Breakfast Bread Recipes

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Apple Cider-Cranberry Bread

Recipe by StickySue Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This is a sweet and slightly tangy apple cider bread for breakfast, snack, or just when you need a little ...

Freezer-Friendly Rhubarb Bread

Recipe by P Nerbun Rating
Reviews 1 review
A moist, not too sweet quick bread that freezes well. An excellent way to use up the abundance of fruit ...

Lemon Bubble Bread

Recipe by Kate A Rating
Reviews 1 review
A sweet, lemony, and fun pull-apart bread. Perfect to impress your brunch guests!

Monkey Bread from Scratch

Recipe by Dianashh Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Gooey, caramelized monkey bread that pulls apart effortlessly when you grab a piece! Store in an airtight container in the ...

Swiss Sunday Bread

Recipe by TinaJ Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is a traditional bread enjoyed in Switzerland on Sundays for breakfast.

Fries Suikerbrood (Frisian Sugar Bread)

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This Frisian sugar bread recipe is native to the Dutch province of Friesland. It’s softer than a cloud with a ...

Simple Milk Bread

Recipe by Britaini Parris Rating
Reviews 1 review
I was taught this recipe by a teacher and he swears by this recipe. This recipe is a lot like ...

Black Sesame and Walnut Banana Bread

Recipe by zhou Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This recipe requires the ‘Black Sesame Seed and Walnut Mix’ that I submitted on this website. I make this bread ...