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Virgin Mary Smoothies

Recipe by Juliana Hale Rating
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Whirl up a virgin version of your favorite cocktail in smoothie form! Garnish with celery stalks, carrot sticks, and/or lime slices.


Recipe by Yoly Rating
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Mangonadas are similar to smoothies. They are sweet, salty, tart, and fruity. A definite cool-down drink for those hot summer ...

Bat-Tito Bite

Recipe by Tito's Handmade Vodka Rating
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Celebrate Halloween with this spooky punch perfect for any gathering. Just don’t forget the garnish, it’s bloody delicious.

Blackberry-Lime Mimosa

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
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Most mimosas start with a splash of orange juice, but this mimosa takes advantage of the tart bite of lime ...

Spiced Orange-Cinnamon Cider

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
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This is the perfect drink for holiday entertaining or family get-togethers. It’s sweet and spicy, and can be made adult ...

Cranberry Rum Mimosa

Recipe by CookingWithShelia Rating
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The sweetness of the coconut rum and tartness of the cranberry juice are a perfect pair combined with your favorite ...

Copycat Pumpkin Juice

Recipe by Zack Rating
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This is a recipe inspired by the beverage featured in the Harry Potter books and movies. While it will not ...

Watermelon-Cucumber Agua Fresca

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
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Choose the sweetest and juiciest watermelon you can find for the best agua fresca ever! This is one of the ...