Lori’s Famous Crab Cakes

These crab cakes are just the best. I make these often at home, and I make a smaller appetizer size ...
  • I loved this applesauce and I made 3 crockpots full with the apples I had. Went to my local farm and asked if they had "seconds" of their apples from their orchard. They came back with a huge ba ... Read full review
  • Great! Used frozen peaches and I always have over ripe frozen bananas on hand. I used unsweetened almond milk and omitted the juice, added the flax seed and also added 1 tblspn of wheat germ. Th ... Read full review
  • I really enjoyed these burgers. I used extra lean ground chicken instead of turkey. Family enjoyed! Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Excellent....followed exactly except I used diced red onion instead of green. Everyone loved this and no one knew they were fat free and low fat options in this dip. Served with multi grain tort ... Read full review
  • Loved this soup! I did use hot Italian turkey sausage out of the casing. I used 2 (15oz) cans of diced tomatoes with garlic and oregano instead of the 2 (28oz)cans. I also added 4c of fat free l ... Read full review
  • So delicious! Did NOT steam the asparagus....just roasted it. Squeezed the fresh lemon over the asparagus after it was roasted and that gave an awesome fresh flavor. My family inhaled this veggi ... Read full review
  • Delish! And yes, I made this in the crockpot.....used some marsala wine since I had no white wine, and at the end of slow cooking for about 9-10 hours, added 4 oz. of low fat cream cheese and 1c ... Read full review
  • I thought this was a very good chicken marinade although the honey is not prominant at all, the lemon really shines through in this one. I did use olive oil and cut the salt way back, other than ... Read full review
  • Spicy Kielbasa Dip

    SLJ6's rating:
    Different, rich, and delicious! I used turkey kielbasa, low fat mayo and low fat cream cheese. I used pickled jalapeno rings chopped instead of a fresh jalapeno. It could have actually been a bi ... Read full review
  • Maple Pecan Granola

    SLJ6's rating:
    Used whole flax seed and added 1/2c of wheat germ as well. Yummy in my yogurt! ... Read full review
  • Roasted Green Beans

    SLJ6's rating:
    I used maybe a pound of fresh green beans just to try this recipe and I LOVED them! I have been roasting a lot of veggies lately and have never thought about the green bean.....mine looked exact ... Read full review
  • So good...used provolone and sharp cheddar cheese. Loved the avacado in this....definately a new twist. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • So very good! Made this last night and baked this morning....love these kind of casseroles. I used whole wheat English muffins and yes 1 pk is way more than enough. I actually was one muffin shy ... Read full review
  • AMAZING!!!! No crack! I admit...I watched the video and then had to try this pie for Thanksgiving. Although I used a store bought deep dish pie shell....this filling was incredible. Easy and de ... Read full review
  • Excellent....my family and company loved it....I used Jona Gold, Crimson Crisp and Fuji apples picked from the local orchard. I also doubled the apples and kept the topping measurments the same. ... Read full review
  • Rich Pumpkin Dessert

