Eggnog Recipes

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Homemade Eggnog

Recipe by Jennifer Nolan Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This creamy variation of homemade eggnog will have even your self-professed ‘non-noggers’ asking for seconds. The eggs in this recipe ...

Mom’s Best Spiced Eggnog

Recipe by AdamJenkins Rating
Reviews -
This eggnog recipe was the traditional holiday drink while growing up and now it’s the traditional drink in my home. ...

Brad’s Killer Eggnog

Recipe by Brad Lott Rating
Reviews 1 review
I have made this eggnog recipe for the Christmas holiday for over 25 years. Enjoy!

Vitamix® Eggnog

Recipe by Sam Nemati Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This recipe for blender-eggnog has been customized for people who own powerful, high-performance blenders (such as a Vitamix® or Blendtec®). ...

Coquito Coconut Eggnog

Recipe by awakenedone Rating
Reviews -
This blend of coconut and almond milks accompanied by cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg with loads of rum is such a ...

Virginia Eggnog

Recipe by mckeown Rating
Reviews 1 review
Eggnog! Serve cold with a sprinkle of nutmeg on each glass. Enjoy!

Early American Eggnog

Recipe by cutiemoose Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Supposedly a recipe from George Washington, I have used this recipe for five annual New Year’s parties. You MUST make ...

Eggnog Blend

Recipe by sal Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This homemade eggnog, spiked with rum and Scotch, will fill you with glee. Perfect for the holiday season!
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