Egg Salad with a Kick

This is a delicious egg salad recipe that I have been preparing for a number of years and it always ...

Wine Baked Potato

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A delicious baked potato that has a wonderful aroma while cooking. ...
  • Fried Cabbage II

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    OMG Jen - Thank you so much. This review is from a person who had to go outside when my mom or anyone cooked cabbage! Could not stand the smell. This recipe is great. The only thing I did dif ... Read full review
  • Fantastic! The aroma fills the house and made everyone hungry before I could get the food on the table. The only thing I did different was to cover the onions for the first 30 minutes - was af ... Read full review
  • Thank you Sandy! This is the best baked chicken ever. I cut everything in half, as I was only cooking one chicken breast (with bone in and skin on) for myself. I did add a dash of cayenne pep ... Read full review
  • This is an excellent basic recipe and I have made it several times, but may I suggest a couple of things: First, instead of using flour, try crushed corn flake cereal - use your own judgement a ... Read full review
  • If I could, I would give this recipe 6 stars. It is wonderful. Did not have fresh ginger, so used ground ginger. Marinated about 6 hours and the T-Bone steaks were fork tender and great tasti ... Read full review
  • Wow! A recipe from "yesteryear." Add some baby carrots and you have what we used to call "College Casserole" - for obvious reasons - you can increase the recipe and feed all your hungry class ... Read full review
  • My grandchildren always ask for this when they visit. I did adjust just one part and it may help someone else. After the pork chops are tender, remove to a heated plate. Leave the cover off t ... Read full review
  • Wine Baked Potato

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    The butter, onion and sherry can be increased or decreased as desired - still great. ... Read full review
  • These are wonderful going by the recipe exactly. For a variation and a real kid pleaser - do not wipe the olives dry before wrapping in Cheese dough. While baking, the cheese mixture slides of ... Read full review
  • I suggest you use a mandoline to slice the potatoes and onions. Also, the second time I prepared this, I browned the onions slightly, along with the porkchops. It was much better. I followed t ... Read full review
  • Sesame Green Beans

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    OUTSTANDING! Easy and delicious. I gave this 5 stars and like someone else said - if there was a higher rating, I would use it! Even if you only "tolerate" green beans, you need to try this r ... Read full review
  • Beef Bourguignon II

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    Excellent dish! Easy to put together and then do something else while baking. I will increase the initial cooking time from 2.5 hours to 3.0 hours to make the stew meat more tender. The flavor ... Read full review