    SLJ6's rating:
    My daughter made this for dessert last night. It was delicious! She used a spice cake mix since that was all we had....and only added nuts on half of the cake. So good and easy! She did a great ... Read full review
  • These beans were excellent....and fresh beans is a must. Loved the flavors of the garlic and lemon zest.....I had to use dried parsley since I had no fresh on hand. Great side for our meatloaf l ... Read full review
  • Pretty good....but I felt it was a little bit bitter....great way to use fresh garden veggies...and thats what I did...was gifted eggplants, zucchini, yellow squash and peppers.....thanks! ... Read full review
  • Really good and easy...but I made a few changes. I used 4lbs of boneless skinless breasts cut into bite sized pieces. I did not cook before adding to crock....I added it raw with everything else ... Read full review
  • Super yummy...I used a full pound of extra lean hot Italian chicken sausage out of the casing, cooked and crumbled, omitted the ground beef since I had none. Used four cans of crushed tomatoes w ... Read full review
  • Delicious! I used red peppers, vialia and red onions, asparagus and baby bella mushrooms as my veggies of choice. I marinated all day in the fridge in a gallon size zip lock bag. Great tasting v ... Read full review
  • Changed nothing but using dried herbs since I had non of the fresh on hand....also used red skinned taters....Very good and flavorful....we like ours kinda crispy so the cooking time was about 4 ... Read full review
  • Used Pecorino Romano cheese....added no extra salt....but added some fresh cracked pepper....delicious on the grill....thanks! ... Read full review
  • Really good....my family enjoyed. I used 13 oz box of mini wagon wheel pasta, 2 cans of albacore tuna, light mayo, reduced fat shredded cheddar, vidalia onion, the celery and had to use pickle r ... Read full review
  • Wow was this good!!! I loved it.....and I also took notice to Christina's review that it wasnt as lemon-y as she would have hoped. So I used the zest of one full lemon to make sure it was lemo ... Read full review
  • Delicious! Used vidalia onion that I grated with the zucchini, also used pecorino roamno cheese instead of parmesan. Family loves these served with the sour cream as suggested or marinara sauce. ... Read full review
  • Ok...this was so good...and I went "Bun-less" for carb reasons....never the less...yummy! I loved the bruschetta and never thought to add grated cheese to it... I used Pecorino Romano instead of ... Read full review
  • Another winner....thanks for a lighter potato salad! Still a ton of flavor....I did add the yolks to the salad and I did add a spalsh of white vinegar and some low fat buttermilk to thin the dre ... Read full review
  • So good....my kiddos loved it....used a pre-shredded slaw mix for ease....also used fine diced red onion (which my eldest noticed and loved), low fat mayo, omitted the milk, used low fat butterm ... Read full review
  • I loved this! I do agree with the first reviewer that grilled veggies are a stand out on their own....but I disagree in a 2 star rating....I thought this was really very good. I used leftover Si ... Read full review
  • Easy and the smell was amazing as it cooked! I used a full chicken carcass that I froze to be used for stock. The carcass was from Spicy Rapid Roast Chicken from this site. I also added some fre ... Read full review
  • Simple is right....this is the way I always love to do my veggies in the warmer months. Last night I grilled red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes. Good quality olive oil, ... Read full review
  • Used white cannelli beans, 8 c of fat free low sodium chicken broth and used spicy chipotle chicken sausage.....excellent and hearty. Loved! ... Read full review
  • Excellent...used fat free sugar free french vanilla pudding, skim milk, and fat free whipped topping. Delicious served on Oreo Cookie Cake from this site. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • These were definately a hit with my family and kiddos. Made a Duncan Hines devils food cake and for the frosting, I used sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding, skim milk and fat free whipped top ... Read full review
  • Yummy! Great chili and chock full of veggies...loved the mushrooms in this. I also added a chopped red pepper and used a can of dark red kidney beans and a can of black beans which I did drain a ... Read full review
  • Amazing....family inhaled this dinner...used whole wheat bread crumbs instead of croutons, a green pepper instead of jalepeno, a full 2 lbs of extra lean ground chicken (used no pork), a whole p ... Read full review
  • Nice!...Simple crisp veggies, loved the lime juice and chili powder. A tasty quick side dish. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Loved these as did my family! The guacamole seasoning mix was very easy to find in my store with all of the Ortega and Old El Paso products....I believe my mix was Ortega brand (blue packet). I ... Read full review
  • Used more like 1/2 to 3/4c of low fat mayo....and also used Stevia (sugar substitute) instead of regular sugar.....loved the lemon-y zest and flavor! Also decreased the dried dill to a heaping 1 ... Read full review
  • Ooooo this was yummy!! I prepared the beef the night before and "marinated" it in the dry rub overnight in my crockpot insert in the fridge. I also made up the bbq sauce the night before cooking ... Read full review
  • Doubled the recipe and omitted the browning of the meat. I did season and dredge in flour but added right to the crockpot in layers with the veggies. My only other change was to use white wine s ... Read full review
  • I love when grilled onions get all nice and kinda charred on the grill. Nice change from the usual olive oil, salt and pepper that I usually use. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Inside Out Ravioli II

    SLJ6's rating:
    Made some changes which I think makes this great. A meal my mom made as I was growing up....this recipe was very similar but lacking some of her ingredients. I subbed the beef for extra lean gro ... Read full review
  • Pop's Dill Pickles

