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Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Simple to put together with only 4 ingredients, but big on flavor! I like to use “extra jumbo” size shrimp, ...

Tuna Ceviche

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews -
Fresh chunks of tuna, ripe mango, and creamy avocado combine to make the perfect appetizer or a tasty lunch. I ...

Tuna and Caper Bites

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews -
One weekend while camping, my sister-in-law whipped up a simpler version of these tasty tuna bites as a snack. I ...

Shrimp Ceviche Baja Style

Recipe by Isabel Cruz Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This ceviche will give you a hint of Baja California. This is my grandma Isabel Flores’ recipe. Garnish with fresh ...

Fresh Salmon Medallions

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Not only will I show you an easy and delicious way to make salmon, I’m going to show you what ...

Walleye Cakes

Recipe by Aimée Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I have seen a lot of recipes for walleye fish, but they all seemed to be breaded and deep-fried or ...

Salmon Ceviche

Recipe by Sarah Z Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Thin slices of salmon lounge in a citrus, cilantro and garlic marinade for four hours before being served with chips, ...

Liz’s Pickled Shrimp

Recipe by KATHLEEN20 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Wonderfully marinated shrimp perfect for a dinner party appetizer! This makes tons of marinade so feel free to half the ...

Shrimp Tempura

Recipe by SHERRY_G Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Serve these crisp, fried shrimp with a hot mustard sauce or sweet & sour sauce. The tempura batter may be ...