Frozen Dessert Recipes

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Watermelon Sorbet

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Very light and refreshing with the perfect amount of sweetness. Lime juice brightens up the flavor and adds a delightful ...

Cherry-Berry Rosé Sorbet

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews -
This flavorful, refreshing sorbet is a sophisticated twist on regular fruit sorbet. It’s also quick to make with only 4 ...

Frozen Zabaglione

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
If you like regular zabaglione, you’re going to absolutely love the frozen version. Above and beyond the flavor, you’re going ...

Creamsicle® Ice Cream Cake

Recipe by Mackenzie Schieck Rating
Reviews 1 review
Two layers of orange-flavored cake sandwich a layer of vanilla ice cream in this simple recipe, then it’s finished off ...

Creamy Lemonade Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I was trying to make lemonade ice pops and they didn’t quite harden. I scooped them into a bowl and ...

Ice Cream

Recipe by davidcy1121 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Got this recipe from my mother. It’s always a hit. Add fruit of your choice just before it fully sets.

Watermelon Ice Pops

Recipe by Mama Alanna Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Cool and refreshing, with no artificial colors or flavors! If you don’t have ice pop molds, you can use paper ...

Simple Watermelon Sorbet

Recipe by CookinginFL Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
If you love watermelon and love sorbet, you’re bound to love this simple recipe!

Watermelon Mint Ice Cream

Recipe by AJ Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Refreshing ice cream for hot summer days! Best eaten fresh from the ice cream maker.