    SLJ6's rating:
    Scaled this recipe way down....used 6 large kirbys that I cut into 4 spears each.....used only 2 tblspns of sugar which was sweet enough.....and used 1 heaping tspn of dried dill per quart....I ... Read full review
  • Really good....I used all of the crumb mixture for the crust instead of saving some for the top....thought the crust would have been way too thin in a 9x13 if I reserved some. I also added some ... Read full review
  • Pretty good! I really upped this recipe and made a frittata out of it.....used a carton of Eggbeaters for fat and cholestrol reasons....(equiv. to about 7-8 eggs). Also used 3 ripe tomatoes chop ... Read full review
  • Simple is right and quite tasty....I love red pepper flakes....didnt change a thing. Used for Fabulous Zucchini Grinders from this site. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Summer Bean Salad II

    SLJ6's rating:
    Really healthy and fresh. I used a can of black beans and a can of small white beans and about 1c of leftover steamed edamame. Used 2 ears of leftover corn cut off the cob, and used the zest and ... Read full review
  • Excellent....used vidalia onion that I grilled with the red peppers. Fresh basil is key and nice ripe tomatoes...I ate mine bunless for carb reasons...fork and knifed it...lol...I also omitted t ... Read full review
  • Excellent .....and I love quinoa so this is just another delicious way to enjoy it....my only mini change was to cook my quinoa in chicken broth instead of water. Loved this healthy and light di ... Read full review
  • So good! Scaled to 1 serving.....just me....Haha.....delicious and a combo that I normally wouldn't think to eat. Refreshing and healthy. Made no changes. Served with Ray's Chicken from this sit ... Read full review
  • Oh I can't wait for leftovers tonight. So good and healthy! I did cook ny quinoa in chicken broth for a bit more flavor. Also added dried corriander and dried cilantro leaves since I had no fre ... Read full review
  • Wow!! This is excellent! I used cornstarch instead of potato starch since its what I had on hand. I also used 3 large cloves of minced garlic because we love it. Made no other changes.....heal ... Read full review
  • Made for my hubby this morning and subbed mushrooms for the grape tomatoes since he doesn't like them, used fresh baby spinach, all egg whites and reduced fat feta cheese. Served with toasted wh ... Read full review
  • These are the changes I made to make this a five star ....Used a pound of extra lean ground chicken, one 14oz can of fire roasted, one 28oz can crushed tomatoes, 2tblspns brown sugar, 1tblspn ... Read full review
  • Excellent! So fresh and tasty .....I had no fresh basil or thyme so I had to use dried ......definately fresh next time especially for the basil.....I love fresh basil. My only other mini chang ... Read full review
  • Margarita Dressing

    SLJ6's rating:
    Exactly what I was looking for and hoped it would taste like. Reduced olive oil to 1/4c. Made this to dress Chicken Fiesta Salad from this site. Amazing .....and thanks! ... Read full review
  • Yum! I didn't have spelt ....so I upped the ground flax seed to 1/2c.....added walnuts and sliced almonds, chopped dried dates and dried cranberries .....used only 2tblsons each of the brown sug ... Read full review
  • Quinoa with Veggies

    SLJ6's rating:
    So healthy and delicious. Added green onion, cherry tomatoes, frozen corn, can of drained rinsed black beans, fresh baby spinach, made a dressing of 1/4c olive oil, cumin, chili powder, salt an ... Read full review
  • I love homemade granola ....and this recipe is so good. I had no wheat germ left so I subbed with ground flax seed....also subbed the walnuts for shredded coconut. Used sliced almonds instead of ... Read full review
  • Just awesome! Family and I lived this hearty soup. I used hot Italian turkey sausage removed from the casing and cooked and crumbled. The red wine flavor really stands out. I used broken spaghe ... Read full review
  • Amazingly good! Wanted to try something dfferent. I used 2 lbs. of thin bracciole meat that I sliced thin on an angle into pieces....I coated with the cornstarch and did not fry in the oil....ju ... Read full review
  • We enjoyed these....double breading is a must and freezing is as well. I used black olives instead of green ...kind of a pain to stuff....but worth it....a different kind of appy. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Used all pork and no beef....also used a can of fire roasted tomatoes and totally eliminated the potatoes. Served with cheese and cour cream. Very tasty and the masa harina is great in this....d ... Read full review
  • This is so delicious and very similar to a recipe that my step-MIL makes. I used a box of mixed frozen veggies (carrots, peas, corn and grean beans), I also added some leftover gravey, extra pou ... Read full review
  • Excellent and so different. Added a lilttle more chili powder and some cumin to the veggies. I also used 3 nice sized zuchinni diced. I loved the cheese sauce. Made 8 beautiful enchiladas and se ... Read full review
  • Loved it! No butter used olive oil instead. 24oz.of baby bella mushrooms. Used fat free 1/2 & 1/2 instead of skim milk and used a sweet red pepper in place of the wax. I love dill so that w ... Read full review
  • Used extra lean ground chix breast and hot turkey sausage...I browned both of these with onions and garlic and the chili spices... I did assemble this chili the night before and cooked on low th ... Read full review
  • Excellent....my family and I loved this! My only change was to use white wine instead of red since it was what I had on hand. I also used 2 lbs. of skirt steak and so I halved the marinade. Mari ... Read full review
  • Vera Cruz Tomatoes

