland. Well, it was anything but bland, full of good flavors. That little bit of vinegar and the jalapeño ... Read full review
  • This dressing has a deep, rich tomato flavor and just the right amount of tang from the vinegars. I have an abundance of fresh basil now, so I did add a little chopped basil to the vinaigrette. ... Read full review
  • Refreshing Banana Drink

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had a very ripe banana, super sweet and flavorful, and this turned out very well. Breakfast today, but this would be a great mid-afternoon snack, as well. ... Read full review
  • Fourth of July Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Doesn't get much easier than this.,,equal portions of fruit and coconut. The coconut really adds another layer of flavor to what, otherwise, simply would be a fruit salad. Enjoyed for breakfas ... Read full review
  • Cucumber Slaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used the spiralizer on the cukes instead of slicing them. Nice change from mayo-based slaw, and I liked how low this was in calories, carbs, and fat. Also, the coriander added a nice flavor to ... Read full review
  • Honey Ginger Plum Sundae

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Turned this into a yogurt parfait by layering it with granola and vanilla Greek yogurt. This was way too much cardamon for me, overpowering the fresh flavor of the plums. Admittedly, this cou ... Read full review
  • I read the reviews and made some adjustments. We're not into "sweet" these days, so I cut the honey in half (personal taste preference). I cooked on low, checked the crockpot at 2 hours, the c ... Read full review
  • Fried Sweet Bananas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These may not be pretty, but they certainly were tasty served over a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, My bananas were a bit ripe, but you really do want to use very firm bananas to keep them fro ... Read full review
  • Italian-Style Bruschetta

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Fantastic appetizer to a 4th of July grilled steak dinner. The only thing that I changed was adding a bit of salt, nothing else. After tasting the tomato mixture, I almost added more red wine ... Read full review
  • Berry Baked Oatmeal

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The layer of strawberries on the bottom not only adds some sweetness, it keeps the oatmeal moist. I didn't have any dried orange peel, so I just added orange zest to the oat mixture. I think v ... Read full review
  • Who knew garlic could taste soooo good in coleslaw? The recipe author is correct, you really do need to love garlic to enjoy this recipe. Well, we do, and we LOVED this coleslaw dressing. Neve ... Read full review
  • The raspberry liqueur is subtle in both the dressing and the whipped topping. I would think some raspberry extract would work well in this if you don't have the Chambord. Didn't have any raspb ... Read full review
  • Locro Ecuatoriano

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Never had this soup before, so I can't say how it measures up to its namesake, but I liked it. If I did anything differently, I would mash fewer potatoes, leaving more cubes in the soup (person ... Read full review
  • I often find that cinnamon can overpower, but there's just enough in this smoothie to add a little bit of interest. This not only tastes good, but it's also a real winner nutritionally. You ma ... Read full review
  • Honestly, laziness crept in, and I used frozen pearl onions for this recipe rather peeling all of those little bitty onions. Wasn't sure about what to do with them after I poured the pickling l ... Read full review
  • I followed the recipe to the letter, except that I forgot the cinnamon. Didn't matter because it was just pure fruit flavor goodness, not overly sweet! Not only is it delicious, but it takes n ... Read full review
  • Easy German Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This just didn't have enough flavor for me. I made this early in the day, put in the fridge, and when served with dinner, the cukes had released so much water that the dressing was soupy...we d ... Read full review
  • Used a 24-oz jar of Classico® Tomato and Basil sauce and a 12-oz container of my homemade marinara that I always keep on hand in the freezer. I'll admit that I'm not a huge slow cooker fan, bu ... Read full review
  • Healthy Homemade Ice Cream

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This has a different frozen texture, loaded with good flavor, low in calories, carbs & fat. The best way to describe the texture is sort of like a frozen "slurpee." It also will melt very ... Read full review
  • This salad has a very light citrus-based poppy seed dressing; it's also VERY light in calories, carbs and fat (and that's a wonderful thing!) Have always enjoyed arugula and watercress together ... Read full review
  • Banana Quinoa "Rice" Pudding

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Oh my, this is crazy good! Don't care that it's quinoa, it tastes just like delicious rice pudding. I didn't have whole milk on hand, so I used a combination of skim milk and some FF half-and- ... Read full review
  • Honey Walnut Cream Cheese

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Scaled down to 3 servings, used reduced fat cream cheese, toasted the chopped walnuts (didn't have halves) in the toaster oven, and then blended in my Cuisinart immersion blender mini-chopper (f ... Read full review
  • I've never had Cao Lau before, so I pulled up recipes on the internet to see what it was supposed to look like when brought to the table. Every recipe had sliced pork instead of cubed, so I sli ... Read full review
  • I drink a lot of smoothies and when using oatmeal in them, the first thing I do is grind the oats into a powder in the blender (incorporates better into the rest of the ingredients), then add t ... Read full review
  • Chile Cheese Triangle Toasts

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These little appetizers are awesome! I used my canned pickled jalapeño peppers, spread the cheese mixture on a whole slice of bread, and then cut into triangles after baking. Great finger foo ... Read full review
  • Mango Shrimp Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    karbol is right, this is a light and refreshing salad with nice presentation, and breaks down well nutritionally. The flavor of this salad is mellow/mild, so don't forget that little splash of ... Read full review
  • Don's Cocktail Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These ingredients are what I've used for years to make cocktail sauce for the perfect shrimp cocktail. Made exactly as written and then added just a bit more horseradish and Tabasco® (just a p ... Read full review
  • French Greek Salad Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The recipe author doesn't specify red or white wine vinegar (big difference between the two), so I used red (bolder flavor) for this recipe. I was intrigued by the "French-Greek" title of this ... Read full review
  • Baked Greek Fries

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Nice to have a new baked potato wedge dish. We enjoyed! ... Read full review
  • My OJ mixture was really thick after 60 seconds in the microwave (will check next time at 30 seconds, everybody's microwaves are different), so I did add some more OJ to it before adding the but ... Read full review
  • Banana-Mango-Berry Fluff

    lutzflcat's rating:
    What's not to like about freshly-whipped vanilla-infused cream with luscious fresh fruit folded in? The taste is divine, and presentation would be elegant spooned into a martini glass. This is ... Read full review
  • Lighter Meatloaf

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I bought a vacuum-sealed tri-pack of Butterball® ground turkey. Mixed up this meat loaf thinking that the turkey was a 1 lb pkg (why, WHY do they package turkey like this?) and then when I was ... Read full review
  • Frozen Raspberry Margaritas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I liked this, but I really missed the lime flavor that you find in a traditional margarita. I know that lemon complements raspberries very well (perhaps better than lime), but if I were to make ... Read full review
  • I don't use tahini often enough to keep it on hand; have bought it in the past and ended up throwing it away (a waste of $$$). The folks at the local Asian market told me that a good sub for t ... Read full review
  • Pina Colada Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    My blender really struggled blending the frozen fruit (maybe it's time I invested in a Vitamix?), so I had to add more milk which, unfortunately, diluted the flavor a bit. Yogurt doesn't come i ... Read full review
  • Mango Pineapple Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This was good with toasted sea salt pita chips for Cinco de Mayo, but tomorrow, what's left will be served over grilled chicken (would be great on fish, as well). Good balance of sweetness from ... Read full review
  • I always put the oats in first on an oatmeal smoothie, grind them to a powder (simply because I like that texture better than pieces of oatmeal), and I used vanilla Greek yogurt instead of plain ... Read full review
  • OK, I read the reviews, scrutinized the ingredients, and adjusted the recipe accordingly. We're sort of middle-of-the-road on spicy food (maybe 6 on a scale of 10), and I just knew that 2 tsp o ... Read full review
  • Quick Ham and Bean Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Gotta tell you, this certainly was quick and easy and pretty darn tasty too. I had a box of chicken stock in the fridge, so I used that instead of bouillon granules and water which I think ram ... Read full review
  • Enjoyable lunch served inside a medium-size tomato with pulp scooped out. That little bit of dry mustard gives this a tang. ... Read full review
  • Pepper Vodka Cherry Tomatoes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I couldn't find pepper vodka, so I just infused some vodka with chopped jalapeños and some dried chilis (and this way you can control how hot your vodka is) and then strained them out. These a ... Read full review
  • Twice-Baked Cauliflower

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used 2% cheddar cheese, but other than that, made no change to the recipe. First, don't think of this as a substitution for mashed potatoes because you'll be disappointed. You never can get m ... Read full review
  • Simple Strawberry Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Breakfast today was this salsa served with cinnamon-sugar baked tortilla chips. If you need a recipe for the tortilla chips, see Annie's Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips on this site. I had fres ... Read full review
  • Hobo Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a really good combination of beans, ground beef, and bacon, and the taste is similar to a traditional Calico Beans. I knew 1 cup of brown sugar would be way too sweet for our tastes, s ... Read full review
  • The amount of carrots in relation to the two types of cabbage seemed disproportionate, so I cut that back to have equal portions of all three ingredients. I tasted the dressing and added more l ... Read full review
  • Cinnamon-Laced Coffee Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Mixed this up this morning for Easter breakfast. I halved the recipe, cooked in a smaller and deeper baking dish, and it took about 28 minutes. It has a nice light and moist texture, and the s ... Read full review
  • These puddings rose beautifully and were very light and airy. I used a popover pan, and next time I will increase the amount of batter in each cup from 1/4 to 1/3 so I end up with 6 very high p ... Read full review
  • Spinach Salad Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I knew the amount of sugar would be too much for us (personal taste), so I cut that in half which worked perfectly. Really flavorful dressing with just enough tang; served warm over a mixture o ... Read full review
  • Deviled Egg Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Not to say this wasn't good, but it pretty much tasted like the egg salad that I just throw together. Good, but nothing really to differentiate it from most other egg salad recipes. ... Read full review
  • Spicy Turkey Four-Bean Chili

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Trying to eat more ground turkey, so this recipe caught my eye. I knew in looking at the ingredients that if I followed this recipe exactly, it would be too hot for us. We like things spicy, b ... Read full review
  • Made Braised Corn Beef Brisket recipe from this site, as well as Chilled Russian Salad Dressing. Added swiss cheese for a very yummy sandwich! ... Read full review
  • Milk Vinegar Salad Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    It's too watery so for my liking. I used it on cole slaw, and it just slid off the cabbage shreds, and i didn't think it had all that much flavor. It's OK and I like the way this breaks down n ... Read full review
  • Creamy Ham and Cheese Quiche

    lutzflcat's rating:
    A really good quiche and a nice fresh salad always bring a smile to my face, and today, I was smiling. I did make a couple substitutions. I used asiago cheese instead of swiss (what was on han ... Read full review
  • These waffles were delicious! Just a little crunch from the cornmeal and chia seeds and a subtle cornmeal flavor. I just got a new waffle iron, so this was its test run, and it was a successf ... Read full review
  • I had to sub Silk Coconut Milk (what I had on hand) for the almond milk but, otherwise, followed the recipe. Honestly, I haven't eaten a lot of quinoa, but I enjoyed this; my husband, not so m ... Read full review
  • Simply Good Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These eggs were good but, honestly, I didn't think there was anything to really distinguish them from many other recipes. If I were to make again, I'd probably add more dill relish because that ... Read full review
  • I drained the salmon, reserved the juice and would do that in the future. I would suggest you do the same, and add more of the liquid if needed. Even without the liquid, the consistency was "v ... Read full review
  • We love french/catalina-style salad dressings, and this is a good one. Our tastes lean toward "less sweet" these days, so I did cut back on the sugar to suit our personal taste preference. The ... Read full review
  • This was cooked at 4 hours and had started to stick a bit, so watch your time. I'm not a huge fan of steel cut oats, but decided to use them for this recipe. The fresh blueberries really held t ... Read full review
  • Spicy Thai Shrimp Pasta

