Banana Dessert Recipes

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Banana Coconut Pudding or Pie Filling

Recipe by gem bee Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Rich and creamy, with an excellent, almost butterscotch-like flavor. Fairly healthy for a sweet treat. I make it gluten- and ...

Frozen Fruit and Soda Cups

Recipe by chance33 Rating
Reviews 1 review
This recipe is a good way to use up seasonal fruit and it’s also a great summer snack!

Banana-Nut Cake with Caramel Icing

Recipe by MR. YO Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
A favorite banana cake recipe that I have used for everything from a brunch treat to a requested birthday cake ...

Banana Split Cupcakes

Recipe by Erin Brocklehurst Rating
Reviews -
A favorite summer treat interpreted in a cupcake! By layering the distinct banana-split flavors (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla) over the ...

Bananas Foster Cheesecake

Recipe by Evil Mime Rating
Reviews 1 review
If you like cheesecake and bananas, then you’ll love this hybrid dessert recipe including pecans, caramel sauce, and dark rum.

Banana Mug Cake

Recipe by Allrecipes Member Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
An easy, single-portion, banana cake prepared and microwaved in a mug is the perfect quick treat with very little effort.

Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

Recipe by dkmagee Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
An ‘uh-oh’ moment in the kitchen was the inspiration for these super-delicious, soft, and chewy cookies! The dough was too ...