• Absolutely delicious!!!! Only change I made was to add a splash of worchestershire sauce to the hamburger. Perfection!! Thank you so much for sharing. Also used fresh baby bella mushrooms. ... Read full review
  • Ham and Shrimp Gravy

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    Absolutely delicious and easy to make. Used garbanzo flour to make it lower in carbs and served over mashed sweet potatoes. DH was practically licking his bowl. Thanks for another super recip ... Read full review
  • Sriracha Deviled Eggs

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    DH was in 7th heaven tonight when I made these. Thanks for sharing. ... Read full review
  • Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    You are so right Chef John .... absolutely delicious! Soooo simple/easy too. Will certaintly add this to my collection. 7/12/13 ... Read full review
  • absolutely wonderful and simple. I doubled the sauce and DH states I can triple it next time. He used it as a dipping sauce also. thanks for sharing. ... Read full review
  • Super easy and absolutely delicious and refreshing. I make my own thousand island dressing. DH says it doesn't really taste like a true rueben but he loved it anyway. thanks for sharing. ... Read full review
  • Schnitzel with a Twist

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    These are excellent but felt they were just a different twist on fried pork chops. The greek seasoning that you mentioned is awesome. I only fried them for 3 minutes each side and they were pe ... Read full review
  • DH looooooved this dish. Thanks for sharing. Made it just as written....excellent. ... Read full review
  • Sorry...this just was "ok"....nothing special. I had really looked forward to surprising DH with this one. He liked it but said it needed alot of "stuff" added to make it over the top, so to s ... Read full review
  • A little too spicy for some of my guests, but DH loved it. Thanks for sharing. ... Read full review
  • Just got done having this for lunch today. DH absolutely loved it. I used a couple of tablespoons of olive oil instead of butter and used light sour cream. Added a left over boiled chicken br ... Read full review
  • This is fantastic and I have had to make it for the past 3 weeks. DH has to have this every morning now. So simple and easy. Warms up great also. Meets south beach diet requirements. Thank ... Read full review
  • Traditional Gyro Meat

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    This was excellent! Easy to make. Didn't change a thing about the recipe. Sliced it on an angle, very thin and it looked almost like we had just cut it off the "spit". Found a good recipe fo ... Read full review
  • Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    Oh soooooo good! I did add a little soy sauce(hence the 4 stars) and then dipped pork dumplings in it. mmmmm ... Read full review
  • Sirloin Steak Dianne

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    DH is rating this a 5 star recipe. He absolutely loved it. All I kept hearing was mm, mm, mm. I rarely eat beef but I did have a few bites and it was quite delicious. I think I will cut back ... Read full review
  • OMG...is this awesome or what?!!! We absolutely loved this soup. Not to mention how EASY it is to make. I followed the recipe exactly as written and would not change a thing (as I normally wo ... Read full review
  • Chile Garlic BBQ Salmon

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    Another 5 star salmon recipe for us. My husband another couple that I had over for dinner tonight were all in agreement. I forgot to put the lime juice in and did not have any fresh ginger (so ... Read full review
  • Super Grilled Salmon

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    I put this all together last night after I got off work and DH grilled it tonight. What a super easy recipe and I just happened to have some Shiraz wine in the house (as DH belongs to a wine cl ... Read full review
  • Artichoke Salsa

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    I made this for my co workers this past week. Everyone raved about it. Some people do not like cilantro so this was the perfect salsa for them. I would definitely suggest doing at least a dou ... Read full review
  • Lemon Peach Parfaits

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    This was wonderful. But instead of doing individual parfaits...I used a trifle bowl. I also added raspberries for more color. Thank you for the recipe. ... Read full review
  • Halibut Supreme

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    This was a "very" bland recipe. DH thought it was okay but definitely needed to be "spiced" up considerably. Will probably make again but with different seasonings. It also took almost 40 min ... Read full review
  • Old German Honey Cookies

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    Very good cookie. Loved the "texture". I used 1 1/4 c. butter instead of the shortening. Also took others suggestion and used 1 1/4 c. honey and 1/2 c. sugar for more "honey" taste. I did ad ... Read full review
  • Nutritious Lentil Salad

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    You have to love lentils to really like this recipe. I took it to a barbeque tonight for a vegetarian friend and got lots of compliments on it. It is excellent either at room temperature or co ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Cake from Scratch

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    I made this cake today and took it to work. What an AWESOME cake! I had some strawberries that I had to use up and am I ever glad I checked here first! I did make it in a 13x9 inch pan instea ... Read full review
  • Baked Seafood Au Gratin

    OODLES_OR's rating:
    This was awesome and leftovers were even better! The only changes I did was... instead of water, I used 2 cups clam juice (major flavor booster) and only 2 cups milk. Pretty much followed the ... Read full review