Quiche Supreme

1h 15m
This quiche recipe is the best! It is easy to make and tastes SO delicious! Freezes well after it ...

Mississippi Tea Cakes

This is my mother's recipe, her mother's recipe, and so on... Basic, simple, down-home and deliciou ...
  • Cheese Ball I

    prissycat's rating:
    Delicious and SO easy. BUT - I think the amt. of Cheddar cheese is a printed incorrectly. I used one cup of finely shredded cheddar and it was perfect - 16 oz. would be too much. ... Read full review
  • Swiss Vegetable Medley

    prissycat's rating:
    I, too, have made this for years. I like cheddar cheese better than Swiss and I use a small can (2.8 oz) of fried onion rings (not 6 oz. as listed). Also, I add about 1/4 cup milk with sour cr ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Dream Cake II

    prissycat's rating:
    EXCELLENT - very easy to make and a family favorite!! *** Note: I was given this recipe in 1991; not sure when the cake mix dr. published it in her book. ... Read full review
  • Bill's Divinity

    prissycat's rating:
    I've tried this recipe twice and it does not set up for me. Mine was a gooey, sticky mess. I've always seen divinity recipes that went to about 248 degrees for half the syrup, then about 272 f ... Read full review
  • Strawberry Trifle

    prissycat's rating:
    Excellent! Light and delicious. Pudding is supposed to be the largest sized box. I now use 2 1/2 cups of milk in the pudding and fresh berries when they are in season. ... Read full review
  • Spinach Dip I

    prissycat's rating:
    I added about 2 chopped green onions and used Knorr brand dry veg. soup mix (in my opinion it's the best). This dip is great and so easy to make! Great with bread, Ruffles, or veggies!!! ... Read full review
  • Cakes In A Cone

    prissycat's rating:
    These treats are cute and taste good IF eaten the day they are baked. If made the day before serving they are a DISASTER!!! The cones get gooey and soggy the next day. ... Read full review
  • Sausage Cheese Cornbread

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    Delicious! ... Read full review