White Cake

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Doberge Cake (Dobash)

Recipe by Summer1227 Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Also known to a friend as Jewell Cake, named after her mother, this cake is a tower of moist cake ...

Tarred Roof Cake

Recipe by ACKISLANDLADY Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This is a specialty of the island of Nantucket Island, Mass. When I was a young girl my grandmother use ...

Rainbow Cupcake Cones

Recipe by Maria Prussen-mckay Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
It’s a cupcake inside of a wafer ice cream cone! Use your favorite flavor of frosting and toppings. I have ...

Preacher’s Delight

Recipe by GINABP Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Moist and very good. Holes are poked in a sheet cake, and sweetened coconut milk and pineapple juice are poured ...

Yummy Rainbow Cake

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I came up with this recipe after I sampled a similar cake at a friend’s party.

Coconut Sour Cream Cake

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A simple white cake with a sour cream coconut frosting. A light, refreshing dessert.

Coconut Lamb Cake

Recipe by Trena Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
White Cake for Lamb Mold. Reserve some coconut to tint green and arrange around mold as grass. Use raisins for ...

Coconut Cream Cake I

Recipe by GPAIN Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
An easy cake using a white cake mix, and moistened with a creamy coconut sauce. You may reduce the amount ...
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