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I didn't have rice vermicelli, so I used spaghetti, added some additional veggies, and garnished with black sesame seeds. The recipe author doesn't give you a recipe for a Thai peanut sauce, so ... Read full review
  • This may not be pretty, but oh my, did we like this! My first time eating "baked oatmeal," and it was the bomb. Not only does this taste divine, it also breaks down pretty well nutritionally. ... Read full review
  • Mother Earth's Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This reminds me somewhat of Calico Beans which I bake in the oven. It definitely has a good blend of flavors and beans. I’m not convinced that it needs 6 hours in the slow cooker, then refri ... Read full review
  • Joe's Hummus with Pine Nuts

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Cut back a little on the reserved bean liquid which gave me the consistency that I like. I used a meat mallet to crush the peppercorns, but I think if you have a pepper mill, using the "coarse" ... Read full review
  • Liked this salad, but there are a few things that I would do differently in the future. I scaled the recipe down to 2 servings which called for 1 large shredded carrot...too much for us, would ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Fluff

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Refrigerated the marshmallow, cranberry, sugar mixture for about 6 hours, and it had solidified. There was no way, I’d be able to stir in the apples, grapes & walnuts, so I popped it in t ... Read full review
  • Easy Coleslaw Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I was a little concerned about the measurements on this recipe, but not to worry. It turned out well, and I would make this again. ... Read full review
  • Corn Fritter Pancakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I’d give this a 5 for taste and a 2 for the recipe as written because I think there’s something wrong. Since the recipe doesn’t say if the can of corn should be drained, I used it with th ... Read full review
  • This was a satisfying meal, nothing fancy, but just good, old-fashioned, home-cooked food. I did find it a bit little weak on flavor, so I did add more seasoning. Enjoyed, and thanks for shari ... Read full review
  • Power Drink ***THE ORANGE***

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This one surprised the heck out of me, I wasn't quite sure what I'd end up with. Well, it was EXCELLENT! I drink a lot of smoothies, and I'd rank this one in my Top 5. I scaled this down to o ... Read full review
  • PBJ French Toast

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.7.17 I didn't have challah bread but did use some really good quality homestyle bread from the bakery. I really couldn't taste the raspberry liqueur, and if I were to make this again, think ... Read full review
  • Quick Black Bean Hummus

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This definitely is a very healthy hummus, but I must admit I still like garbanzo beans better. If you have a food processor, I'd recommend you use it rather than a blender. The drained garbanz ... Read full review
  • I think the thing I liked about this granola is its simplicity. Many have too many ingredients that compete with each other, rather than complementing each other. Grandma Dalley found just the ... Read full review
  • Sweet Corn Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Only made one change, and that was to reduce the amount of sugar by half (actually, I used Truvia). We don't like things really sweet these days, so my instinct told me just to cut it back init ... Read full review
  • My husband flipped over this...5 stars he yelled after the first sip. I followed the recipe to the letter, using plain Greek yogurt. I typically like vanilla yogurt, but the plain gave it a li ... Read full review
  • Easy Cantaloupe Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had some really flavorful cantaloupe which needed to be used up, grilled chicken was on the menu today, so I thought this would be the perfect topper for it. The sweetness of the cantaloupe c ... Read full review
  • Delicious BBQ Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We thought this was pretty good, served it over grilled sirloin patties. Little bit of an Asian twist to it with the tamari. ... Read full review
  • Berry Cranberry Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I typically don't like foods too sweet, but this was just a little too tart for me (that's certainly easy enough to fix) I liked using 3 different type berries in this sauce, and the change in ... Read full review
  • Orange Summer Cooler

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had a little bit of peach-mango-passion sherbet left in the freezer, so I used it instead of the orange sherbet, otherwise, followed the directions. I had concerns that it would be too sweet ... Read full review
  • Spicy Hot Corn

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I cut this recipe in half, and although we liked it, I was expecting something that had more zing (its name is SPICY HOT Corn). For us, there was too much of a mild/mellow cream cheese flavor. ... Read full review
  • Country Apple Dessert

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I was out of town for a week and upon returning, realized I had a lot of fresh fruit that needed to be used. Followed the recipe except I used fresh pineapple and sprinkled some brown sugar on ... Read full review
  • Carrot Salad with Ginger

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Nothing fancy here, just a simple little carrot salad that has a nice blend of ginger and OJ. This is so low cal, low fat, and low carb that I can see keeping this on hand as a snack in between ... Read full review
  • These were very good, but I think would be even better with some bacon added. The shallots and garlic cooked quickly, and even the green beans were "crisp tender" in about 6 minutes. Thanks, m ... Read full review
  • Italian Pine Nut Cookies

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The only criticism I have is that they’re a little dry inside cooked at 23 minutes. In the future, I would start checking for doneness at 20 minutes (oven temps do vary). This is a fairly ex ... Read full review
  • Eggplant Parmesan Bites

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Couldn't find a small eggplant, so I just used a small biscuit/cookie cutter and cut into small rounds (used 2/chip). I baked my own pita chips, spritzed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt &am ... Read full review
  • The marinade consists of oil, salt & pepper, so it’s not adding any flavor to the chicken. I found the peanut sauce very diluted/watered down, so if I were to make again, I’d definitely ... Read full review
  • Butternut Squash with Grapes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Followed the recipe to the letter, and I wouldn't change a thing (well, I might add a few more grapes). Of course, the squash caramelizes when roasted, but oh my, those grapes were an incredibl ... Read full review
  • Loaded Cauliflower

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I steamed the cauliflower in the microwave which expedited that part of the recipe. I'm never totally on board when it comes to mashing cauliflower, since you simply can't get the consistency ... Read full review
  • Dijon Roasted Cauliflower

    lutzflcat's rating:
    For my personal taste, I'll add more dijon mustard the next time, but we enjoyed this. Watch your time, as mine was done in 30 minutes. Very nice side dish. ... Read full review
  • Healthy Tartar Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I did skip the egg and didn't miss it, and I used "light/reduced fat" mayonnaise instead of "fat free." I like the little crunch you get from the cucumber and that little zing from the fresh le ... Read full review
  • We love a summer meal of fresh corn on the cob and chilled sliced tomatoes, so I felt pretty certain that we'd like this any time of the year, and we did. I used Birds Eye® frozen baby gold a ... Read full review
  • MeMe's Pasta Fagioli

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used Spicy V8®, and it definitely ramped up the flavor without being too spicy or overpowering the other ingredients. And I will always use that when making this recipe, too! I'll admit th ... Read full review
  • Thai Carrot Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The recipe author basically says to adjust to your own taste, so I bumped up the red curry paste (it has a kick), cut back on the red pepper flakes, and the spiciness was just about perfect! By ... Read full review
  • I thought it strange that you use honey mustard to make honey mustard dressing, but I decided to give it a try anyway, thinking it just might end up being something extraordinary. I definitely ... Read full review
  • Whew, can only say that a tablespoon each of red pepper flakes and black pepper made this way too hot for this house! We're about in the middle on spicy foods, and my gut was telling me that th ... Read full review
  • I didn't get much rise on this from the self-rising flour (which I rarely use), and if I make this again, I'll probably add just a little bit of baking soda. The bread is very moist from the f ... Read full review
  • The key to this is to cook it until it's done, but don't overcook it. I think I overcooked mine because it was a little dry and rubbery, but the blueberries (I used frozen) were plenty juicy wh ... Read full review
  • The thing that drew me to this smoothie was the nutritional breakdown because, yes, it certainly is healthy. I drink a lot of smoothies and, unfortunately, simply didn't care for anything about ... Read full review
  • Muffin Tin Potatoes Gratin

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I love the portion control and lovely presentation of this recipe. I think a little bit of onion would be a good addition. The only thing that I did differently was put in about half of the po ... Read full review
  • Perfect Apple Chips

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The sweetness of the apples intensifies as the apple slices bake, and although a cinnamon-sugar mixture is traditional on apple chips, I think the sea salt provides a fabulous contrast to the sw ... Read full review
  • My Favorite Pot Roast

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I cut back a bit on the vinegar and brown sugar (we like things less sweet these days) and added some beef broth along with the water. I had about half a bag of pearl onions in the freezer, so ... Read full review
  • Banana and Walnut Brownies

    lutzflcat's rating:
    My inspiration today for making these brownies came from the fact that I had a VERY ripe banana on hand, as well as a box of Ghiradelli Chocolate Supreme Brownie mix which was past the "best b ... Read full review
  • Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The Bomb, just delicious! Here's another one that will be on my Christmas gift list this year. This is my first time eating pumpkin seeds, and I went with the "raw" seeds, since these were bei ... Read full review
  • Quick Spanish Rice

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Had to make one substitution, otherwise, followed the recipe. I found out I didn't have any bell peppers, so I ended up adding some sliced olives, and they worked well. This is moist, quick-to ... Read full review
  • Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Liked this, but found the flavor just a little diluted. Next time, I will cut the amount of water in half which also should make it a bit creamier, and less liquid-y. Not sure, but I might fin ... Read full review
  • I cut back on the brown sugar a bit (personal preference) and since I wanted a thicker soup, probably used about 20% less chicken broth than recipe specified. The bread cubes do a nice job on th ... Read full review
  • Yogurt Glaze

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used vanilla Greek yogurt and drizzled over Carrot and Raisin Bars from this site. The vanilla yogurt brought a nice sweetness to the glaze. Very nice non-sugar glaze, my husband said 5 stars. ... Read full review
  • The fresh lemon juice really shines in this recipe. Followed the instructions to the letter, and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks, koko, for a new potato dish. ... Read full review
  • Followed the directions to the letter, and found the sauce to be a little diluted and bland. I added more balsamic and let it reduce which helped intensify the flavor, but I was expecting more ... Read full review
  • Carrot Chips

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used sweet organic carrots and sliced thinly with a mandolin. There’s a fine line between not being crisp enough and over browned (yeah, I had a few), so watch them closely. On the positive ... Read full review
  • These are appropriately named because they really were SIMPLE to make. No dipping in flour, then egg, and then in bread crumbs. Just right out of the ice water into the flour-cornmeal mixture ... Read full review
  • Mango-Pecan Chicken

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Oops, forgot the pecans (darn it, I had them, too). I did add a little bit of sliced red bell pepper and used red onion to give this a little color and make it more eye appealing. This was goo ... Read full review
  • Guacamole My Way

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Sent my hubby to the store with a grocery list, and he came home with avocados instead of mangos...hmmm? I know we’re in the minority, but we’re not huge fans of avocados, although we don ... Read full review
  • I’ve never had tomato basil soup at Applebee’s, but I can only hope that it’s as good as this. The fresh herbs and marinara add layers of flavor, and the croutons (mine were garlic & ... Read full review
  • Rosy Ginger Peach Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    As cook suggests in her notes, do freeze either the peach or the strawberries, otherwise, you'll find yourself adding ice, diluting the flavor. The one ingredient that I could not taste was the ... Read full review
  • Zucchini Egg White Frittata

    lutzflcat's rating:
    O.K., I’ll admit it, I still like a whole egg frittata better than an egg white frittata, but this was pretty good. I bought a container of liquid egg whites, and they worked well. The singl ... Read full review
  • Banana Peach Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    8.13.14 I baked this bread in three 6”x3-1/2” mini loaf pans for 40 minutes, and ended up with some of the best banana bread I’ve ever had, moist and just loaded with flavor. Although th ... Read full review
  • I ran out of ketchup, so I sub’d Heinz Chili Sauce which I prefer on meatloaf anyway. I used garlic & butter croutons which added great flavor. In the future, I would cut back the salt; ... Read full review
  • Easy Summer Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I enjoy cold soups, and this is a good one. Using the tomato and basil sauce as a base is a great idea because you're already starting off with something that's bold and loaded with flavor. I ... Read full review
  • Didn't have quite enough vanilla yogurt, so I had to add some strawberry yogurt which certainly wasn't a problem. This is tasty and, also, is a good source of both fiber and protein (much bette ... Read full review
  • Cuban-Style Picadillo

