No-Bake Cookie Recipes

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Oreo® No-Bake Cookies

Recipe by Brit Parritt Rating
Reviews 1 review
I really love Oreo® cookies and no-bake cookies so mixing the two together makes them both even better! Store in ...

Grandma’s Refrigerator Cookies

Recipe by JUDYCAROL3 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Creamy chocolate cookie with coconut and walnuts. No baking, just put in the refrigerator. This was my grandmother’s personal version ...

Eggless Cookie Dough (1 Serving)

Recipe by JJ Leavens :] Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I love just eating cookie dough so I made some eggless cookie dough! Substitute other add-ins for the chocolate chips ...

Heidi’s Frying Pan Cookies

Recipe by heidi Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Chewy, coconut-encrusted cookies like no other. A time-tested family recipe. Keep in an airtight container.