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Adult Slushies

Recipe by qweenbee53 Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
These drinks can be deceivingly strong. They are very sweet and fruity tasting. So don’t drink and drive. Serve with ...

Coffee Liqueur I

Recipe by Lori Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Rich and yummy! This liqueur needs to be made 1 month ahead of giving or drinking! Makes great gifts when ...


Recipe by Brad Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This drink is made with bourbon and vermouth, but it’s not a Manhattan without the cherry.

Homemade Creme Liqueur

Recipe by diane Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Strictly for grown ups, this recipe smooth and creamy beverage is made with either almond or coffee liqueur.

Sparkling Punch

Recipe by Mathilda Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Sparkling apple cider, fresh orange juice, and lemonade concentrate blend into light and refreshing non-alcoholic punch in this easy recipe.