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Everything Bagel Crescent Bites

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
The whole family will love these savory crescent bites! They are super easy to make and are great on their ...

Quince Empanadas

Recipe by Fioa Rating
Reviews -
These delicious empanadas are arguably the most popular sweet treats in all of Argentina.

Empanadas Salteñas

Recipe by Allrecipes Member Rating
Reviews 1 review
These are truly traditional beef empanadas from Salta, one of the Northern Provinces in Argentina. Made with ground beef, potatoes, ...

Savory Sausage Cups

Recipe by Happyschmoopies Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Quick and easy appetizer using Jimmy Dean® pork sausage, cream cheese, and vegetables make a tasty one-bite treat for any ...

Gruyere Gougeres

Recipe by krazygrrl9 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Classic Gruyere gougeres. A savory version of choux paste, the base for cream puffs and chocolate eclairs. One of my ...

Vegetable Curry Samosas

Recipe by allcooker Rating
Reviews 1 review
These samosas have a unique twist, they have curry and a dip. You can add chicken or ground beef and ...