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I'm the submitter of this recipe, and one change I've made since submitting this recipe is that I slice the olives instead of chopping. Makes for nicer presentation and you get more olive flavo ... Read full review
  • Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We like our bloody marts spiced up, so there was a lot of hot sauce added to the mix. I find that I'm liking things less and less sweet these days, and the one that I didn't care for in this mi ... Read full review
  • Followed the recipe to the letter and glad I did. The brine brought both tenderness and flavor to the roast, and the stuffing complemented the pork very well. My time got away from me, and the ... Read full review
  • Easy Rumaki with Pineapple

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, do yourself a favor and cook these at 425. I baked an extra 15 minutes trying to crisp up the bacon at 375 and, finally, just turned up the temperature. In the future, I will halve the ... Read full review
  • Fresh Homemade Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    It's summer, and tomatoes just don't get any better than right now. I didn't have any canned chiles on hand, but I did have a jalapeño, so that's what I used. Mixed up, tasted, and then added ... Read full review
  • Mango Cherry Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The nutritional breakdown on its own is enough for most of us to try this one. I used frozen mango, so I did reduce the ice a little, and since I like smoothies a little on the thick side, redu ... Read full review
  • Georgia Peach Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Rather than opening a can of coconut milk, I used the boxed soy coconut milk which I already had open in the fridge, vanilla Greek yogurt, skipped the 1% milk, and added some crushed ice for a t ... Read full review
  • The cake description says “...fine, cake-like texture and swirls of cinnamon sugar.” Although moist, the cake itself was dense, and dark in color from all of the brown sugar, so you could n ... Read full review
  • Zucchini Mint Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Other than using the Paderno spiralizer for the squash, I made exactly as written, tasted, and thought the olive oil dominated too much. I then squeezed another half lemon onto the salad, and i ... Read full review
  • Super Moist Meatloaf

    lutzflcat's rating:
    It’s summer, and there are a lot of salads, sandwiches, and soups served in this house. I made half a recipe specifically for meatloaf sandwiches, good old-fashioned comfort food. Since 1 lb ... Read full review
  • Saigon Noodle Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The lime really brings a nice tartness to the dressing. I would have preferred a thicker dressing, so it would have coated the salad and noodles better. It was very watery, and just fell to th ... Read full review
  • The dressing softens the tomatoes, but the cauliflower stays crunchy. Good idea to try to get the tomatoes and the cauliflower florets about the same size. I didn't chop the cauliflower, just t ... Read full review
  • Was a little puzzled about seasoned salt in this recipe, but I added it, and there really was no reason for concern, it was good. At this time of year, I always have a fridge full of fresh frui ... Read full review
  • Thought this was OK, but I really was missing the strawberry flavor in this smoothie. In the future, I will double the strawberries and use vanilla Greek yogurt which should bring this up to my ... Read full review
  • Lemon Peach Parfaits

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Didn't deviate from the recipe at all, and I'm glad I didn't. We thought this was outstanding, even using frozen peaches. Using fresh peaches would put this at 10 stars IMO, and its eye appeal ... Read full review
  • Brown Mustard Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a somewhat unique creamy potato salad with the addition of the dill and the tangy spicy brown mustard. This house enjoys potato salad, and this is a good one! ... Read full review
  • Fresh Cherry Shortcake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used a combo of Rainier and Bing cherries and used the food processor for making the shortcake dough. This makes BIG shortcakes, and in the future I will make them smaller (personal preferenc ... Read full review
  • Simple Cantaloupe Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used vanilla Greek yogurt (what I had on hand)t, added a few more ice cubes and ended up with a really creamy breakfast smoothie. I had a perfectly ripe cantaloupe and just eyeballed the amount ... Read full review
  • I've had many different type German potato salads, but I have never had one with fresh dill in it...but I liked it. Hot/warm potatoes really soak up liquid quickly. I had to add a considerable ... Read full review
  • Sangria (White)

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Our favorite white sangria is mixed tableside at a local Spanish restaurant. They use brandy instead of rum, and leave a cinnamon stick in the pitcher. This actually measured up pretty well. I ... Read full review
  • 12-Second Coleslaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used Thousand Island Dressing III from AR and added some chile paste for the hot sauce. This had just the right amount of heat and right amount of tang from the mellow rice vinegar. I really ... Read full review
  • Thai Peanut Chicken Lo Mein

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Honestly, the only chow mein noodle that I’m familiar with is the fried type that you buy in the can. I hope you know what type noodles the recipe calls for because I couldn’t find them and ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Cashew Jumbles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These didn’t change much in size from the point at which they went into the oven until they came out, simply didn’t rise or spread out much. They are small, one bite, and I expected (and wo ... Read full review
  • Raspberry Lemon Meringue Pie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I didn’t realize I hadn’t pre-baked the pie shell until the finished pie came out of the oven, meringue beautifully browned, but the crust BIG mistake. I built a large foil te ... Read full review
  • I make a salad similar to this all year long (but with less pepper). I really prefer apple cider vinegar or white balsamic which gives you more tang instead of the very mild white vinegar, but ... Read full review
  • Easy Cold Cucumber Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This may be a personal preference, but I like cold soups like cucumber and gazpacho a little thick. I added 1-1/2 cups of vegetable broth (not 2), and this still was too thin for me; you litera ... Read full review
  • Skillet Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Gotta confess, these were surprisingly good without baking. I didn't want to heat up the kitchen, so it seemed like a good enough reason to try this recipe. If you've had baked beans at Steak ... Read full review
  • I made half a recipe to see if we liked it, which would be 3 each carrots and celery. Once I chopped 2, I knew 3 would be too much, so I left them out. Two cups of water wasn’t enough to eve ... Read full review
  • Baked Zucchini Chips

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Unfortunately, as often happens with baking rather than frying, the zucchini chips just didn't even come close to being crisp or even slightly crunchy. At 15 minutes baking, they hadn't browned ... Read full review
  • Lemon Cream Cheese Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Made half a recipe, used an 8x8 baking dish, and cut into 12 squares. I used reduced fat cream cheese and Splenda (cutting back on the amount in the recipe) with good results. This is a really ... Read full review
  • Tropical Kiwi Ice Pops

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Oh yes, this recipe is a keeper. We thoroughly enjoyed these creamy ice pops. The coconut, banana, pineapple, and kiwi are perfectly balanced, with not one dominating, with the flavor leaning ... Read full review
  • Baked Tomato Slices

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest ones, and this one certainly is worthy of 5 stars. Right now, the large tomatoes in my area still aren't tasty, so I used the smaller Campari tomatoe ... Read full review
  • Chuckwagon Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Do reserve some of the juice from the beans because you'll need it. Without it, you’ll be adding some water because the mixture will be too dry, thick, and sticky, so use the reserved bean l ... Read full review
  • Basil Lemonade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    A little on the sweet side for us so I'd most likely eliminate the sugar if using the concentrate. We enjoyed the subtle basil flavor which partners well with the lemon. I make freshly-squeeze ... Read full review
  • Since this had no ice in it, I froze the banana and the strawberries which gave it the smoothie texture we like. I used vanilla Greek yogurt because it's what I had on hand, and I will do that ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used the change servings feature and scaled down to 3 (for us, it was more than 4 servings), and followed the recipe to the letter. Only thing I did differently was leave off the avocado simply ... Read full review
  • Peanut Butter Granola Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I've tried a number of granola bar recipes on this site, and hands down, this is my favorite. Moist, chewy, and just loaded with flavor. Followed the recipe to the letter and wouldn't change a ... Read full review
  • Good on its own or equally good served over ice cream. Doing this totally covered in the microwave does not give the "alcohol" a chance to cook off, and that's the only thing I disliked about t ... Read full review
  • Spicy Chicken Marsala

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This was tasty, but there are a few things that I would do differently in the future. First, if you’re browning boneless chicken breasts for 8 mins/side (total of 16 mins), you really do not ... Read full review
  • We love dill cuke salads, and the dressing on this one is very similar to what I typically use. I did use Truvia instead of sugar and fresh dill (twice the amount of dried in the recipe) simply ... Read full review
  • I spiral cut the squash instead of cutting into bite-size pieces but, otherwise, followed the recipe. Just a really nice side dish loaded with fresh flavors. Delish! ... Read full review
  • Banana Roll French Toast

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is like a cross between a crepe and french toast, and I love the eye appeal you get with the rolls. I used reduced-fat cream cheese, white bread (didn't have any wheat on hand) and did put ... Read full review
  • My Chicken Spaghetti

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Honestly, I wasn't convinced that the Velveeta cheese on its own would work, but this turned out to be pure creamy, cheesy, mellow goodness. The only liberty I took with the recipe was adding s ... Read full review
  • Really enjoyed this for lunch today along with some cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit. I don't think I would make it with anything BUT fresh corn; that crunchiness really is part of what I thin ... Read full review
  • Fresh Green Bean Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This salad's simplicity allows the fresh vegetables to be the star. The recipe didn't say what type vinegar to use, so I used white balsamic and added some fresh dill which always partners well ... Read full review
  • Classic Deviled Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a good, old-fashioned deviled egg with a little chopped celery and red onion to give it some crunch. Nothing not to like here! ... Read full review
  • My Mother's Swiss Steak

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Instead of simmering the meat with water, I added the can of tomatoes and its juice (the recipe doesn’t say whether or not to drain the tomatoes) to infuse the tomato flavor into the steak. I ... Read full review
  • Endless Energy

    lutzflcat's rating:
    For my taste preference, I would add a bit more of the fresh pineapple for just a little more sweetness. Added more ice to reach a thicker consistency (personal preference), but this is pretty ... Read full review
  • Egg and Olive Crostini

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The recipe doesn’t state what type of bread to use, so I used what I typically use for crostini, and that’s french bread. I cut into 3/4” slices that were deep enough to create the “sha ... Read full review
  • Sweet and Simple Lemon Tart

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I made four individual tarts and, unfortunately, didn’t compensate enough for a change in cooking time. When you pre-cook your crust, don’t let it brown too much, otherwise, after filling a ... Read full review
  • Hal's Wine Mustard

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This recipe has had great reviews, but whew, this ended up tasting like the hot mustard they serve with egg rolls at Chinese restaurants, not even a hint of wine, just dry mustard. Went back an ... Read full review
  • Banana Cherry Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used vanilla Greek Yogurt and almond milk. Consistency was thin, so you'll either have to use a frozen banana or add some ice if you like a thicker smoothie. Flavor is good, and I'm always loo ... Read full review
  • Pate