    SLJ6's rating:
    Ok...I am giving this a 5 for me...a 4 for the hubby and daughter...so my 5 rules!! LOL...I used 5 gorgeous farmer's market NJ tomatoes, and fresh spinach...I also used turkey turkey bacon, low ... Read full review
  • This was off the hook delicious! I used 3 lbs. of baby reds cut into quarters and roasted (used olive oil instead of canola). I also used sliced balck olives instead of kalamata, marinated artic ... Read full review
  • Excellent....I used half of a serrano pepper instead of the jalapeno and I also added 1 tsp. of cumin and 1 tsp. of chili powder to the meat mixture.....delicious! Thanks! ... Read full review
  • This is amazing.....I made a batch of this last night and of course had to try it. The flavors really are incredible together.....cant wait for my yogurt this morning with this in it! My only ch ... Read full review
  • I would give this a 10 if I could....this soup is so simple to make and has amazing flavor in my book....my family also went back for seconds. I did make a few changes....I used a whole 32oz. ca ... Read full review
  • Rainbow Clown Cake

    SLJ6's rating:
    Loved this cake! Great party cake....made this to bring to a family gathering last night and everyone was "amazed" when I cut and served this cake.....I used green, blue, yellow, pink and oran ... Read full review
  • Cabbage and Noodles

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious! I actually saw this recipe on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.....and thought it sounded really good....came here to see if a recipe existed....and here you go.....very tasty! Family rea ... Read full review
  • Follwed this recipe exactly, crunchy when I made it last night....but softer today....it lost its crunch....flavor is good though...I may even add more cinnamon next time. This is a good recipe ... Read full review
  • Nana's Mashed Turnip

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious...this is the way we always make it...cept...I omit the sugar. Thanks! ... Read full review
  • Excellent!! We all loved this dish....I made this in the crockpot and it turned out perfect....I may actually add more cumin next time....served with sliced avacado, warm tortillas and sour crea ... Read full review
  • Absolutely loved this one! I did use cole slaw mix instead of the cabbage and carrot...kept everything else the same. They were so tasty. I got 6 decent sized patties out of the mixture. Served ... Read full review
  • Pina Colada III

    SLJ6's rating:
    Pretty good! Made this without the rum for my daughter. Scaled this down, added more ice in place of the rum, and also added about 1/2 tsp. of coconut extract for a more coconutty flavor since a ... Read full review
  • Quick and easy and tasty....make this often in a pinch....the family enjoys this ...used cream o'asparagus since that was on hand, and sprinkled with a little cheddar. ... Read full review
  • My daughter enjoyed, used frozen strawberries and frozen banana. Added more choco. syrup and used 1% milk instead of yogurt since it was all I had. Not too sweet, but yummy. ... Read full review
  • Lemon Coconut Squares

