Sugar Cookie Recipes

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Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Recipe by Haven Rating
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Quick and easy: done in an hour! The most delicious Valentine’s Day sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever used, and you ...

Mojito Cookies

Recipe by Mikey Tarts Rating
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I’ve always liked bizarre cookie flavors. This came to me after I discovered the main ingredients of a favorite drink ...

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Recipe by mrsdrwilliams Rating
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Like a peanut butter blossom only this one is a sugar cookie with a candy cane kiss in the center. ...

Sugar Cookies with Honey

Recipe by Melody Rating
Reviews 1 review
These sugar cookies with honey are perfect for rolling and for cookie cutters. Frost if desired.

Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies

Recipe by Fioa Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These delicious vegan sugar cookies are so easy to make; they keep their shape when baked and are perfect for ...

Simple Vegan Sugar Cookies

Recipe by kimmberli Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a modified version of the Betty Crocker® vegan sugar cookies. I am not vegan but this recipe is ...