Apple Pie Recipes

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Pull-Apart Dutch Apple Pie

Recipe by fabeveryday Rating
Reviews -
This is a Dutch apple pie version of the pull-apart pie online trend. This is perfect for parties and get ...

Chai Apple Pie

Recipe by Jessica Furniss Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This surprising twist on apple pie will be your new favorite dessert. It’s not fall without apple pie! Instead of ...

Apple Pie with Cheese, Please

Recipe by Diana71 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This apple pie has Cheddar cheese baked right inside! Cheddar lines the bottom of the crust and perfectly harmonizes with ...

Air Fryer Apple Pies

Recipe by Kim's Cooking Now Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Mini hand pies filled with a buttery apple-cinnamon mixture and topped with a sweet powdered sugar glaze. They bake in ...

Mini Rose Apple Pies

Recipe by Holly Haines Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
A lovely little rose-shaped apple pie that’s both simple and impressive.

Vegan Apple Pie

Recipe by Kaitlynls Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This pie is delicious! My family raved. This is my own recipe. Being that it is an apple pie, it ...

Perfect Apple Crisp Pie

Recipe by ksmom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
My son and I came up with this by combining 3 recipes. We were amazed at the results!

Awesome Apple Pie Cookies

Recipe by SunnyDaysNora Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These mini-apple pies are a sure hit and a perfect use for apples in the fall. They look great on ...

Vegan Apple Pie with Foam

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews -
Delicious vegan apple pie with foam. The egg whites are replaced with aquafaba (chickpea water). Serve as a lovely dessert ...