    SLJ6's rating:
    Hubby and I absolutely LOVED these! I have made many lemon bars, but I feel these were by far the best. I followed the recipe to the "T" and had perfect results. Sweet, tart, rich....but all bal ... Read full review
  • OK....so I just ate one of these and WOW!! I love them...they are supposed to be for tomorrow for Fathers Day, but I couldn't resist. They taste just like Almond Joy bars! I used the 4c. of coco ... Read full review
  • I loved this recipe!.....I used Fage Greek yogurt (non-fat), low fat sour cream......and made this sauce the day before I served it......The flavors and texture of the cucumber were excellent. I ... Read full review
  • Ohhh so delicious....my first time making flat iron steak and it was a success. Even my family really liked this. OK....so I made a little deviation from the recipe....I grilled my peppers, red ... Read full review
  • Loved this....I halved the recipe and found it to be a really good balance between the vinegar and honey.....I only used 1 tblspn. on my Simple Spinach Salad (on this site) and found it to be pe ... Read full review
  • Absolutely delicious!! 10 stars from me and my mom! I folded the pastry over and made triangles stuffed with the onions,pears and blue cheese. What an amazing combo of flavors. Will most definat ... Read full review
  • SunnyB....you rock, girl!! Love these....such simple ingredients, yet I never would have come up with this one. Delicious...the only change I made was to omit the butter and use evoo. Otherwise, ... Read full review
  • Loved it! I added thin sliced red onion and some large cherry tomatoes cut in half. Only used 2tblspns of evoo and the juice of a whole lime, salt and fresh cracked pepper and a garlic clove cru ... Read full review
  • Awesome! I did grill 2 huge bunches of pencil thin asparagus and made the dressing (tripled it) on the side. When the asparagus was done, I tossed it with the dressing....everyone loved it! The ... Read full review
  • Garlic Cucumber Dip

    SLJ6's rating:
    Loved this, as did my Mothers Day company....used reduced fat cream cheese and sour cream. I also roasted a head of garlic and the whole head instead of the raw garlic for this dip. The flavors ... Read full review
  • I usually review the day after I have tried a recipe....but I wanted to say how much I loved this recipe! So yummy! I used cherry tomatoes which I quartered, and only used 1/2 c. quinoa to 1c. w ... Read full review
  • Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious! More than 5 stars in my book. I also added 1 seeded and diced jalepeno for a little extra heat. Loved the freshness of the lime juice and cilantro which I think is key in this dish. T ... Read full review
  • Lemony Quinoa

    SLJ6's rating:
    I loved this dish.....I did omit the celery and pine nuts since I didnt have any on hand...I did sautee the red onion,garlic, and a diced zucchini and added that to the cooked quinoa. Loved the ... Read full review
  • Maria's Pepper Steak

    SLJ6's rating:
    Made this recipe last night and I was a little nervous since it was my first time making pepper steak. Fantastic!! I used red,green,and yellow peppers. Used beef for stir fry already cut into th ... Read full review
  • So yummy! I forgot to purchase fresh basil, so I used dried instead. Flavors were still really good. Next time will be with the fresh basil and I know that will be amazing because there is nothi ... Read full review
  • Hi all...I am the submitter of this recipe. I just want to share a few tips, all veggies should be diced very fine. Before you fold in the crab meat, if the veggie/binding mixture is too loose, ... Read full review
  • Buttery Lemon Spinach

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious.....I omitted the butter and used olive oil instead. Loved the freshness of the lemon juice and I added a little red pepper flakes for some heat. Will make again! ... Read full review
  • Quinoa with Mushrooms

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious! I love quinoa and always lookin' for a new recipe to use this grain. I halved the recipe and totally omitted the butter and cheese for calorie reasons. I did add some dried thyme leav ... Read full review
  • More than 5 stars! Very rich,very chocolatey, very minty....everything you can imagine. These are easy to make and sooo tasty! Will definately be making these again. Thanks Cher for a fantastic ... Read full review
  • So honored to be the first review! These were great! Family really liked these. I did add 1 large garlic clove to the boiling potatoes and ran that through a ricer. After the mashed potato mixtu ... Read full review
  • I loved this soup. I added 4c.fat free/low sodium chix broth. I also pureed 1 can of beans with more chix broth instead of the water. I sauteed the onions,celery, and 2 leeks in evoo first. I al ... Read full review
  • Tiramisu II

    SLJ6's rating:
    FanFreakin'tastic!!!! OMG....I am so glad that I chose this recipe over the many others on this site...I made this Christmas eve to serve for dessert on Christmas day for 10 of us. It was absolu ... Read full review
  • Great recipe.....I did use 100% whole wheat flour in place of white flour and I used 1/2c. homemade applesauce in place of the oil. They were perfect, love the pumpkin flavor with the chocolate ... Read full review
  • Loved this....although I made some changes....I sauteed the onion, 2 cloves of minced garlic, and some baby carrots in some evoo. Then I added 2 bunches of broccoli and a large head of cauliflow ... Read full review
  • I actually made this from a Sandra Lee recipe on food network....just about the same recipe. I used 1/2 c. beer, 1/4 c. teryaki, 1/4 c. brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of Mccormick Montreal steak ... Read full review
  • Mexican Egg Rolls

