Popcorn Candy Recipes

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Grandma’s Caramel Popcorn Balls

Recipe by Kim1520 Rating
Reviews 1 review
My mom made these delicious popcorn balls when I was growing up. While doing my Christmas candy and cookie baking, ...

Stovetop Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Recipe by Kiwicoco Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Cooked in a popcorn kettle, this chocolate popcorn is a quick sweet tooth fix slightly reminiscent of Cocoa Pebbles®!

Butter Toffee Popcorn

Recipe by Kaitlyn Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This popcorn is a crowd pleaser! It has the sweet and salty taste that everybody loves and is much easier ...

Delicious Popcorn Crunch

Recipe by Canadian Jewel Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Popcorn and candy in a candy sauce. Great for the holidays! Not too chewy and won’t stick to your teeth ...

State Fair Kettle Corn

Recipe by happy cook Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This will be an instant family hit; a bowl of the pop corn is so good it won’t last a ...

Chocolate Popcorn

Recipe by sueb Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Pop the popcorn, cover with chocolate glaze, then bake to make crisp chocolate coated popcorn!

Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn

Recipe by MACCO Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I first tried this when I was visiting my sister in West Virginia. After trying it, I loved it, however ...

Favorite Popcorn Balls

Recipe by Hannah Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Here is a recipe my family has used for years. We make the colored kind in red and green for ...
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