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Didn't deviate from the recipe, and we thoroughly enjoyed this. Do allow it to sit in the fridge for a while for the flavors to meld. Very nice! ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Waffles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The batter was WAY too thick, and I had to add a considerable amount of additional milk to get it to the correct consistency. I did add some additional chopped strawberries, and if I make again ... Read full review
  • This month Allrecipes challenged the Ambassadors to make a 6-ingredient recipe substituting some or all of the protein with sausage. I read the reviews on this recipe, and there was an issue wi ... Read full review
  • Spiced Grapes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Interesting flavor, sure to get comments. I cut them in half and topped some vanilla yogurt for breakfast, but will try to remainder this evening with some cheese. Totally uncomplicated and, s ... Read full review
  • Prawn Banh Mi

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a delicious and filling sandwich with many layers of flavor. The sauce had just the right amount of spiciness for us, and the veggies give it a nice crunch. I cooked fresh shrimp rathe ... Read full review
  • Ham Cucumber Cups

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had a small piece of a Smithfield ham slice in the fridge, so I scaled down the recipe and made some for lunch today using my little chopper attachment that came with my immersion blender. Be ... Read full review
  • Blueberry Mint Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The star ingredient is the avocado, it brings incredible creaminess to this smoothie. Typically, I find myself adding more ice to smoothies because we like them thick, but in this case, I added ... Read full review
  • Japanese Deviled Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    There’s a little kick from the wasabi paste and a little crunch from the panko. They’re definitely outside the box, but it was nice not having the “same ol', same ol'” deviled eggs. Hu ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The combination of raspberries, marionberries, and blueberries for the frozen mixed berries plus the cranberries was a little too tart for me, so I did add a light squeeze of honey. I couldn't ... Read full review
  • These are so easy to make and so tasty. Gave them a fairly healthy shot of Trader Joe's Chili Pepper Sauce, and they had just the right amount of heat for us. Followed the recipe except for the ... Read full review
  • Spicy Tuna Fish Sandwich

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Two slices of bread for four sandwiches just doesn’t work (at least not in this house). Made two servings today using a 4-oz can of albacore tuna fish, two slices of toasted bread, and my hom ... Read full review
  • Maple Glazed Carrots

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I sliced fresh organic whole carrots, steamed them in the microwave for 2 min 15 seconds, and drizzled on the maple syrup-butter mixture. This was a nice side dish for a roasted pork loin, mash ... Read full review
  • Sloppy Joe Mamas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I think this may be one of those recipes that needs to be tweaked to your own personal tastes. When I saw “El Pato,” I thought Y-E-S, this is going to be a different sloppy joe, and it was. ... Read full review
  • Layering the minced green onion and chopped tarragon into the egg white shell really gives you a pop of flavor, particularly the tarragon, that I don’t think you’d have if you just mixed the ... Read full review
  • Tina's Corn Chowder

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Substituted FF half-and-half for the heavy whipping cream (sorry, simply can't handle that in my diet), otherwise, followed the recipe to the letter. Love the flavor that the bacon brings, but ... Read full review
  • Quick Cucumber Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Spiral-cut the cucumbers and did not salt them, as we wanted to eat this right away. There are many dill-cuke recipes on this site, and although we enjoyed this, next time I would use less oliv ... Read full review
  • This recipe has MAJOR flaws. But seriously, cooking in the microwave for 10-12 minutes on way? It’s a liquid when it goes into the micro, and I had concerns about splattering all over ... Read full review
  • Couscous Fruit Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We love pearl/Israeli couscous, this is absolutely delicious, and I wouldn't change a thing. I had some chicken broth in the fridge, so I replaced part of the water with the broth. For me, the ... Read full review
  • Pineapple and Cheese Spread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Would recommend that you "completely" drain your pineapple and then add the juice as needed. I ended up with a spread that had too much juice and then had to drain it. Nothing fancy here, just ... Read full review
  • Easy Overnight Oatmeal

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I've tried a number of slow cooker oatmeal recipes from this site, and hands down, this is the best. We don't particularly care for steel-cut oats, so I used regular oatmeal. I checked the coo ... Read full review
  • Do allow enough chilling time to maximize the flavor of this dressing. I followed the recipe to the letter, tasted, and added a little more of the anchovy paste. It was a little on the thin s ... Read full review
  • Blender Bearnaise Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I wanted a béarnaise sauce to serve with grilled sirloin for this evening's dinner, but this didn't work out well with steak, the flavor profile just wasn't right. It certainly thickened up be ... Read full review
  • Used 8" tortillas for the tostadas and followed this recipe to the letter. The only criticism that I have is that the beef filling was a little dry and needed a kick of heat (at least for our t ... Read full review
  • Simply Egg Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I liked the creaminess that the yogurt brought to this egg salad and the little tang that came from the dijon. Nice lunch today. ... Read full review
  • First, I don't have a clue where you'd find a 12.5 oz can of pineapple (it's 8 or 20 oz in my area). I used a 20-oz can, and measured out 12.5 oz. Second, there's almost too much of everything ... Read full review
  • Chinese-Style Cheeseburgers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Here's the good and the bad. The good is that this is a tasty burger. The bad is that this burger seriously falls apart, and the cheese cubes melt big time in your pan. The recipe says to coo ... Read full review
  • Loopy's Baked Apple Crisp

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I forgot to add the maple syrup, and I still will say this is really good. This may not look like your classic apple crisp, but it tastes every bit as good, and is so much simpler to make. Thi ... Read full review
  • Copycat Chick-fil-A® Slaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Gotta say, this is pretty darn close. My cole slaw typically has a thicker dressing, but the restaurant slaw doesn't, so this one is spot on. Followed the recipe to the letter, and this is a g ... Read full review
  • Hawaiian Hot Chocolate

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is tasty, but wickedly rich and sweet, as well. For my taste, I will probably replace some of the half-and-half a bit with the milk, as well as reducing the sugar a little. There is a bit ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I love breakfast smoothies, there are many good ones on this site that I make often, and this will be added to my list. Used frozen strawberries and Cabot Low-Fat Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt (my ... Read full review
  • White Chocolate Lemon Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Very sweet, even though I didn’t use a full cup of confectioner’s sugar for the topping. Do let the bars cool completely to get a good/even cut on the bars. I cut them too soon, and they ... Read full review
  • Very nice winter side dish. Added a few dried cranberries for a little color. That sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of the maple syrup really complement the apple stuffing. Easy to make, and ... Read full review
  • Butternut Squash Gratin

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We loved this. It's a very mild side dish that isn't going to interfere with any other part of your meal, but it's almost creamy and just loaded with flavor. Thanks lyss8 for a special new sid ... Read full review
  • Fresh Cranberry Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The biggest problem I had with this cake was the cream syrup. Yes, the syrup was tasty, but IMO there simply was too much of it. It totally saturated the cake making it sticky and gooey. I un ... Read full review
  • This recipe doesn't tell you when to add the Grand Marnier and the Kahlua, so I just added it with the extracts. This is a good variation on traditional spiced pecans that are served this time ... Read full review
  • First, for us, there are W-A-A-A-Y too many onions in this, I'd use only one moving forward, and my onions were not large. Also, in case you don't catch it, step #1 should be "Pour in the eggs ... Read full review
  • Poor Man's Stroganoff

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I've seen many recipes for "ground beef" stroganoff over the years, but this is the first time I've made one. The one thing that I didn't like was that the sour cream totally liquified once comb ... Read full review
  • Herbed Cheese Spread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Hi, I'm the writer of the recipe. We like this spread with 2 medium-size cloves, but if you have concerns or if you're using large cloves, start with less, the cheese's flavors will intensify o ... Read full review
  • Pineapple and Pecan Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a good cake, but there's another recipe on this site that I prefer for pineapple and pecans. Two cups of sugar for the cake seemed excessive to me, so I cut it to one, and that was more ... Read full review
  • Best Cauliflower Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, I have to say that I like how this soup breaks down nutritionally (at least for those not following a low carb diet). As I suspected, the soup turned orange from the carrot (almost looks ... Read full review
  • This does take some time to prepare, so plan accordingly. Actually, for my mushrooms to reach the color in the video, it took a solid 30+ minutes at a low temp. BUT, don't rush because this st ... Read full review
  • Uncle Dick's Mashed Potatoes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I try to do as much advance preparation as I can for the time-consuming tradtional Thanksgiving dinner. This is one that ranks right up there with the best mashed potatoes I've ever had, and it ... Read full review
  • We're not big on "sweet" sweet potato casseroles, so the only change I made was to reduce the sugar. This is so easy to make, and the orange zest gives you a nice pop of freshness, really enhan ... Read full review
  • Apple Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This recipe does not specify whether or not to drain the pork and beans. I chose to drain them, and I wish that I’d at least added some of the bean liquid back to the mixture before going int ... Read full review
  • Easy Sesame Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This doesn't emulsify, and I thought it was a bit on the oily side. If I were to make again, I'd cut back on the olive oil. The flavor is good, the dressing just separates too easily. ... Read full review
  • Graduation Spread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Just didn’t think this had a whole lot of flavor. For the most part, all I could taste was the cream cheese. Garnished with black sesame seeds for a little contrast. It was OK, but nothing ... Read full review
  • Sublime Oxford Sandwich

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I love the combination of fig preserves and goat cheese, so I was intrigued by the addition of the veggies to this sandwich. I had some tasty 5-grain bakery bread on hand, so that’s what I us ... Read full review
  • Tom Collins Cocktail

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Haven’t had a Tom Collins in years, and it was refreshing. Don’t think it’ll ever be my favorite, but it still was good. ... Read full review
  • Used my homemade pickled jalapeños and garnished with additional peppers and black olives. Really good side dish for a Mexican meal or most meals, actually. Watch it once it goes into the ove ... Read full review
  • Pineapple Rocket Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is not your everyday side salad (at least not in this house). This is something that I would expect to be served at a very nice restaurant. We just really enjoyed this simple and healthy ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Juice Surprise

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I’m not a real big “fancy cocktail” person, but this one worked for me. The lemon lime soda seemed to mellow out the cranberry juice just enough and then the deep flavor of the bourbon ki ... Read full review
  • The Best Lemon Iced Tea

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Although I live in the South, I’m not a big sweet tea fan. The combination of the lemonade concentrate and the sugar made this a bit too sweet, but that’s a personal taste preference. I th ... Read full review
  • My Oh-Yeah Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Barbeque sauce is a real taste-preference type of thing, and this one was too sweet for us. Followed the recipe to the letter, tasted it, and then made adjustments to suit our personal taste. ... Read full review
  • Hot Jalapeno Mustard

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Really liked the flavor of this mustard, but I must admit I’m not crazy about the mustard seeds getting stuck in my teeth (sorry). The “hotness” is about the max for us (we’re middle of ... Read full review
  • Olive Pasta Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    You really need to be an olive lover to enjoy this salad, and we are. This is a nice new twist on a pasta salad, and loved the briny flavor that the olives bring to the salad. I used Light Mir ... Read full review
  • Crunchy Bok Choy Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    To save on fat, I toasted the almonds in the oven rather than cooking with oil and used a little less oil for the dressing, as well (with no sacrifice to flavor). Added sliced red bell pepper ... Read full review
  • Added more curry powder to the ketchup, but that's a personal taste preference. I cooked the potatoes for close to 30 minutes to get crisp fries. Nice, the curry ketchup really is the focal po ... Read full review
  • Soft Dinner Rolls

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I made these in the KA, kneaded for about 10 minutes, let the dough rise for about an hour, punched down and deflated the dough. From that point, I followed the rest of the recipe. The texture ... Read full review
  • First, I wasn't sure why there was so much oil (equal to the vinegar?), but that is one thing that I cut back. If I were to make again, I'd try it with no oil and replace it with more vinegar a ... Read full review
  • Refrigerator Dill Pickles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These really are delicious (and easy, too). Unless you're a gardener familiar with growing dill, you're probably like I am and don't know what a "head of dill" is. I bought a pkg of mini gourm ... Read full review
  • Beerbecue Beef Flank Steak

