Nuts and Seeds

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Brandied Candied Walnuts

Recipe by California Walnuts Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
These sweet candied walnuts with a hint of orange zest are wonderful as a snack or appetizer. Try them as ...

Air Fryer Roasted Almonds

Recipe by Paul Tannos Rating
Reviews 1 review
Roasted and salted almonds in the air fryer. Store in an airtight container to preserve freshness.

Candied Nuts

Recipe by Rob Tanner Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is one of my favorites not only to have on hand at home, but to pull together for a ...

Cajun Sugared Peanuts

Recipe by Heather Mays Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I was headed to a Mardi Gras party and needed to throw something together fast. I had some raw peanuts ...

Sugared Walnuts

Recipe by JacksDad Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This delicious recipe goes well with salads, crepes, or is a tasty snack all by themselves!

Cinnamon Sugared Pecans

Recipe by Erin Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
My grandma makes these every year for the holidays. It’s always handy to make extra for later snacking! They are ...

Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe by GMW Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Excellent Halloween treat. All ingredients are approximate and may be adjusted to individual taste. Serve immediately while warm or later ...

Honey Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe by Tom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Delicious way to make sweet pumpkin seeds with a strong honey base.

Parmesan Encrusted Pine Nuts

Recipe by JAILORMOON Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
I recently visited a fancy restaurant that served Parmesan encrusted pine nuts in their Caesar salad. This is my near-perfect ...