French Toast Recipes

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Air Fryer French Toast

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
An easy recipe that is simple and tasty. Whichever flavor you make, this French toast is crispy on the outside ...

Cranberry-Orange French Toast

Recipe by gtriplett3 Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a great way to enjoy fresh cranberries available during the holiday season. Sprinkle with powdered sugar to garnish. ...

Easy Vegan French Toast

Recipe by terpgirl23 Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Try vegan French toast for dairy-free deliciousness! We use soy milk, but almond or other non-dairy milk might work. You ...

Best Brioche French Toast

Recipe by ABC123 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Probably the best French toast ever. Finishing it in the oven ensures that even thick slices are not runny or ...

French Toast Sandwich

Recipe by Celestial Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
A twist on the traditional French toasts with a little vanilla custard, confectioners’ sugar, and whipped cream topped with fruit. ...

Gingerbread French Toast

Recipe by jessica Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
An easy-to-make gingerbread-flavored French toast that gives you that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling. Serve with butter and syrup or brown ...

Strawberry French Toast

Recipe by Grammy M B H Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This makes an elegant looking breakfast or brunch and can be made up the night before then grilled in the ...