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used bison flank steak instead of beef, not an issue because the marinade is what you really taste anyway. IMO the cumin, allspice, cinnamon spices really ramp up the flavor on this, and they ... Read full review
  • I've never had German Kartoffel before, so I don't really know how it's supposed to taste. But we do like many different types of potato salad, and this will be added to our list (just in time ... Read full review
  • Zesty Apple Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I only had one granny smith apple, so that's what I used. Also, used a 6-oz container of Chobani No-Fat Lemon Yogurt which was a delicious dressing for this salad. Many apple salads are loade ... Read full review
  • Honey Bunch Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I scaled this recipe to 12 servings (1 loaf), but I see that the previous reviewer scaled in half for one loaf. I baked this in a 9x5 pan, and even after 1-1/2 hours on the final rise, it never ... Read full review
  • Cucumber Honeydew Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    My honeydew melon was very ripe and sweet, so I did add more lemon juice to balance out that sweetness. I used less oil and since I had an English cucumber, I didn't peel or seed it. All of t ... Read full review
  • Pineapple and Basil Sorbet

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Trying to use up my abundance of basil right now and ran across this recipe. Wow, this is fantastic! My pineapple was perfectly ripe and sweet, so I added very little sugar. No icy texture th ... Read full review
  • I assumed the boneless turkey breast would be one piece, but mine was three pieces of meat, each a different size (which I didn't like) which meant each had to come off of the grill at different ... Read full review
  • Summery Bean Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I was a little concerned about 1 tsp of pepper, but it wasn't too much. The lime really brightens this salad (I added just a little more lime juice). Pretty nice bean salad, and a healthy dose ... Read full review
  • Followed the recipe to the letter, and it was perfectly cooked at 50 minutes. Only thing I did differently was bake it in a 10" springform pan, rather than a 10" tube pan. This turned out ver ... Read full review
  • Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Sorry, but the measurements are really off in this recipe, and what you end up with a thin/watery dressing that will not emulsify and falls off your salad greens. The standard salad dressing ra ... Read full review
  • Easy Mayonnaise Biscuits

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Little crumbly, but I think that may be a result of overcooking. Everybody's oven temp is a little different and mine runs a little hot, so next time, I will start checking the biscuits for don ... Read full review
  • Little too much sage and also a little spicy for us (but that's a personal taste preference). Not sure you need both cayenne and hot pepper flakes, but I would omit the cayenne in the future a ... Read full review
  • This one surprised the heck out of me. It really does make a nice tomato juice cocktail. For our taste preference, I'll probably cut back a little on the sugar the next time, just a bit sweet ... Read full review
  • Spicy Peach Coleslaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The sweetness of the peach contrasts nicely with the hot sauce and cayenne, but be cautious with how much you use (as other reviewers have noted). Ridiculous as it may be, I had 4 different kin ... Read full review
  • The buttermilk really yields a very nice waffle. Definitely will be making again. ... Read full review
  • Sweet White Corn Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    So easy to make and cooked perfectly at 1 hour, Good, old-fashioned comfort food at its best. Really moist and full of corn flavor. Thumbs up on this one. ... Read full review
  • Fresh Vegetable Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had no rotini, so I used orecchiette pasta which worked out well. You get so much color from the vegetables that I don't think that tri-color pasta would enhance presentation. I used mini-cu ... Read full review
  • Granola Bars

    lutzflcat's rating:
    My 4-star rating is based solely on taste, they are yummy (and easy to make). However, at 15 minutes in the oven, they ended up "crunchy" and dried out. I followed the recipe except for addin ... Read full review
  • I was so intrigued by the different ingredients in this that I had to give it a try. It definitely would fall into a "non-traditional" category. Glad I tried it, and I may make again, but can' ... Read full review
  • Surf and Turf for Two

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I made the Surf, but not the Turf. I needed some grilled shrimp for another recipe, used the marinade for this one, and it turned out fantastic. Definitely will be using this in the future for ... Read full review
  • I read the Cook's Notes, and decided to give this a sprinkle of paprika to give the top of the quiche a little more color (that worked beautifully). I sprayed the dish liberally with cooking sp ... Read full review
  • Lo Mein Noodles

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Next time, I will start stir frying the carrots before adding the other vegetables. They took longer to cook, and as a result, the other veggies overcooked. I added grilled shrimp to make this ... Read full review
  • These muffins were good, but they tasted a little "eggy" to us. They had a nice lemon flavor, just enough poppy seeds, and were moist and tender, all very good things. One thing I wasn't crazy ... Read full review
  • Really good and refreshing drink. For my own tastes, I'll probably add a few more strawberries next time to balance out the lemon-strawberry flavor. Honestly, guess mine was not "all natural," ... Read full review
  • Brandied Cherry Clafouti

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I wouldn't say that this is the prettiest dessert I've ever made, but we were happy with the way it turned out. The texture definitely is firm custard, and we enjoyed it more cold than warm (ju ... Read full review
  • Can't say that I was thrilled with this. Followed the directions to the letter, but I think it would have been better with olive oil rather than canola, and I think it also needs a healthy sque ... Read full review
  • Gyros

    lutzflcat's rating:
    For make-at-home gyro meat, this is pretty darn tasty. This may not be as good as my favorite Greek restaurant's gyro, but it's as good (or better) than most gyros that you find at restaurants ... Read full review
  • Tzatziki Sauce with Dill

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is pretty good considering it has no sour cream and breaks down great nutritionally. I used plain Greek yogurt, so there was no need to drain as written in step #1, making this even easier ... Read full review
  • Original Old Bay® Coleslaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The Old Bay seasoning is subtle, but certainly recognizable. Nice option for coleslaw, we liked it! ... Read full review
  • Nice chocolate-y butter cookie. Simple to make and cooked perfectly in 8 minutes. Definitely will be saving this one for the Holidays. Thanks Christy for sharing your recipe. ... Read full review
  • Mayan Mocha Powder

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I know it’s June and in the 90’s in Florida, but I was intrigued by this recipe’s ingredients. Had to give it a try. I’m glad I did because I really liked it. I substituted Truvia for ... Read full review
  • Tomato Watermelon Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I tasted after mixing up this salad, and then added more vinegar, but otherwise, followed the directions. I was out of white balsamic, so I used Trader Joe's orange muscat champagne vinegar whi ... Read full review
  • Basil Turkey Burgers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    After adding only 1/4 cup Eggbeaters (not 1/2 cup as specified in the recipe), the meat mixture was so wet that I was afraid it was going to fall through the grates on the grill and be impossibl ... Read full review
  • Sundried Tomato Tapenade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    So easy to make and full of flavor. In addition to serving over cream cheese as recommended by the recipe author, this would make a fantastic topping for crostini. Thanks Alexis for sharing yo ... Read full review
  • Whiskey Sours

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I didn't need 26 cups of whiskey sour's, so I scaled this recipe down using AR's "change servings" feature. I think the ingredient proportions are really off on this recipe. There's too much o ... Read full review
  • Lemon Basil Pasta Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I made this exactly as written, tasted, and felt adjustments were needed. The lemon flavor was weak, so I added additional lemon juice as well as lemon zest. I think this pasta salad is a bit ... Read full review
  • Cuban Marinated Steak

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used boneless NY strip steaks instead of rib eyes. This marinade gave the steaks a flavor unlike any marinade I've ever used. I live in Florida, so I'm accustomed to eating Cuban cuisine (and ... Read full review
  • Grandma's French Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used Truvia instead of sugar to reduce calories, and I put the garlic in the blender along with all of the other ingredients (I like garlic!). Nice recipe, good consistency, with just the rig ... Read full review
  • A classic, simple and tasty side dish. Thoroughly enjoyed the fresh taste of the corn and zucchini. Very nice Sara B. ... Read full review
  • After I added the milk and cream, it liquified and stayed liquified. Twice, I had to add more flour-water to thicken. This recipe has a lot of ingredients and quite a few steps, and I was jus ... Read full review
  • I think you'll find that your cooking time depends on how thick your bacon is, as well as how quickly your oven heats up. I used center cut regular bacon, and it took about 16-17 minutes. What ... Read full review
  • I used a peanut sauce instead of the dipping sauce with this recipe, but overall, I didn't think the spring rolls had much flavor. From an eye appeal perspective, I thought they needed a little ... Read full review
  • I scaled this recipe down to 10 servings which used 1 can of coconut milk. I followed the recipe to the letter, and it turned out incredibly well. After cooking down, the texture was perfect, ... Read full review
  • Pork Lo Mein

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Didn't have any linguini, so I used a package of stir-fry noodles i'd bought the last time I was at the Asian market. I added more ginger, but that's just a personal taste preference. We were ... Read full review
  • The couscous finished cooking before the sauce, and while waiting for the sauce, clumped up as it cooled down. However, after adding the sauce to it and mixing, it did break apart. Next time, ... Read full review
  • We really liked these little sandwiches. The layers of pineapple cream cheese and the use of poppy seed dressing mixed into the chicken (instead of mayo) really added layers of flavor. The onl ... Read full review
  • Every Cuban restaurant in my area has stuffed potato balls, and this one really tastes authentic. There definitely was a preparation learning curve for me as far as stuffing the potatoes. When ... Read full review
  • OREO Mint Chocolate Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Needed a dessert for tonight, and it needed to be quick. Used sugar free pudding, skim milk, light whipped topping, and it still tasted fantastic. The mint Oreo cookies really star in this, bu ... Read full review
  • Only deviation from the recipe was sprinkling a handful of chopped peanuts on the top of the batter before it went into the oven. Texture was more cake-like rather than traditional bread-like, ... Read full review
  • Bar-B-Q Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I drained all of the beans, but after cooking 1 hr @ 325 degrees F, they were still way too soupy. I bumped up the temperature to 350 and cooked for another 20 minutes, and then browned up the ... Read full review
  • I used a can of San Marzano crushed tomatoes (didn't want chunky soup) and fresh parsley, otherwise followed the recipe. As a kid, tomato soup always was my favorite, and it's still right up t ... Read full review
  • Apple Mango Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Nice change from traditional tomato salsa. From an eye appeal perspective, I think the salsa would benefit from not peeling the red apple giving that little pop of red to a very neutral colored ... Read full review
  • Hubby's choice for his birthday dinner today. Little bit of work, but definitely worth it. He said this is a "gourmet meal," and we both really enjoyed it. Added some shaved parmesan, but I t ... Read full review
  • I make salmon patties quite often and don't use a recipe. I followed this to the letter except for adding a little chopped red bell pepper which I had on hand. The ingredients are pretty much ... Read full review
  • Blueberry Cornbread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The way I would describe this is a cross between a blueberry muffin and sweet Southern cornbread, with the cornbread flavor dominating. It was very moist, a little crumbly, and the fresh bluebe ... Read full review
  • Only exception to following this recipe to the letter was using diced water chestnuts (what I had on hand) instead of sliced, and that would only impact presentation, not flavor. The veggie com ... Read full review
  • Beef Lo Mein

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I did not want to overcook the veggies, so I removed them from the skillet before I browned the beef. This has nice flavor, but the one criticism that I have is that it was a tad on the dry sid ... Read full review
  • Easter Deviled Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I did add just a little Worcestershire sauce and some vinegar to the filling, but that's just a personal taste preference. This is a fun way to style up Easter Eggs and turn an ordinary deviled ... Read full review
  • Honestly, I was suspect that a honey mustard salad dressing with so few calories and fat would taste good, but I had to give it a try. I had only blueberry Greek yogurt in the fridge, so I used ... Read full review
  • I'm definitely not a fan of slow cooker recipes, but this one worked, although I'm not convinced that it couldn't be done just as easily on top of the stove. Regardless, it tastes good, we like ... Read full review
  • Corn Relish II

