Caprese Burger

I am always looking for ways to jazz up the boring burger and came up with this after having a delic ...
  • Caprese Burger

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    Hi everyone! I submitted this recipe and since coming up with it have started to substitute about 1/4 cup storebought pesto for the basil, parm and garlic. It's easier and I think even tastier! ... Read full review
  • Squash Dip

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    We didn't care for this. The goat cheese flavor was too strong and the tang from the lemon seemed to accentuate that even more. Maybe a combo of feta and cream cheese would be better? It was als ... Read full review
  • Stuffed Hot Peppers

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS STUFFED PEPPER RECIPE I HAVE EVER TRIED! I use one sausage link squeezed out of the casing and substitute garlic powder for the garlic salt. Between the sausage & ... Read full review
  • Ricotta Stuffed Squash

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    Very tasty. I baked them with meat sauce. It tasted a little like lasagna without the noodles and carbs. Served with a salad. ... Read full review
  • Fruit Pizza with White Chocolate

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    Where do I start? The cookie "dough" which was more like a batter that I had to spread with a spatula puffed up and spilled down over onto to bottom of the oven and burned. After I cleaned that ... Read full review
  • Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    This was an okay dressing. It was very thick and glumpy, way too garlicky and needed to be sweetened up. Probably wont make this again. ... Read full review
  • Sarge's EZ Pulled Pork BBQ

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    I have tried a lot of pulled pork recipes with a ton of ingredients and steps. But not one of them compares to this. It is fantastic. And it is so easy! I never use any other recipe. I add 3 clo ... Read full review
  • Penne with Chicken and Pesto

    Sarah Stephan's rating:
    The best pasta dish I have ever had! I love pesto so I added a couple extra tablespoons of that and I used 1 cup of half and half and 1/4 cup chicken stock to cut some calories. ... Read full review
  • I really love this dish. I have made it a few times. The first time, I followed the directions exactly. It had really good flavor, but I didn't like the way the flour on the chicken got slimy on ... Read full review