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Easy to prepare and great at parties. Chicken liver may be used instead of braunschweiger. Spread on ...
  • Kylie's Ham Delights

    Michele O'Sullivan's rating:
    My family loved these. We love pineapple so I used a 20 oz. can (drained) and it didn't overpower the sandwich. My family prefers mozzarella over provolone so that is what I used. I served these ... Read full review
  • My family loved this recipe. I used a package of Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage which is slightly over 1 pound. I crumbled it up and added minced garlic to taste. I boiled a 12 oz. box of bowt ... Read full review
  • Sarah's Salsa

    Michele O'Sullivan's rating:
    Wow!! This is fantastic salsa!! Using a blender is a great idea. The flavor is so delicious and my husband who is NOT a salsa eater, ate a large bowl of this salsa with chips tonight. I could no ... Read full review
  • Lazy Lasagna II

    Michele O'Sullivan's rating:
    Super easy and very tasty. My family loved this lasagne and the house smelled terrific. I used Italian sausage instead of ground beef, 2 jars of spaghetti sauce, more mozzarella and a larger bak ... Read full review
  • Excellent recipe. I served this tonight for dinner and my family loved it. I used the entire 28 oz. of the green chile enchilada sauce and did not have a soupy casserole. Here's how I prepared t ... Read full review
  • All-Day Apple Butter

    Michele O'Sullivan's rating:
    This is excellent. I used 2 cups of sugar and found that to be enough. During the last hour with the lid off the crockpot, I used my handy dandy mixer (the kind with one blade that you can use ... Read full review
  • Hot Bean Dip

    Michele O'Sullivan's rating:
    What a great bean dip recipe. My family & party guests loved it. I followed the recipe exactly and found it to be extremely kid friendly however if you would like to increase the "heat" you ... Read full review