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Oops, I forgot to add the tomato, but it still was good, and I'm sure it would be even better with the tomatoes. Tastes like good, old fashioned, freshly-made corn relish and has the right bala ... Read full review
  • After a while, it seems that all recipes for salads with cucumbers, black beans, corn, and cumin taste alike. This one has differentiated itself by using the honey and orange marmalade in its d ... Read full review
  • The sauce was a little thick, so I thinned it out with a little more apple juice and another good squeeze of lemon. Made exactly as written, tasted, and then added a little more cloves to suit ... Read full review
  • Peachy Baked Pancake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is sort of like a firm custard, very eggy and very yummy. I only topped with about half the sugar and I gave it a good sprinkle of cinnamon. I can see adding some almond extract if I use ... Read full review
  • Divine French Fries

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Cooked at 400 degrees to achieve crispier potatoes, and I was not wild about the flavor of truffle oil on french fries. I received a bottle for a Christmas gift and, admittedly, I have not yet ... Read full review
  • Tasty Maple Trail Mix

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I made half a recipe, followed the directions to the letter, and it turned out pretty well. The raisins and the cranberries were a little too "baked and dry," so in the future, I'll try adding t ... Read full review
  • Asian Turkey Burgers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    As much as I've wanted to be a fan of ground turkey, I wasn't...UNTIL I had these burgers. The only thing I did differently was omit the water, as it just didn't need it. You get a nice little ... Read full review
  • Easy Asian Pasta Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I really wasn't sure what "sweet" chili sauce was, so I added some Heinz chili sauce and then some Asian chili sauce (hot). I've made a lot of Asian pasta salads, and although we enjoyed this, ... Read full review
  • I don’t know how Kansas City BBQ sauce is supposed to taste, but we liked this recipe...a lot! Had a bunch of ingredients, but they all had a good balance. This had just the right amount of ... Read full review
  • Cafe Mocha in a Jar

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The flavor was more “cafe” and less “mocha” so I ended up adding more of the cocoa mix and even a little malted mix to achieve what I was looking for. Could just be a taste preference o ... Read full review
  • 4-Bean Baked Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, I have something to say, and this isn’t even my own recipe. One reviewer literally changed just about everything in this recipe but, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and tweak after you giv ... Read full review
  • If I make this again,I’d definitely add the optional dill to the spread or maybe even a little lemon juice to keep if from tasting just like cream cheese out of the package (my personal taste ... Read full review
  • Creamed Peas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I usually make a white sauce and then add the cooked peas to it, but this worked OK adding the flour and milk to the peas and then thickening. I used only 1/2 cup of milk, and it was the perfec ... Read full review
  • First, the toasted bread cubes/croutons are delicious enough to prepare for ANY salad. In the future, when I have a piece of french bread left, it will be turned into these tasty croutons. Th ... Read full review
  • I used mini gourmet cucumbers, so I didn’t peel or seed them but, otherwise, followed the recipe to the letter. Just a little tart for our tastes, but still yummy. Next time, I will use mil ... Read full review
  • I’ve had this in my recipe box for quite a while, and I’m so glad that I finally got around to fixing it. It’s not something that you can throw together in a few minutes, but it’s worth ... Read full review
  • Don't think of this just for waffles. In minutes, this makes a delicious sauce for ice cream, cake, name it. Sooooo easy, and so good! ... Read full review
  • Cowboy Margaritas

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I thought the combination of raspberry liquer (I used Chambord) and beer sounded strange and outside the box, but I thought let’s give it a try. Neither dominated in this cocktail, and the tr ... Read full review
  • Blueberry Banana Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    2.19.13. I did toss my blueberries in some flour before adding to the batter which always helps in getting them evenly distributed instead of all dropping to the bottom of the loaf. Followed ... Read full review
  • Agua Fresca

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Mistakenly added the ice cubes to the blender, so I guess I ended up with a cantaloupe smoothie, but the flavor should be the same as just pouring the blended cantaloupe mixture over ice cubes. ... Read full review
  • Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I use bouillon granules (and chicken base) more than bouillon cubes, and the cubes that I used for this recipe had been in the cabinet for a while. Although they tasted fine, I think that's why ... Read full review
  • Blended Mocha Drink

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I lightened this as best I could by using fat-free skim milk, fat-free condensed milk, and light chocolate syrup which gave me a flavorful cold coffee drink. I used very strong coffee (don't ha ... Read full review
  • Blast-Off Blood Mary

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used spicy V-8 juice and my horseradish is "extra hot," so I didn't add the hot sauce...heat level was just perfect for me. This is good, but I must admit it's not my favorite recipe on this ... Read full review
  • Sarasota Lemonade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Moscato wine and lemon-lime soda really bring this to life. ... Read full review
  • New Year's Fried Rice

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a very nice fried rice dish. I completely agree with the other reviewers, the bacon definitely gives this an edge over other recipes. I actually could have used a little more scrambled ... Read full review
  • Since most recipes tell you to saute garlic for about 30 seconds, I cut back on the time for fear that 5 minutes would turn the garlic bitter. No doubt about it, this salad does have a kick. I ... Read full review
  • Bourbon Glazed Carrots

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Once you let the alcohol cook out, you're left with a nice sweet sauce with just a hint of the bourbon flavor. Very nice, and VERY easy, too. ... Read full review
  • I didn't want pieces of the onion in my dressing, so I pulsed everything EXCEPT the oil in the blender. After it was smooth, I streamed in the oil through the top with the blender running. I d ... Read full review
  • Red Onion Marmalade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a very nice version of onion marmalade. Skipped the mayo and added this as a topping to a turkey and swiss sandwich today...delish! Great as a sandwich topping (burgers in particular) ... Read full review
  • Pecan Pineapple Coffee Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I followed the recipe to the letter, and this baked up beautifully, evenly cooked throughout, and tasted wonderful. The yogurt really brings some moisture to the cake, and the bits of pineapple ... Read full review
  • Summer Kidney Bean Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I didn't find this recipe that different from many other Mexican bean salads that I've had. This one does have kidney beans instead of the traditional black beans, and the brown sugar tames the ... Read full review
  • Tomato Bruschetta

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Just REALLY good! The next time that I make this, I'll try using white balsamic because you will lose the vibrant red color if it sits too long. White is milder in flavor, but it would be wort ... Read full review
  • Mango Salsa Couscous

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The salsa that I had on hand was Summer Fruits which really enhanced the sweetness of the couscous. The cumin was too dominant for us, so I would cut that in half the next time. My husband is ... Read full review
  • Kiwi Sensation

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Have been wanting to try one of the "green" smoothies, and since I had everything on hand for this one, mixed up a batch today for lunch. I had red grapes instead of green, but other than that, ... Read full review
  • Quick Chocolate Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Honestly, this surprised the heck out of me...we REALLY liked it! Nice smooth, creamy texture and tastes totally decadent. Yes, there is a tiny bit of a tang from the yogurt, but it's not over ... Read full review
  • Cheesy Breakfast Pizza

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used swiss instead of mozzarella and hash browns which had onion and peppers. This recipe is a good base for all kinds of variations. You could add different types of veggies, pieces of ham, ... Read full review
  • Fresh Banana Daiquiri

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I liked that it wasn't terribly sweet, as many daiquiris are, but I couldn't taste the banana flavor enough. If I were to make again, I'd most likely double the banana and increase the triple s ... Read full review
  • We eat a lot of cooked apples, and I think this may be the best that I've ever had. The citrus zest and juice are what make this so awesome. In the future, I will cut back a little on the whit ... Read full review
  • Spicy Bacon Deviled Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The outstanding ingredient in this is the wasabi which gives this a real punch of flavor. However, the shredded cheese just gets lost; I wouldn't even bother with that if I made again. And don ... Read full review
  • To make this super easy, I loaded the feed tube on the food processor with the halved sprouts and sliced them. The lemon juice really brightens the flavor resulting in a tasty bacon dressing wh ... Read full review
  • Eggless Nog

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Unfortunately, I don't think this a good substitute for the real thing, and that's too bad because it is easy to make. My biggest complaint is that it tastes too artificial and more like a vani ... Read full review
  • Ruby French Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used Splenda instead of sugar and cut back a little on the olive oil. I wanted a smooth dressing (no onion bits), so I put all ingredients except the oil into the blender, pulsed, and then st ... Read full review
  • Parmesan Basil Tomato Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, this recipe has a major omission...there's no liquid among the ingredients. You could almost eat this with a fork without the liquid. Add 1 can of water (or milk if you want it creamy), ... Read full review
  • I'm not a vegetarian, but I liked this soup. This is one slow cooker recipe that I will make again (and there aren't many). Tasty and nutritious. ... Read full review
  • Love egg salad and loved this version of it. Scaled this down to 2 servings for lunch sandwiches today. The addition of the bacon and the dill really do make this special. ... Read full review
  • Cranberry Corn Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    There are a couple cornbread recipes on this site that I really like. This one intrigued me because of the cranberries, so I figured I'd give it a try. Made this recipe exactly as written and ... Read full review
  • Creamy Carolina Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Very nice potato salad with thick dressing. It's appropriately named because it is really creamy. This recipe had a lot of ingredients, but they all work well together. I was out of paprika, ... Read full review
  • Pumpkin Cobbler

    lutzflcat's rating:
    All of the flavor of a traditional pumpkin pie with all of the spices and just a hint of citrus from the orange extract. The filling firms up enough after cooling a bit that you can cut it into ... Read full review
  • First, I must say that I don't think make-ahead gravy ever tastes as good as making it from the pan drippings, but it's a tremendous time saver for that time-consuming Thanksgiving meal. Maybe ... Read full review
  • Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used all of the ingredients in this recipe, but adjusted the quantities. At least in this house, there's no way that 1-1/4 cups of mashed potatoes will yield 4 servings as a side dish, so I u ... Read full review
  • Hot Mocha

    lutzflcat's rating:
    For my tastes, the coffee needs to be MUCH stronger. I think this is just one of those recipes where you have to adjust the strength of the coffee, and the amount of the cocoa and sweetener to ... Read full review
  • I've never used a sweet potato in a smoothie before, but we all thought this was crazy good. I microwaved the sweet potato, peeled it, and then put in the freezer along with a banana for about ... Read full review
  • Baked Denver Omelet

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Really good and really easy. I had a cooked potato left from dinner last night, so I peeled and cubed it, and added to the egg mixture. I used a 16-oz container of Egg Beaters instead of the e ... Read full review
  • Savory Sweet Potato Fries

    lutzflcat's rating:
    These were pretty good, but next time, I'll cut the potatoes thicker (personal preference) and probably add a little more fresh rosemary. ... Read full review
  • We enjoyed this in spite of the fact that the pears I used did not have a ton of flavor. This would make a really nice party appetizer, cut into small wedges. From a presentation point of view ... Read full review
  • Warm Dijon Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Good potato side dish loaded with flavor. That little bit of cayenne gives it a nice punch of flavor, and the vinegar gives it some tang. I did add a little bit of chopped celery, but wouldn't ... Read full review
  • Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Using a boxed cake mix and a cupcake corer made this soooo easy. Switch out the cake mix flavor and jams (or maybe with lemon curd) for a totally different cupcake. Perhaps dip the top of the ... Read full review
  • Salted Caramel Sauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Very nice caramel sauce, but a word of caution. Once you stop stirring, don't walk away from the stove, watch it VERY closely because mine turned dark amber within 30-45 seconds. Also, do use ... Read full review
  • This really is good. I used reduced fat mayo and cheddar and center cut bacon to lighten it, and it tastes delicious. The white vinegar really gives a little tang to the mayo-based dressing. ... Read full review
  • Katy's Scalloped Corn

