Liqueur Recipes

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Apple Pie Moonshine

Recipe by STASH Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Great tasting apple pie in a jar but it does pack quite a kick if your not careful. The longer ...

Holiday Coffee Liquor

Recipe by Karen Barris Calabro Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
One of our town’s ancient citizens, Mabel Hill, passed away recently, but thanks to her grandniece, I was able to ...

Apple Pie Liquor

Recipe by Doc_Holliday Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a great drink to share with family and friends around the holidays.

Cranberry Liqueur

Recipe by bella_bex Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Great liqueur for Christmas drinking or Christmas gifts. Cranberry solids are great for making cranberry loafs (with a kick!) Very ...

Nutty Irishman

Recipe by cherylannxoxoxo Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
A drink recipe that my mom and I made up one St. Patrick’s day because we were bored.

Lithuanian Krupnikas

Recipe by JOENAUJOKAS Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Lithuanian spiced honey liqueur. Serve warm as a traditional Eastern European cold remedy – a quick heat-up in the microwave ...

Red Hot Liqueur

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
This is dead simple to make, and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it came out. The candy’s spicy ...

Original Irish Cream

Recipe by Mom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Irish whiskey mixed with cream and sugar with hints of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and almond. Will keep for 2 months ...