Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is a commonly used ingredient in many cocktails and other drink recipes. It's also easy ...
  • Hungarian Goulash I

    shaggy's rating:
    Yummy! I had never tasted Hungarian goulash before this, so I was pleasantly surprised. It makes a thick, beefy stew with a heavy dose of paprika. I think it would also be great with a few veget ... Read full review
  • This recipe is so GREAT! It takes a little while to make, but I had a rainy Saturday with nothing better to do. I love curry, and it really lifts my spirits when I smell it wafting through the h ... Read full review
  • I LOVE Greens! I usually just cook em in salted water, but this way gives em a real down home quality and a real good flavor! It's so easy too, I rate it 5 stars! ... Read full review
  • 1 cup of coconut milk is not enough liquid to cook 1 1/4 cups beans AND 2 1/4 cups rice! I sure hope somebody submits a better recipe because this one doesn't work as written! ... Read full review
  • This pie was easy to whip up, and looked really nice, but I felt it was extremely sweet. I think the molasses would compliment the tangy buttermilk flavor, but the pie was so sweet by itself, th ... Read full review
  • WOW! This soup is excellent! The fresh ginger, lime leaves and lemon grass really compliment the curry and give it that "South East Asia" flavor. It is a lot of work chopping everything up, but ... Read full review
  • Salsa

    shaggy's rating:
    This is a great recipe for Fresh Salsa! I cut way back on the onion and garlic, doubled the lime juice, and threw in half of a chopped cucumber. This is heavenly on bean tacos! I like to supplem ... Read full review
  • Perfect Chocolate Cake

    shaggy's rating:
    Oh boy! Let me catch my breath...Wow!This cake is rich, dark, chocolatey, moist, perfect consistency! We had it with whipped cream and it was excellent! ... Read full review