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I was anticipating a nice creamy scalloped corn casserole, but what I ended up with, unfortunately, was a watery casserole. I cooked this for an additional 25 minutes hoping that the liquid wou ... Read full review
  • I used blue cheese (it's what I had on hand) instead of roquefort. if you do the same, do reduce the amount, as it will overpower the mildness of the shallots just a little. I used shallots b ... Read full review
  • This is the 3rd Progresso Recipe Starter that I've tried, and it was as thin as the other two. Since 1/2 cup of half-and-half was going into the recipe later, the first thing I did was cook the ... Read full review
  • I used fresh garlic, and five strips of center-cut bacon (one of which was used for the garnish), and cooked for 30 minutes. This actually turned out pretty well, was plenty creamy, and relativ ... Read full review
  • Raspberry Banana Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This was pretty high in fat, so I did everything I could to lighten it, and it was successful. I used Egg Beaters, Splenda Sugar Blend, and substituted half of the oil with applesauce. Even wi ... Read full review
  • Coffee Gelatin Dessert

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I knew this was going to be outside the box, but this was a disappointment. I like gelatin and I love coffee, but there's just not enough coffee flavor. It almost tasted like sweetened unflavo ... Read full review
  • Sweet and Sour Pork

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, I used AR's Sweet and Sour Sauce I recipe instead of Kimmoman's (but I did use Kikkoman Soy Sauce to make it). The carrots were not cooked after the 10 minutes they simmered with the pork ... Read full review
  • Good way to use beautiful garden-fresh summer tomatoes. As another reviewer recommended, do approach the salad dressing cautiously, as you can always add more. I used Splenda and cut the dress ... Read full review
  • Tequila-Lime Pork Tenderloin

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used a meat tenderizer to poke holes in the meat and then marinated for about 4 hours. While the meat cooked on the grill, I cooked down the marinade and added a cornstarch slurry to make a nic ... Read full review
  • Peach Pie with Sour Cream

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Sooooo good, sooooo easy & 5 stars all the way. I used light sour cream and Splenda blend, and it still was delicious. The pie crust is done in seconds in the food processor, is tender, an ... Read full review
  • Berry Refresher

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The orange juice dominates in this, and for our tastes, I think I'd add a little more apple juice and less OJ the next time. Nice, would have again. ... Read full review
  • Asian Noodle Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used 1/2 Tbsp each sesame and chili oils instead of vegetable oil which gave the dressing some zing. I just couldn't see boiling the cremini mushrooms, so I sauteed the mushrooms and red pep ... Read full review
  • Plum Flummery

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Rather than cooking on the stove, I cooked the plums on high for 3 minutes in the microwave. To lighten a bit, I used Splenda granulated and fat-free evaporated milk. It took about an hour for ... Read full review
  • Bacon Jam

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had a little grilled porterhouse steak left over from dinner last night, so I sliced it down, and spread the slider roll with the bacon jam. Unusual combination of ingredients, and the punch ... Read full review
  • Easy Potato Salad with Dill

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had only russet potatoes, so that's what I used, and I had no fresh dill, so used dried. For our taste, 2 Tbsp cider vinegar was too much because it really thinned out the dressing (it was al ... Read full review
  • I did slightly brown the brats (for appearance sake) before simmering in the beer mixture. This was pretty good, but in the future, I would reduce the brown sugar to 1 tsp and maybe even throw ... Read full review
  • Orangeade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Orangeade takes me back to my childhood and a hot dog restaurant in downtown Cincinnati that served the best orangeade ever. I made half a recipe but thought the orange flavor was just a little ... Read full review
  • Middle Eastern Tomato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Very nice, light-tasting tomato salad, great for a hot summer day. I've been looking for a way to use up some of my fresh mint, and it was a good addition to this salad. I added in a little mo ... Read full review
  • Had a friend over for lunch today and served this. "WOW," is what we said. This simple little carrot salad is loaded with flavor, and on top of that, it's so darn easy AND healthy for you (41 ... Read full review
  • We enjoyed this rice pudding, but I thought the Earl Grey tea (one of my favorites) flavor was lost. Maybe use 2 tea bags next time?? The texture is spot on, it's really creamy, and the agave ... Read full review
  • Sweet Stuffing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I read the reviews but decided to go ahead and pretty much follow the way this recipe is written. The only deviations I made were to use 1/4 cup butter and chicken broth (it's what I had in the ... Read full review
  • Easy Brazilian Lemonade

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Not sure why this is called "lemonade" when it has no lemons in it, but who cares, it tastes good. Easily could be converted to an adult cocktail just by subbing some of the water with rum. Ei ... Read full review
  • Lucky's Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This really is a nice recipe. I did spice it up a bit for our taste preference by adding one large jalapeño and a couple good shakes of Tabasco. I used V8 juice instead of tomato juice becaus ... Read full review
  • Omelet in a Mug

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is the second time I've made this, the first time following the recipe to the was very good. This time I made two Egg McMuffins (used ramekins, the perfect size) and cooked for ... Read full review
  • Tipsy Peaches

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used peeled nectarines (not peaches), and served with FF vanilla frozen yogurt. This really is crazy good, but I thought the fruit got a little too soft. Next time (you bet there'll be a next t ... Read full review
  • Banana Souffle

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Be prepared to serve quickly because like any soufflé, it deflates quickly. Very nice presentation, light and airy, but not a whole lot of flavor, even after doubling the grated ginger. Could ... Read full review
  • The recipe title is correct because this really is "quick" to prepare. I will say that it did have a nice light taste, but I felt the dressing really was lacking in flavor. It was good for lun ... Read full review
  • Prepared this with baby honey gold potatoes cut into thirds. I served this warm with the meal but made enough for some leftovers. We definitely preferred this warm as opposed to chilled. Nice ... Read full review
  • Horsey Eggs

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Made the Horseradish Sauce from AR for this recipe. I did add some salt & white pepper, and was satisfied with the way these deviled eggs turned out. ... Read full review
  • Mediterranean Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Wouldn't change a thing; we absolutely loved this potato salad. For anybody doing Weight Watchers Plus, this calculates to 4 points (WOW!). This is going into my Favorites folder. ... Read full review
  • 4th of July Blast Smoothie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    A nice complement of fruit flavors. I had an orange which needed to be used up, so I added freshly-squeezed orange juice. My blackberries were not particularly sweet, so I added a little Splen ... Read full review
  • Honestly, I didn't find anything to distinguish this recipe from so many other soy sauce-based marinades used in many other chicken and pork recipes. I did use fresh rosemary and freshly-squeez ... Read full review
  • White Sangria with Kiwi

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I liked this, but was looking for a little more of the orange liqueur flavor, so I did bump up the Gran Marnier a little. I really prefer the more traditional white sangria with brandy (but tha ... Read full review
  • Tuna Lasagna Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    My hubby is a tuna casserole fan. Myself, not so much. The only complaint that both of had with this recipe is that we thought it was dry. I halved the recipe and baked it in an 8"x8" dish, c ... Read full review
  • Beefy Cabbage Stew

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I did my cabbage and carrot in the food processor and did cut it back to about 12 oz (which was more than enough for us). When I first mixed this up and started simmering it, I really thought ... Read full review
  • Nice summer bean salad and a good complement to grilled chicken. Followed the recipe to the letter and definitely felt the flavor improved after chilling. Another incentive to give this a try ... Read full review
  • Pressure Cooker Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Made half a recipe (cooked two large potatoes) and cooked the potatoes in my Nordic Ware microwave pressure cooker for 8 minutes. There's no waiting for the pressure to rise and fall as there i ... Read full review
  • Hungarian Cucumber Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The cuke salads that I've had usually have more tang than this one. But, honestly, I'm really not familiar with how Hungarian cucumber salad should taste...this could be spot on. IMO still th ... Read full review
  • Almond Delight Ice Cream

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Made half of this recipe, so it would fit into my Cuisinart ice cream machine. Twenty-five minutes later, I had creamy, almond-flavored ice cream with perfect texture. I might cut back just a ... Read full review
  • Lemon Mint Iced Tea

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I live in the South but have never liked sweet tea, so I approached the amount of sugar cautiously. I added 1/4 cup rather than 3/4 cup, and that was plenty sweet for us. Sometimes, you just h ... Read full review
  • This was an OK potato dish, but there are several things that I would change. I used an 8-oz pkg of cremini mushrooms, and that was more than enough for 1 pound of potatoes. I thought the halv ... Read full review
  • Frenchie's Salad Dressing

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Liked this dressing, but it was just a little too sweet for us. Next time, I will start with half of the sugar, and add more if necessary. I wanted to be sure that I didn't have pieces (even ... Read full review
  • Made the recipe exactly as written except for adding a little bit of chopped red bell pepper for color. I thought the red wine vinegar in the dressing would brighten up the mayo dressing, but t ... Read full review
  • Cucumber-Carrot Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Only change I made was using Splenda for the sugar, otherwise, followed the recipe to the letter. This is a really nice salad, low in calories (and even lower with a sugar substitute) and in fa ... Read full review
  • Ann's Rice Pilaf

    lutzflcat's rating:
    What an absolutely delicious side dish for either chicken or pork. The store didn't have either vermicelli or greek seasoning. I used the greek seasoning recipe from the AR site (it was great) ... Read full review
  • Asparagus Roll Ups

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We had these with a bowl of soup for lunch today, and they were yummy. I had really thin spears, so I quickly blanched them until they just started to get tender, and then plunged them into a b ... Read full review
  • Onion Jam

    lutzflcat's rating:
    When I added the onions to the pan, the sugar syrup pretty much seized to a big clump (I suspect from the water in the onions). I just kept breaking it apart, and it finally melted down. After ... Read full review
  • Fluffy Strawberry Pie

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This was O.K. but nothing sets it apart from other strawberry Jello pies that I've had. Set your timer for 10 minutes for the gelatin mixture to thicken because I checked it at 15 minutes, and ... Read full review
  • I am thrilled to be the first one to review and photograph this wonderful recipe. What a treat it was to wake up, turn on the oven, pop in this coffee cake, and then have a house smelling like ... Read full review
  • Chicken Nepiev

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is the second time I've made this. The first time, the chicken was totally overcooked at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, so this time, I cut it back to 375. The photo chicken breast was 10 ... Read full review
  • Guinness® Bread

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I've never made bread with beer in it before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I will say with no hesitation that we enjoyed this. The only thing that I did differently was take the brea ... Read full review
  • Creole Red Beans and Rice

    lutzflcat's rating:
    First, I want to say that this is as good (or better) than any red beans & rice that I've ever had. However, there were some red flags when I read the recipe, and although I don't like doin ... Read full review
  • Toasted Pecan Butter

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Served this today on waffles, and it was a nice change from regular butter/margarine. I used ICBINB spread, and the only thing that I wasn't crazy about was the grainy texture from the brown su ... Read full review
  • Doug's Easy Applesauce

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Very nice applesauce. I bought an 8# bag of red delicious apples on sale yesterday, and used 6 of them to make half a recipe. I left it a little chunky because that's the way we like it. The ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Soup a la Kiev

