Japanese Tamago Egg

Tamago egg is classic Japanese folded omelet sometimes called tamagoyaki. The omelet is sweet, has a ...
  • Feta and Olive Meatballs

    Pokerman11's rating:
    I formed some of mine into strips no tthe balls.Then put it in warmed pita, w/ vegies and cucumber ranch salad dressing.It was a great Guyro filler ... Read full review
  • serrano peppers are what 4-5 times hotter than the jalapeno? This is just a little too hot for most of my guests and family.When I made this I had a few different types of peppers on hand. S ... Read full review
  • Simple Garlic and Basil Pesto

    Pokerman11's rating:
    Ditch the chilli power, it just takes away from the flavor.Toast your pine nuts first, then chop them all in your food processer a bit, but not too much as you want texture. I somtimes use w ... Read full review