Boston Cooler

Despite the name, the Boston Cooler is a Detroit original. To be properly enjoyed, you must use Vern ...
  • Lo Mejor! I'm going to have to stock up on achiote paste, because this made a fantastico slow-cooker meal. We sprinkled with a little cotija cheese and served with tortillas. Too easy and too go ... Read full review
  • Straight-up fantastico! Didn't take nearly 50 minutes, but I chop fast. Didn't have fresh corn, but look forward to the first crop. Served on the side of a slow cooker Cochinita Pibil with some ... Read full review
  • Kale Soup

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    Sensacional! There must be some old-world mysticism at work here. The whole is far greater than the sum of all the parts. Fifteen minutes into cooking, my kitchen smelled of magic and wonder. Th ... Read full review
  • Chili - The Heat is On!

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    sure the heat is on, but the thermostat is definitely set at a reasonable level and everyone is plenty comfortable. we used the last portion of the chili in a baked spaghetti dish that was just ... Read full review
  • Okanagan Peach Soup

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    O-kanagan/ your soup was really grand/ true culinary love in this home cook's command/ with chardonnay and curry powder/ the flavors nice and clean/ no garlic though/ O-Kanagan, 'cause it treats ... Read full review
  • Chicken Tagine

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    Of all the slow cookers, in all the towns, in all the world, this recipe was made in mine. I'm not sure how Moroccan this recipe really is (at least enough to rip off a Casablanca quote, appare ... Read full review
  • Victory Brownies

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    Love Love Love chili plus chocolate. These hit the spot for me. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Spring Asparagus Salad

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    Made this again today. Due to a soy issue, I used Worcestershire in its place. It's still good. I've also used fish sauce which freaks some people out unless they aren't told before they eat it. ... Read full review
  • Dill Poached Salmon

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    The salmon comes out a bit bland in this preparation. The dill doesn't really get to do much here, which is too bad as I do quite like some dill. The salmon itself did come out pretty nicely pre ... Read full review
  • Update: I DID put some feta into this salad and was glad I did. I think I need to use less dressing. I want the flavor of the dressing, but only just. Really, the rest of the ingredients are nea ... Read full review
  • African Peanut Soup

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    The five-star rating is for the inspiration. I'd never have thought of making this had I not come across this recipe. However, like many, I did make my own changes to give it more flavor. I ad ... Read full review
  • Easy Curry Couscous

    Seattle Dad's rating:
    This couscous has already become a weekly treat in our house! We use more curry and more raisins just because we love it that way. Made a triple batch of it for a graduation open house and had ... Read full review
  • Made these over the holiday weekend for throwing on the grill. Although the sundried tomatoes were a little dominant, the flavors blended well and made for delicious, moist burgers. Quote of t ... Read full review