Traditional Springerle

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We have made these very traditional German cookies every year since I was a child. My mother remembe ...
  • So yummy! Added chopped kalmata olives also. Wonderful recipe! The tziki sauce was great too! ... Read full review
  • Bird Seed Energy Bars

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    I love finding *healthy* snack choices for my family and although I usually don't try recipes that haven't been reviewed already, I thought I would try my luck... so glad I did! These were grea ... Read full review
  • Traditional Springerle

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    UPDATE! My mother called a few weeks ago and mentioned that she had tried making a variation for Valentine's Day with the zest of an orange and 1/8 tsp orange oil. AMAZING! and beautiful pres ... Read full review
  • Hearty Breakfast Cookies

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    Love this recipe! I'm sure it was a great recipe as is, but to bump of the "health factor" a bit I made some substitutions that worked well. I know that drives some people crazy to change a rec ... Read full review
  • Portobello mushrooms are hard to find where we live so when I ran across them I thought I'd try something new! So.. this soup was what I did.I have one word... BLECH! It was not even edible. ... Read full review
  • DEFINITE DO-OVER!!! I had to make a few changes because I couldn't get some of the ingredients but it was FABULOUS! Instead of a baguette I used a larger softer bakery bread which worked beaut ... Read full review
  • Made this tonight and have to say it was *much* better than the run of the mill hamburger/tomato mixture. I did change a few things though: I added extra celery, 3 TBS of garlic(the kind from ... Read full review