Sponge Cake Recipes

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Vanilla Madeira Cake

Recipe by shannoncody Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This Madeira cake has a firm crust but a light and moist inside with a generous hint of vanilla.

Best Ever Chocolate Sponge Cake

Recipe by dutchgirl Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This recipe was created after I miscalculated a recipe for brownies. The brownies were horrible but the result was a ...

Passover Lemon Sponge Cake

Recipe by petersonh11 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This cake is great for Passover because it uses matzah meal flour instead of regular white flour. It also includes ...

Latvian Honey Cake

Recipe by Sandra Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
It’s one of the most popular Latvian cakes – simple and delicious! It requires a little work but it’s definitely ...

Steamed Sponge Cake

Recipe by Jim Rating
Reviews 1 review
If this is baked in an oven, the texture is quite different. This is a sweet cake.

Homemade Cream-Filled Sponge Cakes

Recipe by Caroline Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
My homemade take on the traditional Twinkies® and Raspberry Zingers®, two recipes in one. A bit time-consuming, but oh so ...
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