    SLJ6's rating:
    These were really good! Loved the concept. I added chopped onion and can of green chilies to the browning meat. Served with mexican rice and dipped the egg rolls in salsa and sour cream! ... Read full review
  • Toll House Walnut Pie

    SLJ6's rating:
    Excellent!! I only used 1/2 c. butter(1 stick). Thought that 1c. would be too greasy. Loved the flavor of this pie. Just like a gooey toll house cookie in a pie crust. We served with ice cream. ... Read full review
  • I gave this 5 stars because I used this recipe in addition to another to get a fabulous result. I used 4 c. chicken broth and 1 c. fat free 1/2 and 1/2 as my liquids. I used 3 ribs of celery wit ... Read full review
  • Orange Cake

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious cake! Made this for a Labor Day party and everyone loved it. I didn't have lemon instant pudding mix, so I used vanilla instant pudding mix instead. I think next time I will use orange ... Read full review
  • Dill Potato Salad

    SLJ6's rating:
    Loved this potato salad!! I did make a few adjustments. I used 3 lbs. of red skins cooked and cut into small chunks. Salted and peppered them. In another bowl....I made the dressing...1 c. no fa ... Read full review
  • Yummy!...I did make a few changes...this is actually a recipe I saw in a magazine(it was called Better than Homework Cake)....the only difference was that this recipe calls for devils food cake ... Read full review
  • Reuben Dip

    SLJ6's rating:
    Loved this!! The only change I made was using 3/4 c. mayo and 3/4 c. thousand island dressing instead of the 1/2 c. each as the recipe called for. Very yummy and hearty dip. Served with crackers ... Read full review
  • Chocolate Cream Pie I

    SLJ6's rating:
    Delicious!! Very creamy and chocolatey. Family loved this pie. I had found another recipe that called for 8 oz. of chopped bittersweet chocolate...but hesitated as this recipe called for only 2 ... Read full review
  • Excellent! I liked this recipe better then the last one I tried on this site. Made a few changes...I only used 1 package of cream cheese and 1/3 c. sour cream with the mayo and used 1 jar of mar ... Read full review
  • Butternut Squash Soup

    SLJ6's rating:
    Ok...I have to say that I tweeked this recipe big time. I used this recipe in addition to another butternut squash soup recipe. First of all, I used 2 squashes..cleaned and cut into 8 pieces..ro ... Read full review
  • Hummus III

    SLJ6's rating:
    This is the first time I have ever made hummus....this is delicious!! I dont think I will ever buy store bought again. Easy recipe and very tasty. I used fresh lemon juice instead of bottled...w ... Read full review
  • Brown Sugar Meatloaf

    SLJ6's rating:
    Yummy!! Best meatloaf I ever made. I did use onion soup mix instead of the chopped onion and only 1/4 c. milk, thought the mixture was moist enough and didnt want it to be too mushy. I also took ... Read full review
  • Baked Tilapia

    SLJ6's rating:
    Loved this recipe. The fish cooked to perfection...I think I would omit cranking up the broiler next time...I dont think you needed that extra few minutes to brown the butter on top. The flavor ... Read full review
  • Salisbury Steak

    SLJ6's rating:
    The best salisbury steak ever!! The sauce is great...I browned the steaks in a fry pan and then cooked them in the oven with the sauce poured over them for 30 min. at 325 degrees, covered...the ... Read full review
  • WOW!! Excellent taste...the sesame oil and scallions are a must in this recipe...the flavors were perfect together.....made them for a family gathering.....they were gone!! Will make these aga ... Read full review
  • D'Amaretti Biscotti

    SLJ6's rating:
    The BEST biscotti ever....this was the third biscotti recipe I tried and by far the best!! I made a batch and brought them to work.....the girls loved them and asked for the recipe!! Easy and d ... Read full review
  • Fabulous!! Because there is a lot of chopping...(and I double the recipe)..i make the topping a day ahead. The flavors really combine together. I also added a splash of balsamic vinegar and ad ... Read full review