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Strawberry season has arrived in Florida, so I'm looking for new ways to use them. I cut the recipe in half, used Splenda for the sugar and reduced fat sour cream which worked fine. Several re ... Read full review
  • Chocolate Tapioca Pudding

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Yum-mm-mm...this is delicious. A very simple but elegant finish to a meal. I used Lindt 70% cocoa smooth dark chocolate and also added the optional cocoa powder, so one might say this is a dar ... Read full review
  • Chocolate Banana Milkshake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used skim milk, and it didn't detract from the lusciousness of this milkshake. Also, I know other reviewers were concerned about a whole banana overpowering the chocolate me, i ... Read full review
  • Honestly, I'm not crazy about crock pot recipes, but this is one I most likely will make again. The shredded meat remained tough after 7 hours on high, so I cooked it another 1-1/2 hours. IMO ... Read full review
  • Asian Noodle and Pasta Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The recipe ingredient list calls for "ramen noodles," no particular flavor, so I bought "chicken." I did not realize until I read step 3 that it was supposed to be "Oriental," so I adapted the ... Read full review
  • I try to make a recipe the way it's written the first time, and in doing so, this was a bit of a disappointment. By first browning the turkey, the skin turned out tough, and it was difficult to ... Read full review
  • Addictive Mashed Potatoes

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Luv, luv, luv this! I ran out of sour cream today, so just added a little more cream cheese. Used FF half and half rather than whipping cream, otherwise, followed the directions as written. T ... Read full review
  • This was EXTREMELY easy to make. I did the dough in the KA stand mixer using the dough hook and then switched to the flat beater for the filling, using the same bowl. I used Heart Smart Bisqui ... Read full review
  • With only 1/3 cup sugar, it's a little tart, but a very nice change from the typical cranberry sauce with three times that much sugar. The dried cranberries add another layer of texture, and th ... Read full review
  • Almond Citrus Couscous

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Wow, this is FABULOUS! I've had this recipe sitting around for a while because I had difficulty finding savory (finally located it at Fresh Market). First time ever cooking pearl (Israeli) cous ... Read full review
  • I overcooked my first batch at 16 minutes, and they rose up, didn't spread out. Finished the rest at 14 minutes, and flattened slightly before going into the oven. Just a little salty for me, ... Read full review
  • Gingered Carrot Soup

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The ingredients list calls for "grated" fresh ginger, but the directions say to add "minced" ginger...big flavor difference between the two. I'm really not sure what's needed, but 1/4 cup grate ... Read full review
  • Yummy Pork Noodle Casserole

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I had some leftover pork roast and, honestly, I didn't have high expectations for this casserole. But I was pleasantly surprised. I followed the recipe to the letter, except I added a handful ... Read full review
  • I baked the pudding in three 6" individual casseroles that were about 1-1/2" high. Really like the bread pudding, but the rum sauce tasted too much like cornstarch. I added about a 1/2 tsp of ... Read full review
  • This recipe has had really good reviews, but it has no seasonings at all, not even a little salt. I prepared it exactly as the recipe was written, tasted it after simmering for 10 minutes, and ... Read full review
  • Pumpkin Honey Butter

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I used ICBINB spread, and all ingredients mixed together perfectly producing a light and fluffy texture. I did think the pumpkin flavor was a little weak, so I added more pumpkin pie spice and ... Read full review
  • Hard to believe this recipe has been around for over 10 years with only five reviews. Had no green bell peppers (we don't really like the bitter taste), so I used a combo of red-yellow-orange m ... Read full review
  • Pretzel Buns

    lutzflcat's rating:
    After reading the reviews, the stickiness of the dough seemed to be an issue, so I reduced the amount of milk to 1-3/4 cups. Kept everything else the same (including 6 cups of A/P flour), and l ... Read full review
  • White Wine Vinaigrette

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Put together a nice spinach salad for lunch today with ingredients I had in the fridge and served this dressing on top of it. This is a nice garlicky vinaigrette which won't make you pucker bec ... Read full review
  • Bing Cherry Congealed Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I have a recipe with similar ingredients, minus the cream cheese, that I've been making for a long time. I thought the cream cheese might give this a bit of a creamy texture and maybe alter the ... Read full review
  • I used buttercrust homestyle white bread from the bakery (the best white bread ever IMO) and refrigerated the pudding overnight weighted down with two cans of veggies. I trimmed the crust off ... Read full review
  • Country Morning Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This was easy and OK, but honestly, there are other coffee cakes that I like better. I baked this in an 8" spring form pan, there didn't seem to be much batter, and as a result, the cake didn't ... Read full review
  • Thousand Island Dressing III

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Couldn't see green bell pepper in this, so I substituted chopped onion and used sweet pickle relish. It sat in the fridge overnight, and the flavors really did improve. Thousand Island dressin ... Read full review
  • Blister Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This is a really good side dish with lots of flavor. You really do need to let it cook for the recommended 20 minutes to thicken and give the flavors a chance to meld. I used black beans and p ... Read full review
  • Sweet and Sour Green Beans

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Nice flavor, definitely spot on. I accidentally added 2 tbsp flour, but thinned out with a little water after I uploaded the picture (the sauce won't be as thick as it appears on the photo). Q ... Read full review
  • Cuban Mango Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I disagree with another reviewer who said this was boring, flat, lacked sweetness, and it was lacking in color. If you need the color to be more "mangoish," then just add some food coloring, i ... Read full review
  • Pina Colada Flan

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Prepared this yesterday but wanted to give it another taste before doing the review, so I just had it for breakfast (yeah, I know, how decadent is that???). I did not have a dish suitable for su ... Read full review
  • Garlic Grits

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I know that there are Velveeta haters out there but, honestly folks, it works well in this recipe. I used the "light" version, it melted quickly, and gave these grits a mellow, cheesy taste. T ... Read full review
  • Ripe Olive Potato Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I could serve this WITHOUT the yogurt dressing, perhaps doubling the vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and was that good. Unlike some other reviewers, we did not find the dill overpowering, ... Read full review
  • Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Had very ripe watermelon and several other ingredients in this recipe that needed to be used up. This was a great way to avoid throwing them away, and a pleasant surprise because we REALLY enjo ... Read full review
  • Cabbage and Apple Slaw

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We thought this was extremely bland. After mixing and tasting, I added about a tbsp of Miracle Whip, and that didn't help either. IMO there's too much parsley and it's a dish you can't make ea ... Read full review
  • Fennel Pork Chops

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The fennel seeds fall off once you flip the chops, but they do a great job of flavoring the wine sauce. I mixed up a cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce a little bit which was delicious. Ext ... Read full review
  • Vidalia Sweet Onion Dip

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I sliced the onions and then cut them into quarters. I can see topping slices of toasted baguette with this as well as spreading on crackers. Really good and easy recipe with nice presentation ... Read full review
  • There's one thing that I didn't like about this recipe and that's the fact that the cranberries cooked to mush. I would not add the cranberries until the last 10-15 minutes of braising. Taste ... Read full review
  • Sour Cherry Sorbet

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Rarely, do I ever see sour cherries in Florida, however, sweet are in abundance in the area right now. I used sweet cherries, reduced the sugar about 1/4 cup and used my Cuisinart Ice Cream mak ... Read full review
  • Quick Mango Salsa

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Nice salsa, and it is QUICK to put together. Served with Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos which really give you a punch of heat and are a good complement to the sweet mango. If not using these chips, ... Read full review
  • Thai Chicken Spring Rolls

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Used Todd's Famous Thai Peanut Sauce (AR recipe) for the chicken filling and served it on the side as well. Had a lot of the watercress mixture left over, so I'd cut that in half in the future. ... Read full review
  • Used this in the filling for Thai Chicken Spring Rolls (AR recipe) and also served on the side as a dipping sauce. This is just really good! Definitely will be making again ... Read full review
  • Creamy Raspberry Ice Pops

    lutzflcat's rating:
    WOW, these really are delicious! Couldn't find raspberry sherbet, so I used raspberry sorbet which I think gave these pops an even deeper/fruitier raspberry flavor. They are creamy (not too ic ... Read full review
  • Added a few raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (had them in the fridge). The yogurt sauce is light and delicious with a definite zing of honey. One suggestion would be to not add the sa ... Read full review
  • Alabama Mud Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This has more of a "pudding cake" texture rather than one you could cut/slice into pieces. I went to two stores, neither of which had mint chocolate chips, so I used what I had on hand, semi-sw ... Read full review
  • Mama's Blackberry Cobbler

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Good and EASY cobbler. I didn't stray from the recipe, but I did think it was a little dry and will add a bit more milk (about a cup) to the batter in the future. I did sprinkle some turbinad ... Read full review
  • Ida's Lemon Mousse

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We really enjoyed this, and the fact that it can be frozen is a definite plus. The texture is very much like a mousse, it's light, and the lemon flavor is bold with just enough sweet-tart flavo ... Read full review
  • Jalapeno Strawberry Jam

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Disappointed that this didn't gel like it should have, but I don't think it's the recipe's fault. Recipe calls for a 2-oz pkg of powdered fruit pectin, but I now see that Sure-Jell reduced the ... Read full review
  • Orange Sherbet Salad II

    lutzflcat's rating:
    This has a nice flavor (sort of like the old orange-cream ice cream bar), but as with another reviewer, mine did not gel well. Only change I made was using sugar-free jello, but it was well-gel ... Read full review
  • Excellent, particularly the sauce. I easily could see adding chicken or shrimp and serving over rice or noodles for an entree (double the sauce). The sauce is fantastic and would complement so ... Read full review
  • This was TOTALLY delicious. I was a little cautious with the rosemary, but next time, I'll use the full 2 tbsp recommended. Watch your time on this, as mine were done in 30 minutes, so I didn' ... Read full review
  • Best Apple Salad

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Unlikely combination of ingredients that all work together very well. What a nice change from so many apple salads that are just laden with mayonnaise, cream cheese, whipping cream, etc. This ... Read full review
  • Instant Oatmeal Mix

    lutzflcat's rating:
    We loved this, in spite of the fact that I accidentally used old fashioned oatmeal instead of quick-cooking oatmeal (OK, so it had just a little more "texture"), but that's my mistake, not the r ... Read full review
  • If you don't like the flavor of molasses and gingerbread A LOT, don't make this. It's a pretty cake, but it didn't hold together too well once it came out of the springform pan. If I were to m ... Read full review
  • Favorite Trail Mix

    lutzflcat's rating:
    The nut mix I used did have peanuts in it, but followed the recipe otherwise. No need to ever buy trail mix again, it's just too easy to mix this up. Very good! ... Read full review
  • Tangerine Orange Cake

    lutzflcat's rating:
    I have a recipe called Tangerine Orange Bundt Cake that is identical to this, it's my husband's favorite, and I've been making it for years. I have a tangerine tree in the backyard that is over ... Read full review
  • Unlike other reviewers, I didn't think there was anything really great about this. My potato patties held together just fine, but the flavor wasn't much better than just using leftover mashed p ... Read full review
  • As suggested by reviewers, I increased the spices. These potatoes were easy and quite good, warmed up well the next day, and definitely will be included in future meals. ... Read full review
  • Fiery Pork Skewers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    How often do you find a fabulous entree that has only five ingredients other than the meat??? I very often put the pork cubes in the marinade in the morning for an easy evening meal. If you th ... Read full review
  • Lemony Cucumbers

    lutzflcat's rating:
    Only change made was that I peeled and seeded the cukes (that's the way that we like them). Good recipe, but a little heavy in the celery seed. Will make again but with 1 tsp of the celery see ... Read full review