Dilled Shrimp (Rejer)

8h 50m
You can't have a Danish holiday meal without endless platters of dilled shrimp. Served on a red serv ...
  • Nana's Squash Casserole

    WOLSELEY's rating:
    As my husband said, this was much nicer than he would have initially thought, especially given that he does not really like squash. It had a lovely texture to it and was a warm and yummy side di ... Read full review
  • Potato Casserole IV

    WOLSELEY's rating:
    Hmmmm. I consider myself a pretty good cook, so I don't think I made this dish incorrectly, so I guess our families tastebuds must be quite different than most. This was not a very popular dish ... Read full review
  • Olive Pasta Salad

    WOLSELEY's rating:
    Our 8 year old is crazy about Ancient Greece so we served this salad as part of a Greek dinner night. He loved it and he is a very picky eater. Enough taste that it isn't bland, but not overpo ... Read full review