Amaretto Yams

I had this dish years ago at an ex-boyfriend's house while I was there for Thanksgiving dinner and h ...
  • Banana Pudding IV

    thisgurlluvs2cook's rating:
    My mom and gramma were from the south and this no cook banana pudding is a staple. My granny made her's more like a pie and didn't use the condensed milk. Either way it's SO good and tastes heav ... Read full review
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake II

    thisgurlluvs2cook's rating:
    First off, I want to say this cake is amazing! SO good with a cup of hot coffee or tea, on a cold day. Secondly, shame on the reviewers who gave it less than 5 stars when they altered the recipe ... Read full review
  • Grilled Tri-Tip with Oregon Herb Rub

    thisgurlluvs2cook's rating:
    The BEST rub, ever! I live on the central coast, where Santa Maria style BBQ is #1, and this recipe surpasses that in flavor, hands down! I used it several times for family BBQ's and everyone as ... Read full review
  • Bread and Butter Pickles I

    thisgurlluvs2cook's rating:
    Didnt like these, sorry. I dont know if its too much vinegar or ? but they came out way too tart. The vinegar flavor was too overpowering.. ... Read full review
  • Nana's Southern Pickled Peaches

    thisgurlluvs2cook's rating:
    These were really good. Didn't take too long to make, either. Brings back memories of my grandmother's cooking! ... Read full review